Wegmans Seafood Fra Diavolo

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 02.09.2010

Make sure you leave that bag open. Good tip Matt. All right I have my mussels. We are
going to make Seafood Fra Diavolo. The reason Matt told me to leave this bag open is because
we want our mussels to stay nice and fresh for our dish later tonight. The next thing
I have to grab is my shrimp. I am going to go for these one hundred percent natural shrimp
here. They are sixteen to twenty. The sixteen to twenty size basically means there are sixteen
to twenty shrimp per pound. These are frozen within six hours of harvest. Really nice and
Now I need to get my pasta. I am going to turn to this Italian Classics Linguini here.
It is imported straight from Italy and it is made from one hundred percent durum wheat
flour which means it will hold up well after cooking. Now it is just a short walk to my
next ingredient.
The last thing I need to get is this hot pepper spread. Great on pizzas. I love it on sandwiches.
It is also going to be a perfect marinade for our seafood. It is going to add just the
right amount of kick to my dish. Lets go cook this thing.
All right here goes, a Seafood Fra Diavolo. I am going to start to talk about our three
main ingredients here. I have got all my seafood lined up. I have a half a pound of shrimp
peeled, deveined, thawed out, and ready to go. I have some calamari here, most of it
scored, I am going to show you how to do that. Then I have my two pounds of mussels. The
mussels I want to make sure that before you put them in the dish you are going to go through
and check these guys. Make sure that none of them are opened. Nice and fresh before
you put them in. If there are any that don’t respond we are going to toss those out before
we add them to the dish. So I am going to add my calamari here. Going to take this guy
and split this in half. This is for visual appeal, but it will also help make them a
little more tender. So I split these in half and I am actually going to make some score
marks. Maybe like four or five on each one. Go one way and then come crisscross the other
way and then add these guys to that so when those cook they are actually going to start
to roll on each other and be a little bit more tender. So it is that half a pound of
the calamari, and then a half a pound of shrimp, and then to that I am going to add two tablespoons
or so of my hot pepper and mix this guy up. Thirty minutes is good but if you felt like
it, if you needed to prep this a day ahead of time you could go at least another day.
I have some ready which I did yesterday. So I have got all of my shrimp and the pepper
marinating. Perfect. Ready to go. Now it is time to start the dish. What I have here is
one batch of our San Marzano sauce. The other day I made a big batch of pasta, so I made
two batches at a time I had the four cups left which is actually that one recipe. So
four cups in a pan heated up ready to go. Then I am going to start cooking my pasta.
And if you start cooking it now it is going to time about right to finish. By the time
all of my seafood is ready my pasta will be good. So the next thing I need to do is add
my shrimp. I am going to cook this for about thirty seconds. Toss this in first before
I put my mussels in. The reason why we are doing that is because the shrimp are going
to take a little bit longer cause these are sixteen to twenty size, maybe a little bit
larger size. They are going to take a little bit longer before my mussels get done. So
I am going to cook these about thirty seconds in there. Then we go to add our mussels. We
are going to add all of these guys at once. When you add these I want to make sure that
you stir this up very nice. You want to get all that hot sauce coating on these guys and
it is going to help to cook those mussels evenly. If you just leave some on the top
than the ones on the bottom will be cooked before the others. So that goes on and then
I add my lid.
All right after that six minutes you are going to start to see your mussels open up a little
bit. Then I add the half a pound of calamari and the rest of all that hot peppers in there.
I am going to stir that up and let it cook for another two minutes.
All right it has been that two minutes and what I am doing now is taking out those mussels
and making sure that all those are open. You are going to want to discard any that are
not open. These happen to do pretty well for me. Then the last thing I am going to do is
I am going to take my pasta. All right and I add that to the pan. Our pasta gets added
and what I like to do is cook it maybe one minute less over there so that last minute
of cooking to bring it to that al dente stage I am going to make sure I cook within the
sauce, which helps to marry the flavor of the sauce with the pasta. All right so I bring
that pasta over. And then start to plate this guy up. The pasta has soaked up that nice
sauce. I have my calamari, my shrimp, all perfectly cooked. You can see in there that
my calamari starts to curl up a little bit. And the last thing I am going to do is add
some of these mussels right on the top of this. Makes a beautiful dish. Really pretty
easy to do. I got a couple steps. I make the sauce ahead of time. This thing will be done
in no time. Nice spicy dish but you know what? If you are like me, I happen to add maybe
one more tablespoon of that hot pepper spread because I do not think any more spice in your
life is going to hurt anybody.