Gönülçelen )) Episode 22 - Part 7/7 [English Subtitles]

Uploaded by FadiaTube on 04.10.2010

My dad’s records..
he used to have a gramophone too but such an old one..
he never let us touch it.
And after a while he even stopped listening..
I went to his room to find the record you were searching for
- Itri - Itri
I found the rest of the records while I was searching for Itri
My dad used to listen to this one a lot. I liked it a lot too
I still like it
Seyyan Hanim..
Those eyes are
even more distant to me than before
This love in my heart
is an ongoing pain
the sorrow of my soul
filled my eyes with tears
I cry in sorrow
I do not know what happened to me
My best friend
is the night that hugs my soul
Look at who I have been committed to
I am crying secretly
Oh lonely darkness
give me a remedy for my suffering
but the wounds in my heart.. are even deeper