MiWULa-TV Report: Lufthansa A380 Jungfernflug

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 16.05.2010

On May 6th 2010 a premiere was celebrated:
The first Airbus A380 was shipped in the colours of the Lufthansa and then presented to the public.
In front of the press and representatives of the participating companies, the A380
was to undertake its maiden flight, bearing the logo of the crane,
and was then to land on its future home airport shortly thereafter.
But first, the symbolic delivery of the world's largest passenger airplane took place
between the sales director of Airbus, Andreas Hermann, and Oliver Wagner, Direct Sales Manager of Lufthansa.
I'm very impressed with the whole Miniatur Wunderland.
I'm looking forward to seeing the airport actually going into full operation.
I'm even more excited to be able to take over this amazing airplane.
Ingo Meyerdierks also followed the proceedings.
The flight captain will be one of one of three pilots who'll fly the plane from Frankfurt am Main to Hamburg
on its first date of delivery on May 19th.
The largest of the miniature airplanes is then brought into position
to begin its first flight towards Knuffingen.
Even though the tension was high beforehand, the Lufthansa A380 launched through the emblem of Hamburg without difficulty.
However, in the Miniatur Wunderland the plane isn't expected in Frankfurt,
but for the first time at the Knuffingen International Airport - soon to be the largest miniature airport in the world.
As it is customary after the very first touchdown, the A380 is greeted by the fire department of Knuffingen
with jets of water.
It wasn't revealed if real water was used.
After the festive greeting, everyone headed towards the Lufthansa buildings.
In front of 526 miniature flight guests the aircraft was welcomed by small and big journalists.
Using a pipette, Micky Braun, mayoress of Knuffingen
and wife of Gerrit Braun, christened the new Lufthansa A380 "Knuffingen".
Welcome to Knuffingen, Mr. Meyerdierks.
I wanted to ask you if the flight to Knuffingen Airport is any different to a flight in the real world
or if it is similar.
I'll wait a moment for you to deplane.
So, is it any similar to the real world or was it different?
It's very realistic.
First of all, the approach to Knuffingen was really impressive.
The glide towards the the landing strip,
the runway was so well-prepared, and as you have seen for yourself:
We accomplished a precise and accurate landing.
So everything was prepared ideally, and I'm very impressed by these airport grounds .
I was also impressed by the performance of the propulsion units of the A380.
Our runway is shortened a bit with a length of 13m. That would be about equal to 1.3km in reality.
Hand on heart: On a stretch of 1.3km, would it really be possible to slow down in time with a fully-loaded A380?
Yes, it's possible.
This airplane is characterized by a low dive speed, despite its high weight.
One reason for this is the large wing span and its surface of 845 square metres.
I've already been able to try it myself, and I landed on a landing strip
and came to a halt after 1000m.
I'd say we'll turn the camera off now.
That way we can analyse the errors and corrections with a pro.
Thank you very much for your visit and that you've done this inauguration at our place.
Thank you so much that we could be a part of this.