America's Got Talent 2012 - Season 7 Week 10 Newark Quarterfinals - Full Episode Recap

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COLLEEN BALLINGER: Hi, I'm Colleen Ballinger, and this is
my best friend Kory DeSoto.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: And this is my recap of
America's Got Talent.
BOTH: Ching.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: We're in the third week of the
We started off the show with the dance group The
Untouchables, a bunch of little kids who were just
sassy and lifting their legs in the air.
KORY DESOTO: I can't do it.
KORY DESOTO: I think I pulled--
COLLEEN BALLINGER: I'm not flexible.
KORY DESOTO: The boy--
he was the little featured dancer.
He was so sassy, like--
COLLEEN BALLINGER: Their choreography was so fun.
They were super entertaining, really energetic.
I think they're my favorite.
KORY DESOTO: They're my favorite.
Next up was Mike Price, the juggler.
He dropped his fiery rods onto the floor and almost caught
the whole audience on fire.
And what was the point of dousing that
woman in lighter fluid?
I was like, oh, my gosh.
KORY DESOTO: Oh boy, what's going to happen?
COLLEEN BALLINGER: Mike Price is stepping up.
He's going to set a lady on fire?
And then she was like, I'm dripping in lighter fluid.
And left the stage.
It wasn't very good.
After him was Inspire the Fire, which is a singing,
dance Glee type group.
The choreography wasn't great.
The singing wasn't the best.
It did not inspire my fire.
Next up we had Christin Sandu, the balancing act, and you're
like, oh, he's going to balance on circular objects.
Is he going to fall?
No, there's no way.
And he falls.
KORY DESOTO: If my talent was balancing on trash, I would
have a back up plan because it's--
COLLEEN BALLINGER: Because if you fall, it's over.
KORY DESOTO: I would strip.

I think that would go over very well.
Elusive was up next, which is this young, fun, attractive
dance acrobatic man.
He has great strength and control over his body.
He was great.
Next up was this sassy Jake Wesley Rogers, and he's only
15 years old.
This kid is super talented.
He did a really slow ballad version of Britney Spears'
KORY DESOTO: Was I drunk?
Was I belligerent?
COLLEEN BALLINGER: But you were intoxicated.
KORY DESOTO: I was intoxicated by his voice.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: After him was All Wheel Sports, which
was a bike-riding, trick-jumping, cheerleading,
dancing, acrobatic, bouncing on trampoline group.
Did I get them all?
KORY DESOTO: Yeah, I think you did.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: There was so much going on at the same
time that I didn't know where to look.
They were really, really great, and everyone loved
them, as did we.
Next up was Wordspit and the Illest.
They had that audience, like, pumping.
Wait, I'm so not cool.
Did you hear what I just said?
The audience was pumping, man.
I think I would've liked them had I understood
anything that they said.
KORY DESOTO: Like, the whole time we were
watching was like--
COLLEEN BALLINGER: You can tell they're good.
You just don't know what they're saying.
After them was the comedian Jacob Williams.
He's this really awkward, nerdy, dorky guy
who is super funny.
You don't expect it.
And I think that's why the audience likes him.
I definitely wanted to see more.
Next step, we had the fabulous drag queen, All Beef Patty.
And she sang "Let's Hear it For the Boy."
KORY DESOTO: Can we just say, let's hear it for the boys?
Because that was the best thing about that performance.
The male football dancers.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: It was so good.
If they were the act, I would vote for them.
All Beef Patty just didn't win me over.
After her was Spencer Horsman.
He got all tied up, and he's like I'm going to be put in
this sack and held above spikes.
And then he got out and he's like, blah, I did it.
Which you knew he was going to do it because it was kind of
just a cheap corny magic trick.
He was talking to the judges, he's like, yeah, I got this
huge scratch.
KORY DESOTO: Wait, where?
COLLEEN BALLINGER: That little spot.
KORY DESOTO: Right there?
I hurt myself.
KORY DESOTO: Oh, it came off.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: Oh, I think it was marker.
KORY DESOTO: Oh, up there, maybe.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: It's somewhere.
KORY DESOTO: You were just above spikes and were fearing
for your life?
COLLEEN BALLINGER: We're supposed to feel bad for you
that you got a little tiny red mark?
It wasn't as good as it could have been.
KORY DESOTO: It should have been more spectacular.
The final act of the evening was Lightwire Theater.
They have light-up dinosaurs and animals that
dance around the stage.
It's very mesmerizing because it's all in the dark, and all
you see are the lights.
They were great.
The audience loved them.
KORY DESOTO: Visually pleasing.
COLLEEN BALLINGER: Visually pleasing, yeah.
They're definitely talented.
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