How to Dress for Your Body - Style Tips to Look like Kim Kardashian and other Celebrities

Uploaded by westfieldfashion on 09.09.2012

Just like share a birthday with a star
you also share a body shape with a star.
You have something in common with stars like
Kim Kardashian,Michelle Williams,
Kelly Osbourne, Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson.
You may be a different size than them
but you share the same body shape with one of them.
First there is "Pear Shaped".
This is where you hips are fuller than the size of your body.
Like Kim Kardashian.
You're going to want to wear a structured blazer
that has a slight shoulder pad.
Another great option is wearing a statement necklace
which will draw the attention away from your hips
and up to your face.
There's the "inverted triangle"
where you have broader shoulders or a larger chest.
Like Michelle Williams.
You're going to want to draw the hemlines up.
This will draw attention to your beautiful legs
and it will balance out your top half.
Then there is the "rectangle shape"
where you have little curves.
Like Cameron Diaz.
Create curves with cap sleeves and "A line" skirts.
Next we have the "apple shape".
Like Kelly Osbourne.
You have less curves in the middle
but you have beautiful thin limbs.
So look for things that have a plunging V,
and a top or a wider leg pant
with a higher waistline to conceal that tummy.
Now let's say you are an "hourglass" like Scarlet Johansson.
You are curvy and you want to show that off.
So finding a dress with a nipped in waist
or something with a belt
is perfect for you.
See, it's not that hard.
As long as you follow these simple rules
to dress for your body shape
you're going to look and feel amazing.