Royale With Cheese Please!! & Pulp Fiction

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Hello and welcome, my name is Philip DeFranco
this is LTA Movie Club and today we're talking about
the movie Pulp Fiction
quickly, if you're not familiar with Movie Club, it's where we watch a new movie
every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
you guys send in video respones, leave comments
and we talk about said movie
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of all the movies we're covering, it's a good time
like I said, today we are watching Pulp Fiction
a movie described as:
A burger-loving hit man, his philosophical partner
a drug-addled gangster's lady and a washed-up boxer
are all involved in this sprawling
comedic crime caper fueled by director and co-writer Quentin Tarantino

And we're back
Come on, who didn't watch Pulp Fiction
Travolta, Sam Jackson
Uma Thur-

So really quick summary, love this movie
I mean we watched the movie Go, like what a week ago
and it's the same kind of format, it shows you one story
goes back in time, it shows the story from a different
person perspective, you go back one more time
it happens again and you get the ending
and a fueled dialouge, fantastic actors
amazing sets, dialogue
I love this movie
how did I not mention Bruce Willis? he's fantastic
in this movie, also fun side note, after you
watch this and everyone else's reviews
I'll include a link down below
to a video of all the parts
where they say the word fuck
when I say fuck fueled dialogue
I mean it's just a clusterfuck of fuckery
it's amazingly bad
if your parents are in the room and you're 12
they're going to make you not watch Movie Club anymore
so I'm going to stop talking, main point, watch the movie
and also here's some homework
the movie we're going to be talking about is
Troll 2, you sons of bitches, really?
you recommend Troll 2, sure no
that'll be a good movie, so watch it, send in video responses

leave comments on what you thought about this movie
what movies we should watch in the future
and if want to skip ahead
the next six movies are available in the banner
but enough of me blabbing out of my mouth hole
that's what I thought, what'd you think Movie Club?