How to install Windows software on Ubuntu [Wine]

Uploaded by GJBITeam on 20.04.2012

Hi, today I decided to make the tutorial outside.
As you can see here is very beautiful and what's more important it's very quite
What is Ubuntu?
Ubuntu is an opertating system for pc.
Is one of the most popular versions of Linux.
The word Ubuntu in Zulu language means "humanness".
And release new versions every six months.
But how it works?
With what kind of softwares can we work?
Can we run windows softwares?
I know you have to many questions but for the moment we will stop at this point.
Many of us are not familiar with ubuntu or others Linux OS
There are different reasons:
Some have not heard about it
Some have difficulty to use
But the most reason in my opinion is that too many softwares are not created to work on linux.
But today we are going to talk about "Wine", an application that makes Windows Softwares run on Ubuntu
Here is how....
To download Wine go to: Ubuntu Sofwares Center
This isn’t always the best way to run an application. If you’re encountering a problem, you can run the application from the terminal to see detailed error messages that can help you troubleshoot the problem.
Follow these commands:
For apps that end with .exe follow this command:
For apps that end with .msi follow this command:
See the example...
The Wine package comes with a few utilities. You can access them from the applications menu. Just type Wine in the application menu to search for them.
Wine’s configuration dialog contains a variety of options, some of which you may need to get applications working.
The Uninstall Wine Software utility allows you to remove programs.
The package also includes Winetricks, a helper script which can guide you through installing certain popular applications and games — you won’t find every supported application here, though.