Tiger Woods: Changing the Game - Rolex Rendezvous

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Tiger Woods Changing The Game
You’re thirty six years old.
Kids who grew up watching you playing are now competing with you.
How does that make you feel?
I think you go through stages right?
You become a rookie, then you become a Tour player,
then you become a vet, then become grizzled
This is my 17th year now so I’ve been out here for a little bit
and I’ve seen just amazing change.
You know when I first came out on tour there was only two guys in the gym.
It was myself and Vijay, and that was it.
Now everybody’s in it.
You can’t get a space in gyms at tournament sites.
You see, everyone’s got their trainers now and they’ve got nutritionists,
I mean the game of golf has finally become athletic.
It’ll be really neat to see as we go on guys like a Michael Jordan
or a Bo Jackson,
you know “I’m not gonna play football, I’m not gonna play basketball,
I’m gonna play golf.”
It’s gonna be “oh wow” and how that true athleticism,
that hand eye coordination, that type of determination
and have the understanding of how to play the game, it’ll be phenomenal.
What would you say to a five year old who wants to become
a professional golfer? What tip would you give to him at five or six years old?
Same thing my dad did, said to me,
Is you get out of it what you put into it.
If you work hard you’re going to get results and if you don’t,
you’re not going to get any but you don’t deserve any.
You didn’t work for it.
And you have to put in the work, you gotta put in the man hours
you gotta go out there and when no one else is doing it,
you gotta go out there and more than anyone else is doing it.
You have to work,
and that’s one of the reasons why I think I’ve had the success I’ve had
is that I’ve never been shy of working for my dreams
and making my dreams come reality.
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