The Bible is not the word of a god!

Uploaded by logicalthinkingorg on 17.12.2009

Many people believe that this book was written by a God and then given to us as a guide to
life, and of course non-believers think it was simply written by men. You see, as non
believer, we find the augments contained in the bible to be simply unconvincing, and our
intellectual integrity forces us to ask critical questions that just don't have reasonable
Now if you're a Christian then you know that believing the words contained in this book
is more important that anything else in this world, in fact your very soul depends on your
unquestioning faith in the stories of these ancient scriptures. And if you don't believe
and devote your life to this book, you are going to be condemned to everlasting punishment.
So thats pretty serious.
Yet, the main character of this story, Jesus, doesn't actually say a single word in the
book he expects the world to follow. I mean there is not a single sentence from Jesus
himself anywhere in these pages. Surely a first hand gospel from the main man would
help lend credibility to a document that has to encourage believers for thousands of years
to come.
But all as we have is second and third hand stories, collected from ancient greek manuscripts,
that were allegedly written by people that allegedly knew Jesus, and they were written
decades after his death. And we obviously don't have the original Bible manuscripts
or anything close to them. All we have are copies of copies of copies, that have been
translated and mistranslated over hundreds of years, all with thousands of discrepancies
between them. So it's just not a convincing argument.
Biblical scholars and historians all agree that the gospels we have today are extremely
unreliable. Now just think about that for a moment, this doesn't make a convincing argument
to devote you're life to these scriptures. Biblical logic just doesn't fit in todays
society where we're supposed to ask for evidence and challenge beliefs. And when you do that
with this book, it falls far short from any divinity.
But, lets imagine for a moment that the creator of our universe did in fact write a book for
us. Then its got to be the most amazing source of knowledge that we have ever seen. I mean
what a book that would be. A book that was authored by the very creator of our universe,
an all knowing God that created everything we see from the largest hyper-giant stars
to the smallest sub atomic particles, Everything!
And then even after 2000 years it should still stand up as the richest source of knowledge
we've ever seen, in every area of science. Or at least it would have pointed us in the
right direction and helped us to understand our environment. I mean this book is so important
to humanity that your eternal soul depends on it's content and your belief in it.
But the bible contains nothing like this. There is no mention of where we sit in the
universe, how our solar system works. There is no mention of biological evolution or natural
selection or how old the Earth is. In fact the bible gets these points hopelessly wrong.
There is nothing about mental illness or the treatment for mental illness. The bibles says
that mental illness is demonic possession and that the prescription is exorcism. There
is nothing on germ theory, cancer, influenza or infection.
There is nothing that you would expect to see in a book this important that was authored
by the greatest scientist of all time, the creator of the universe. There is no real
science in this book at all, and the science that is in there is hopelessly inadequate.
If the bible was given to us by God as a guide to life, It's very unconvincing.
The bible contains page after page of barbaric superstition, but nothing that helps humanity
in any meaningful way. There is nothing that pushes the human race forward. There is nothing
in this book that's impressive from a 21st century stand point. The reality is this,
there is nothing in this book that could not have been written by someone living in the
1st century.
You see just how unimpressive a book this really is, really consider that for a moment.
There is nothing in the bible that encourages us to think for ourselves or to think intelligently
about the world.
It is very easy to see how such a book at the time could help explain things that were
beyond the understanding of a 1st century world. This is a time when people didn't understand
where the Sun went every night. So things like earthquakes and lightening and tsunamis
and flood were all terrifying to these primitive civilizations that had no other reasonable
explanations. So a book that, that explained some of that would have been adopted by the
masses because they had nothing else to, to really go by. So it's easy to see how the
bible was a good souse of some answers at that time.
But, you know, we've move on. We have come so far since the bible was written. We know
so much more about ourselves and our environment. We have a much better understanding, and we
have more elegant explanations for everything that happens in our cosmos. Modern science
has triumphed over this medieval superstition.
It has answered all these questions and continues to push the human race forward. We know so
much more about our origins, we've unlocked the human genome, we've made amazing advancements
in medicine. And all this progress came from inquisitive minds that were not content with
stone age biblical explanations that you find in this book.
One by one science has knocked down the superstition and that has seriously marginalized religious
dogma. Religion is loosing ground in every area, and it is simply bucking under the weight
of scientific reasoning. You can only push bad ideas for so long. Eventually the people
will connect the dots and realize this book is not the work of a God.
You would think in the 21st century, these dark age ideas about our world would be a
thing of the past, But no science is again under attack, defending biological evolution
from devout Christian groups who think our Earth is only 6000 years old, and that every
animal that has ever lived on this Earth was created and placed in its respective geographical
location by a God. We now know this is not true, and it of course this flies in the face
of 150 years of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.
But that just doesn't seem to matter if its written in this book, no matter how out of
touch it is with reality, it is embraced and defended with amazing passion.
It seems that people of faith are happy to accept all areas of science and the scientific
method, until it contradicts any part of their scripture, and then that science has to be
completely wrong.
The bottom line is this - The Bible can no longer sustain a critical inquiry if its held
up as a work from the creator of the universe. The more we learn about archeology and history
from biblical times, we realize that most of the stuff in the bible is fiction. Its
from a time when people didn't understand science. Its mythic story telling and nothing
Now the bible should be cherished as an amazing work of literature and embraced as just that,
but nothing more. There is some very positive information in this book, don't get me wrong....
and most of the teachings of Jesus provide excellent life morals. But there are also
terrible morals in this book also. It openly advocates prejudice, cruelty, bigotry, intolerance,
sexism, superstition, slavery and murder.
Is there a God? I don't know, and no one does. But science and nature have so much to offer
without the need for a God to explain any of it. We have such a wealth of collective
knowledge available to us from all the scientists that dedicated their lives to pushing the
human race forward.
Its time to put the bible down. It's time to move past the superstition, and truly move
into the 21st century.