Justin Bieber: Viral Marketing Explained by Clear Cut

Uploaded by ClearCutFilm on 11.03.2011

bjbj This is viral marketing explained by Justin Bieber Viral marketing is a word-of-mouth
technique that spreads like a virus by getting passed on from consumer to consumer and market
to market via social media and other platforms. For this video, we will focus on a hugely
spreading virus called Bieber Fever. Everyone has heard of Justin Bieber, unless you have
been living under a rock. A very large rock indeed. Well for those of you who live under
a rock let me introduce you to Justin Bieber a multi-million dollar pop sensation with
a groovy haircut. How did Justin Bieber go from a small town boy from Stratford, Canada
to elite A-List status? Viral Marketing Here s how it started: Justin was musically inclined
as a young kid singing and playing musical instruments He entered a singing contest in
his hometown and placed second. He decided to video tape himself singing and upload it
to YouTube Justin uploaded several videos and then several thousand people starting
watching A talent manager found him on YouTube (a form of social media in case you didn t
know) This talent manager introduced him to Usher and Usher immediately signed Justin
at age 15. Justin released his first video and millions of people started following him.
Bieber continued to build his popularity by spreading his fever to over 7 million Twitter
followers, more than 21 million Facebook fans and 200 million plus YouTube subscribers.
The perfect viral marketing campaign .Check out Clear-Cut by Barking Frog Productions
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