Tornado de fogo (experiência de física)

Uploaded by iberethenorio on 18.09.2012

I'll show you
a tornado fire!
You saw that I did
this rotating structure
and with a little burlap
and a little alcohol
I'll make a little hurricane.
Prior to do this experiment,
it is good to remember:
Before doing anything with fire,
it is necessary the assistance of an adult
and you must do it outside the your house.
To prevent any kind of accident,
it is always good to have around
a fire extinguisher or
a bucket full of water.
I'll take a piece of burlap,
and put just a little bit of alcohol,
just to give the very beginning of the fire.
Remember that whenever you are making fire
you have to put the alcohol away from the fire.
I'll put the burlap in the middle of the stuff that rotates
And you will see what will happen!
It did not work that way,
but I have here a special accessory
that can help us in this task.
Let us now understand how this fire tornado
was formed.
How was formed a tornado is simple.
This fishnet collides with the air inside,
that is around the fire, and makes the air rotate.
He finds the fire that is rising,
one running and the other going up, they form a spiral motion,
That is the tornado??.
But something very interesting happened,
I do not know if you noticed,
was that when the fire was lower, without turning,
the flames were small.
And by the time the tornado formed
the fire became much stronger.
This happened for two reasons:
The first is that at the time the tornado arose
the fire concentrated in a much smaller region
than when it was not spinning.
This causes the temperature to rise greatly.
The temperature rises and the fire gets stronger.
And the second thing is: when a tornado happens
it enters more air, which is full of oxygen, into the fire.
And this oxygen feeds the fire.
And then the fire gets even stronger.
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