Bamse's Turbo Underpants - Part 5 - Final Hours

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 15.05.2012

”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
Henkka what's burning?! It's this wire. It's melting.
WTF!!! Get the battery off!
How everything's burning now?
We've got some variables here Oh fuck!
What happened? There was contact somewhere and it heated up the entire wire
For fucks sake, I'm about ready to throw in the towel here
Which wire was it?
Really? Well see for yourself!
How did that happen? It short circuited somewhere
Now we can really say that we've got some variables You've got to be kidding me
What the hell? How did it melt so fast?
It's just gone ...bad It's like you've been using audio cables!
Oh right, that was what we used.
I already thought that the all the cables were messed up I feared too that the entire wiring harness was screwed
Fuse? What fuse? I told you that we should have put a fuse here when we installed it
It's just a bad wire
I said that a fuse would've been a good idea, but no. Famous last words
Fuse, fuse, fuse, fuse, fuse, what is this? It's the water pump
Has it been wired to a fuse? No.
Did it melt as well? No, as you can see.
We've got 15 hours to get this hunk of junk to Tampere and it's not even painted
Its 10 o'clock, we've got 8 hours left. Plenty of time to paint the interior.
It's been clearcoated. Thanks to the painter.
This isn't working out at all
This really isn't working out, that's all I can say. 6 hours till departure, looks like we have to postpone it by 10
Now we've at least primed the interior
Not going well, I don't recommend this to anyone
I've slept 3 hours today, probably about 25 hours altogether this week. About 80 hours in the garage I think
Small ratchet and a 13mm wrench are missing, boys. Hey guys!
Oh, here they are!
Not even close
Thank god its friday... And tomorrow it's saturday. Then it's sunday and after that monday again
Forgot that it's in gear
What happened?
Both control arms detached
When is the car meant to be on the showroom? was supposed to be done already.
The dyno time has gone already but otherwise its going well.
Hello, you called.
Oh, at Tatech? We havent made it there yet, we're just packing up the car.
The first run went well, both control arms fell off. The ones made by Myranes. No, they didn't break, they fell off.
I thought I'll put in stock control arms and then we'll be on our way to Tampere.
By driving, of course!
Fabi is leading because no-one will help me!
We've got a control arm installing race going on!
So what can we do to help you? I don't need help anymore
Behind the dump valve!
It's in!
Fabi, what's the situation?
Behind the dump valve!
Fair play!
Fabi, what's the situation? Just bolts and it's done.
What will I tell JuHaU? Think we can leave in 50min?
Be there in 50min? No, I mean leave
I dont know, possibly Well, hurry up then!
We've had some minor problems here. The car ignited because the wiring melted.
This is how I usually drive. Let me give a litlle sample.
My ideology is that cars are ment to be driven, When this one is done, then it's driven.