СтопХам 7-ФСО крышует ресторан(часть 2)/KGB guards the restoraunt p.2

Uploaded by StopXAM on Oct 13, 2011

Moscow, Neglinaya street, very good resoraunt
Look, there is no sign of the "parking is permitted." Are them illegally allowed to park here? They haven`t any papers!Can you ask administration about situation? Yes, I`ll do!
I spoke with the director of the restaurant. He said he has no relation to the parking lot.
Is it illegally? It is illegally! Here is pedestrian walkway.
Can you notify vehicle owners that if they do not repark them, we label a disc?
You will not communicate with us, right?
No one responds, so we pass all the cars and sticking labels[thumbs up if Chugunov like a Leonid]
Hello, could you park your car in another location? No
If you do not leave, I will you stick the disc. Let`s try[uncensored]
Just repark the car! F**k off of me[uncensored]
I said get out of here
Hey softly, softly, softly...
[At the restaurant security guards lost their nerve]
[Police arrested the guards of restaurant]
It can not get older and disabled people. Solve the problem please.
"Fairy" is an aqueous solution. He shoots well this thing, even the traces do not leave. [Trolololo]