Vete a la Versh - Vete a la versh: Episodio 9 - La Leyenda de Melda

Uploaded by vetealaversha on 10.08.2009

The Legend of Melda
Now what kind of crap did you buy?
The one and only...
Legend of Melda
and the Ukulele of Time
Oh, that's an original name!
You don't give shit, anyway,
do you, you 25-cent whore?
Chapultepec Forest
Hello! I'm a fairy!
And the day has come for your quest to begi...
What the fuck.
Those things DO sting.
2 minutes later...
Ok let's see you stupid beast!
I tried to ask politely.
Either you come with me or I'll have the
Fucking Talking Tree
stick a branch up your a...
15 minutes later...
Oh, you finally arrived.
Yeah dude, and you'll have to pay me extra
because this asshole almost killed me.
OMFG, it really IS a
Fucking Talking Tree.
Come closer boy.
No, you're fucking retarded
I'm shitting myself here.
I have chosen you for a very important mission.
An evil spider has settled
in my prostate
and I need you to destroy it.
Son of a bitch, that's gross!
And why me?
Well because you are an illegal immigrant.
What a dick!
Now you crossed the line you
fucking stupid branch!
It is your decision!
Either you cooperate
or I'll call the department of immigration
of the magical forest
so they kick you the crap out of here.
Fucking dick.
At least give me a gun,
a flamethrower
something military...
a bazooka, something cool like that...
Well... there's a fucking wooden sword,
and a fucking wooden shield
because of this fucking recession.
Fucking dick.
All right then, open your mouth. I'm in a hurry.
I already brushed my teeth
so you'll have to go in through
Inside the Fucking Talking Tree...
Look, that's the Fucking Talking Tree's
And that's the thing that's been
shitting on it.
Ok, we can manage this
in civilized manner.
If you can show me an order of
eviction so I could...
Fuck you, slut.
Outside the Fucking Talking Tree...
Oh, that's much better.
Take this stone that has the shape of a... ehm...
that doesn't work for anything.
So much shit for that piece of crap?
Yes asshole! And when you die
you won't go to heaven because you have
no soul and... and...
Either you come with me or I'll have the
Fucking Talking Tree
stick a branch up on your anus!
Your anus!