Paul Sarte

Uploaded by uwinnipeg on 02.03.2012

My name is Paul Sarte I'm twenty-two and I'm studying physics and chemistry
and mathematics.
It's extremely exciting
it actually enables us to conduct science
in a beautiful new building that actually has an incredible amount of new technology it's
it's innovative
and it really reflects
the idea of the university of winnipeg of being really a leader in science
Dr. Brian Pettitt was my first year chemistry teacher and actually
his pupil
was actually my high school teacher
and she really inspired me to come here to the u of w and to actually foster my
love of chemistry
and as I went hirer and hirer into chemistry and met Dr. Wiebe who is the primary
physical chemist univeristy winnipeg
and he saw in me some
enthusiasm about physical chemistry and he really encouraged me to pursue
my interest and now I'm here working under him in the condensed matter lab
as I learned in my statistical mechanics course
take every option possible
that comes your way that's the best way you have to live life
to the fullest extent possible
go to university explore your interests explore what intrigues you
that's really what for sure will bring you happiness