Little White Lie - Episode 4 - SUB ENG & ITA

Uploaded by cottognapple on 24.10.2012

-It's all a lie.
Everybody thinks we wrote Kevin's song.
-Duder, that was...
it was just a spur of the moment kinda thing, you know?
-I know but are we gonna keep doing it?
Are we gonna keep playing his music,
and saying that it's ours?
-I don't know...
I haven't really thought about it yet.
Because listen,
I mean, I thought it was really cool that people cheered for us, you know?
and it was really great when Nigel Waters talked to me,
that was fun, but...
I just got this sinking feeling, you know,
that all of this couldn't be more wrong.
Sami, I think we should go back to be Reeses Pieces.
-No, Duder, we cannot do that,
I hate Reeses Pieces!
-Then maybe we should just stop playing music for a while, you know?
I don't know,
just... wait till everybody forgets.
-Duder was right.
I just didn't want to admit it.
We went to school in silence that day.
Each of us had made up their minds.
In the afternoon we would take back Kevin's music.
Little White Lie would be no more.
we arrived at school and we were sure of what we were going to do.
It seems as though nothing could change our minds.
except maybe one thing...
-Hey, is that Little White Lie?
-Oh, it's Sami and Duder!
Let's go say hi!
Oh my God, Sami!
Oh Sami! Hey Duder!


Sami's my new best friend!
-We were popular now.
This is the story of how me,
Sami Reese,
and my brother became rockstars
with very little talent...
and a whole lot...
of lies.
Hey Duder!
Hey! Hi!
Duder had a little bit of trouble adjusting to all of the attention.

-Hi, Duder!
-Oh, hi...
-There you go, Duder!
Oh, hi!
- Hi Duder! - How you doin'?
Hey how's it going, cowboy?!
Hi Duder!
Hey Duder!
Hey, how are you guys?
Hey Duder! Call me!
Oh gee.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry!
Come here.
Yo, Duder!
Come in here, man.
-Hi, Jim.
I think I'm actually gonna... I'mma leave you alone,
Is that alright?
-I'm not pooping.
-Oh, hey.
Hey, Jim, how are you?
-Where have you been?
-Oh my gosh, you will never believe this!
So I was into the bathroom...
-woah, Duder. I don't wanna know.
-No, Jim Povolo was at the toilet
-No, Duder, I really don't wanna know!
-He wants to play drums in our band!
-What did you tell him?
-I told him Little White Lie is over,
we're taking a break from music for a while.
He seemed a little disappointed.
-Sami and Duder Reese,
just the two I was looking for!
-What do you want, Zack?
Come with me!
I think I have something you'll be very excited to see.

-What's going on?
-Take a look at this!
-What's that?
It's a Little White Lie Tee.
See, here's your new band logo, alright, made by yours truly.
Now check out the back!
Look at this!
It's you guys!
and then underneath on the butt... that's me.
"This is certainly the best band I've ever heard!"
Yo! I'm your new publicist!
I'm the head of your fan club.
Ok, now check this out!
Overnight success!
Look at this stuff!
Pins, you see, t-shirts,
I'm thinking, hats, underwear,
belt buckles, socks,
maybe a shoe line but that's all in the future, ok?
We can't worry about that now.
What we need to worry about now, is the music.
So you guys are gonna record the tracks,
give the mp3s to me and I'll burn the CDs.
Unless you know a better way to do it
because this takes me like... 30 to 40 minutes for each one,
and so it's very...
- No. no, no, no, no, no.
This is... a really great idea, but,
you're gonna have to get rid of everything.
We kinda... dissolved the band.
-Dissolve the band...
Yeah... we're taking a break from music for a while.
-Taking a break, com - what?!
No, you can't,
that's a horrible idea.
This town needs you!
You're the best singers to come along in like forever, please!
Listen. You're my favourite band... of all time!
I love you.
-Well, I'm sorry Zach, but,
you're gonna have to find somebody else.
-But... I've already made 500 dollars, selling just these t-shirts!
Alright, do you... even want your half?
-Hey, Zacky-poo! Got anymore of those buttons?
-Here you go.
-What is my face doing on your body?
-Oooh, hi Sami!
These tees are wicked, don't you think?
I mean, everyone's got one.
And if I tie my not in the back like this,
I show up my tiny little tummy,
and it covers up that stupid picture of Zach in the back.
Look, Sami, I just,
I wanted to apologize for the things I said at the concert.
really, you guys were great. Everyone thought so.
I know you probably hate me
because of the mean things I said about you, and...
and you should, but, um...
I just wanted to say: I'm sorry.
K, Sorry.
Oh, and I wanted to invite you two to my party tonight!
All the cool bands will be ther, so,
You two oughta step by!
-Can I come?
I'm their manager.
-Oh, no, you're not invited.
Ok, so think about it!
Bye Sami-sam!
-So are you guys gonna keep making music?
-We'll see what we have lying around.
Gimme that!
Alright! Yes! Bye!
Little White Lie win! I did it!
I got them together! Oh, it's so cool!