Jhootha Hi Sahi (2010) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 6

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He sent back everything Fidato.
He has sent back everything.
Hi Mishka. This is Kabir.
I have left some old photographs and letters in your mailbox.
I hope you got them.
Bhavna doesn't want me to have anything of yours.
I think she is being silly. But I guess I need to do this.
Anyway. Take care of yourself.
He is never coming back Fidato. He is never coming back.
At least you wont waste your life waiting for him.
He is my life Fidato.
He was just one part of your life that is over.
Get rid of everything that reminds you of him.
Burn it Mishka. Burn it all.
I think till the time Mishka is so close to Fidato..
.. Siddharth has no chance.
So get closer to her as Siddharth and let Fidato take a back seat.
So what exactly do I do?
Make her happy Sid. Or should I call you Fid?
So where is Nick meeting us?
The new maternity store nearby
Can I ask you something?
Why am I not marrying Nick?
He is lying as well.
Nick? Lying to you?
When did I say he is lying to me?
Connected by one thread..
.. Two stories
Connected by one strand..
.. Two lives
On the phone someone laughs
A silent laugh from lonely places
One life, two faces
One life, two faces
Who graced my barren life
Like a light rain on dry earth
How I fear that someone may steal..
.. these stolen clouds from my sky
These stolen graces
One life and two faces
Was I meant to meet this angel?
Was I meant to share this bond?
The heavens seem divine again
Never return me, dear Lord..
.. to the darkness that this glow replaces
One life, two faces
One life, two faces
One life, two faces
Hi Mishka
Hi Kabir
Sketching again I see
Not really, just..
Hi Mishka
Bhavna.. Hi
How are you?
I am good.
This seems a bit dark.
Try painting. Something colourful.
But you were never very good at painting.
That's why I kept suggesting you go to Paris.
Here you go my love. Coffee.
Hi. I am Siddharth.
You must be K-Kabir.
Yes. K-Kabir.
I've heard a lot about you.
Anything good?
Maybe once.
- I'd like you to.. - Nice painting, right?
I'll buy it.
It's a sketch.
It's called a sketch.
Nice sketch.
But I think these two are ruining the balance.
Kabir. We're getting late.
Of course my darling
It was nice meeting you.
Bye Kabir.
I am sorry if I pretended to be over friendly.
How did you know that was Kabir?
You face lost all its colour.
The way you were talking to him..
His name.
I never told you his name.
You told me over dinner the other night
Not his name
Of course you did. How else would I know?
I remember you did.
I remember you did.
She never said his name.
Whose name?
Kabir's name.
To whom?
Oh come on Sushi.
Lets start from the beginning.
First, Siddharth tried to get fresh with you.
This I said, Hi I am Siddharth. You must be Kabir.
Kabir !
How do I know his name is Kabir?
She must have told you.
She did, but not to me.
To whom then?
How does Fidato figure in this? - Think about it.
What do I love the most about Siddharth?
I don't know. He is good in bed?
Oh wait. That he understands you.
My thoughts. My likes. My life.
She paints.
Long relationship that ended 3 months ago.
Whom does she tell all of this?
Fidato. - Yup.
So you think she has figured out..
.. that you and Fidato.
You mean Sid and Fidato..
.. are friends?
Oh. I never thought of that.
- What did you think? - That they are the same person
Siddharth is Fidato.
Oh do me gently God.
- DOST India. - DOST India.
Lets go.
- Nick you bloody dog. - You bloody idiot.
- DOST India. Got it? - Yes.
Come on lets go.
- Hurry up Mishka. - Coming.
- Mishka! - I am coming. I am coming.
- Shall we? - Go Go Go.
Son of a bitch!
Thanks Mum.
Let it be Sushi.
Show me what you got.
Don't think like that. All you need is..
Holy shit !
Suhana Malik?
Siddharth, What are you doing?
This could ruin our reputation.
DOST India could get banned.
Please Suhana. I love her.
She wanted to die a few days ago.
Now she wants to live.
I am sorry Siddharth. I can't lie.
Come on.
Sid lies all the time for you.
He keeps lying for you all night.
Please listen to me. I wont hurt her.
I swear
I know but..
A Pakistani brother is requesting his Indian sister..
Is he serious?
Can you see him?
That doesn't seem to be him.
How about that one?
That's not Siddharth.
Oh hi.
Are you here to volunteer?
Oh. No.
I want to meet my counselor.
I am sorry. That wont be possible.
Please. I just need to see him once.
Sorry. We don't allow personal interactions.
Can I get a paper and a pencil?
What is she writing?
I don't know. Want me to check with ISI?
Just tell me if this guy works here.
No. He doesn't.
Thank you so much.
So you don't trust either of us?
I am sorry Fidato.
But I was very sure I hadn't told him Kabir's name.
You could've just asked me directly.
Whether I am Siddharth. Or a friend of his.
I got scared Fidato.
When I had called you the first time, I was really going to..
I didn't have a reason to live.
But now I do.
I have a friend like you. I have Siddharth.
Imagine my fear.. What if both of you were lying?
I would've just died of pain.
Have a lovely weekend. Bye.
English translation of Mirza Ghalib.
Hard bound edition.
50 Pounds.
The same book in paperback. 4 Pounds.
What are you doing?
Why will anyone buy this..
.. when the cheaper option is right next to it.
Talk to Sid. I had told him you don't like honesty.
You bastard!
Why don't I honestly tell your parents why you wont marry.
Then I'll honestly tell Uday about your crush.
Then I should tell Krutika about Mishka.
And then I should tell Mishka..
Tell Mishka what?
Tell Mishka what?
I was just telling Amit that.. What was I saying?
I was busy reading.
Tell Mishka what?
Ah yes, Tell Mishka about the new arrivals.
We have a mailing list you know. Why hasn't she got it yet?
That's ok. I am here now.
Are you interested in poetry?
Not really.
Try it. Its Ghalib.
I used to laugh at the state of my heart
Now I laugh at nothing
How will you show your face to God
You who feel shame for nothing
Sounds nice. How much is it?
A dinner.
Did Nick come here?
Oh. Hello.
Aliya. This is Mishka.