The Apple MacBook Air : The MacBook Air iSight Video Camera

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.04.2008

BRANDON KARON: The MacBook Air also has a built-in iSight camera which is a web camera.
It also has a built-in microphone and speakers so you can do videoconferencing, let's say
maybe with a business partner or even your friend. All you need is you need iChat or
an AOL Instant Messenger account. And what's cool with the MacBook Air is normally the
web cameras are huge. I mean, they're not, yehey big, or I know they make smaller ones
now for laptops that clip on the top but this guy's incorporated right into the thin monitor.
It's great. Let me just open up iChat here. I had it minimized. And here, one of my friends
is on, so I kind of--I have him right here. Now, I'm communicating with him--let me turn
the volume up. All right, say "hi." Now say it again. I have my volume up. FRIEND: Hello,
how are you Brandon? BRANDON KARON: No problem. Ah--great. FRIEND: That's great. That's good--It's
good to hear it. BRANDON KARON: Yeah, so this is a-- FRIEND: Can I borrow your car later?
BRANDON KARON: Yeah, right. Yeah, so this is a good example of how to use the MacBook
Air. So now notice he's outside. He can run around with the computer. And this right here
is a good example of how to use the MacBook Air with the videoconferencing.