Uploaded by LADONIX on 27.10.2011

I need a lobotomy!
Good morning Chewbaca's girlfriend!
That's not funny anymore!
I dont't think so. Still thinking about your wookie friend?
Definitely, last friday is a day to forget!
Hi, Nix
What are you doing here?
This place doesn't seem to be ''good enough for you''!
Blame it on Deco
he dragged me here to see your friend's band
you know him, right?
Yeah, I do!
he was my boyfriend until last week!
Are you upset 'cause we are together?
Why should I be?
Great! I don’t want it to be an issue for our relationship
Which relationship?!
Ah, Nix! If you’ve got some spare time, check out Deco’s blog
he wrote a nice article about my career in my dad’s company
it may inspire you! Kisses!
I was just about to punch her in the nose!
Let it go. Lets go to the show. I just need to get a drink,like, yesterday!
I'll have a Jack! Straight!
What are you doing?! You don't drink!
Nope, but today I'll make an exception to the good old jack!
I deserve it after everything that happened!
This drinks are awesome!
How you doing?
Try to see the good side of it
There is no good side!
Sure there is! You’ve just made a hairy guy very happy!
A day to forget!
Not for him!
Nice! He is the man of the year!
And that's not all! Vico Velasquez will be the ''man of Festivus Hero''!
Now you’ve made my day...
That’s easy, we just don’t hang these up!
I can’t do that! I feel like samira is always watching me, so I can’t let her down!
Help me Nix, you're my only hope!
Mind the change Nix, you're my only hope!
Don't let Mei Mei eat on the counter, Nix. You're my only hope
Watch your butt crack, Nix. The customers are looking!
It's better we hang them
Do you have, the fanzine ''Pessoa Pessoal''?
Well, you should!
He is the biggest icon of a generation
that see beyond human imperfections, valuing
the divine, besides the capitalist individual
that agonizes all eyes...
...of the human being trough out the eyes of the mundane being
Uhg, coffee break!
Mei Mei, can you help this costumer?
No way! You again, showerhead?!
Taking a walk, Nix?
A teenagers life is so easy...
It really seems you’re following me!
I’ve got better things to do.
By the way, did you see this month’s HQ News cover?
Yes, I did. Your dad looks kind of wasted, you know?!
It must be tough on you, to see other's people parents living a full life...
I mean, What did your father do after all? Ah, He used to fill other’s people’s drawings, huh?
My dad was a colorist!
Makes no difference to me! He still was nothing!
As they say: like father, like daughter!