Real Love, Episode 6, Chapter 3

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You don`t know how much I missed you!
Me too!
I saw your father so desperated about our situation so I decided to ask money to Manoel for the mortgage
Don`t you think this wasn`t right? I mean he paid for Humberto`s debt!
He said it was his pleasure to help us and for you realize that this man was sent by God for you...
He asked me not to tell you nothing about that!
Because he didn`t want you feel uncomfortable about his generostity to us
So you must be careful! He can`t find I told you the truth
What my dad think about you asking money to Manoel?
I had to lie for your father or he would be mad about what I did
What was the lie?
I told him Manoel hear about our problems and came to offer the money to help us
Of course! Papa would never acept if he would know Manoel was interested about me
Do you hate me, mama?
I think you hate us! You were close to destroy the good name of the family!
You know about our problems and is refusing to help your own family
You are the only one who could do something about it!
Now you know the truth are you still going to ask your father to say no to Manoel?
Ok and talking about your concern about what Manoel told you...
I just refuse to believe that you`ve been in a secret romance with a seducer for 8 months
Your ears still keeps so chastes
Have a good night
You didn`t told me yet what you`ve doing about your life
You didn`t told me anything! Anything!
My family has serious financial problems, Renato
My father doesn`t love me!
We are almost broken!
My sister told me!
She also told me Matilde is going to fly high! Is it true your sister is going to marry a rich man?
My dear dear sister...
Who is the lucky man?
Manoel Fuentes Guerra is the new owner of Santa Rita Farm and San...
...San whatever!
So he is "the man", uh?
Tell me, do you have a good relationship with your future btoher-in-law?
We are doing fine!
So why are you worried?
I am the one almost broken here!
Oh, is your father broken too?
My father broken?
No, my friend! I spent a lot of money in Europe
And the damn old man doesn`t want to give me more money
Humberto, listen to me!
Listen what he want me to do
He wants that I get a job!
Well, Manoel, I already bought what you ask me
I would like to stay but I need to go back to the capital
If i stay longer maybe I`d be quit of the job when I arrive there
You don`t know much I apreciated your help
Nah, it was my pleasure!
You can count with me if you need something
The same about me!
This messenger just came from the farm with a letter from you, boss
Thanks, Tomás
Good morning, boss
Hello Nazareno
This letter came from Mr. Gervásio
There was a cattle theft in Santa Rita
Do you think the mayor from Barranquillas is pressing you to pay for that security rate?
I think so
I have to go back
Who is the best jeweler in town?
No aunt! Please don`t try to justify what she did
My mother`s behavior was imoral!
Don`t talk like that about your mother, girl!
This is the reason that I`m so ashamed about it!
I`m sure she planned everything!
She pressed me, she humiliated me and torment me to make me acept him!
But Manoel is not guilty! He is a good man and he loves you...
His love make me feel worse because...
...I`m part of this play!
I am fooling him!
No, you have nothing to do about that!
How could you say that?
If I`m going to acept him is just because of his money!
There you are!
My eyes are happy for seeing so beautiful ladies in the morning
You bastard don`t think you`ll continue taking advantage of Fuentes Guerra
If i marry him I won`t let him to give you any cent
Do you understand me?
San Juan de Ulua Prision
Thank you
So are you really going to write to your fiancee?
Do you think she will help you?
I hope so
Her father is...
Hilário Peñalverde Y Veristein
Wow! The girl is important!
I hope she helps you because nobody knows that you are here!
Your Captain doesn`t know either!
Well, I`ll let you do your homework
"My darling Matilde..."
The problem is I`m not use to listen words so...
I didn`t wanted disrespect you
I`m impulsive and I like to say what I`m feeling
Am I bothering you?
No, of course not!
It`s just I don`t know what to say
That`s ok!
Do you wanna sit?
Yes, thanks
If I was an employeee from a bakery and you a girl from the village...
Do you mind about this comparison?
What I mean is that the approximation between simple people starts other way
It`s casual I could say
They meet and the man say something nice and then he invite the woman for a walk on Sunday
And soon there is trust enough to talk about many things
I think this is a better way to know more about a woman
Rich people creates stupid rules that to me ruins the espontaneity of the relations
I`m not just talking about men and women, I`m talking about sons and parents, brothers and sisters!
Yes, I agree
I`m not like that, Matilde!
I like to be myself and not wearing masks
This is the reason I`m telling you how I feel and hoping you do the same for me
I understand what you say but it`s not easy!
I know but I would like if you and I...we try to do something about it!
"In this nightmare your memory is my only consolation"
"Your memory save my heart and keep me strong to resist!""
"My mind is trying to find the reason"
"God forgives me but I wouldn`t like if my love for you is the the reason why I`m here"
"I beg you my love! Look for Captain Lopez and tell him about my situation"
"If it was the destiny or some kind of evil plan that is separating us"
"Our love will reunite you and me again"
"And this time will be forever!"
"With all my love... Adolfo"
Somebody steal your cattle?
I received a letter from the administer so I have to go back to the Farm soon
When do you come back?
I don`t know! Depends!
The truth is I don`t have any business here anymore
So if you thought about my proposal and you are going to reject me...
Oh, no! I acept!
I will marry you!
You have no idea how happy you make me now!
I promise to make you happy!
"You won`t regret to marry me, Manoel"
Wonderful! Congratulations, baby!
Thank you, aunt