Cure for Constipation might be High Fat Diet? (Shocking Constipation Success Interview)

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bjbj Melody: Well, I live in the Kansas City area. I live in a small town called Basehor, Kansas. And I teach
yoga during the morning, and work as a body worker at night. So I do deep tissue body
work. Steve: Okay, great. So you obviously must have had some digestive trouble, otherwise
we wouldn t have met. Melody: Oh right. Steve: What kind of happened there? Melody: Well,
I was vegetarian for about 30 years. And things were okay, but I was heavy. I was a lot more
heavier than I am now. And I was starting not to feel so good. So I did some research,
and I went raw for three years. And I felt even worse, but people in the raw community
tell you how great they re feeling, and how their skin is clearing up, and how everything
s moving and everything. But maybe the first month I felt like that, but then afterwards
things were clogging up, if you know what I mean. Steve: Yeah, all too much. Melody:
Yeah. And my face was broken out. I had a huge rash along my neck and down my arms.
My hands were cracking. Just I felt horrible. But I stayed with it because I really believed
in the raw lifestyle. I really believed in it. And then I went to a Chinese doctor, and
she started telling me to eat a little meat. And I was like, No I can t because I m a raw
foodist. I can t eat meat. Well you should steam your vegetables. And it s like, No I
can t do that. So I stayed with that for a while. I went to her treatments, got my acupuncture
and my herbs, but things weren t progressing as well as I expected. I was still constipated.
I still had a lot of rosacea in the face. And I just didn t feel terrific. And so I
was talking to a friend who has, I believe he has Crohn s. And he was telling me that
he s on this diet for people who can t digest their food very well. And I said, That s me.
And I said, Well what are you eating, mostly vegetables and fruit? And he goes, No, Melody.
It s mostly meat. And so I bit the bullet and I did my research. I got on your website,
and I got the book. And I fixed my chicken soup, and cooked my fruit. And things were
clearing up, but I was still constipated. So I contacted you guys. I said, You know,
I m doing this, but I m still constipated. What can you do? And someone wrote me back.
I don t know if it was you or Jordan, but you wrote me back and said, Take some fat.
You ve got to have some fat in your diet. So I bought some coconut oil and I started
scooping it in my mouth. It really worked. And I ended up losing 37 pounds so far. Steve:
Wow, congratulations. Melody: Yeah, I just feel fabulous. And the big deal is that my
joints don t hurt. Steve: Interesting. Melody: Yeah, my joints don t hurt. I mean, I m stronger
in my yoga practice now at age 60 than I was at age 40 when I was a vegetarian. So for
me, this works. Steve: That is powerful. Melody: Yeah. I m thrilled. Steve: Did you have joint
pain for a long time? Has it been lots of years? Melody: Well yeah. You know, I had
joint pain. At the end it was getting so bad that standing on my toes, bending my toes
really, really hurt. I mean, I would do it just because I knew that those joints needed
to move. But oh my gosh it hurt. My knees hurt, bending and stuff. And this is, I mean
it s such a big deal for me. There s no inflammation. My face is cleared up. My rash is gone on
my neck. My rash is gone on my arms. My skin is clear and soft. And I really, really feel
good. So I know that my digestion is working now. Steve: Yes, all of the symptoms of inflammation
that you re talking about are literally gone. And so that s a huge key that the gut is healing
or healed. And so that s so amazing. Just to hear that by making a change, all these
different areas of your life are improved, that s so spectacular. Melody: Yeah, it s
just fabulous. And people ask me, Well, you know you don t have to do that forever. And
it s like, well I don t know why would I want to eat any different? Right now, this is really
working. Steve: Yeah. How long did it take? So you started and you were following our
book, and it didn t improve right away. And then you made a little bit more tweaks. You
had to add a little more fat in. Melody: Right. Steve: How long of a process was that? Melody:
I ve been on this diet probably since March. Steve: Okay. Melody: And so it s been pretty
quick, I think. The first month I started noticing my joints. And I started losing weight.
I probably wrote to you right away, because I knew that that s what I needed to do was
I needed to poop. And so I m sure I wrote to you right away. And so things started moving.
And I don t do things perfectly, but I figured that s okay too. If you don t do things perfectly
and it still works, gosh that s pretty cool. Steve: It is. And you know the one that probably
allows you to do that is you have a major yoga practice. So your stress levels are going
to be very low. We know that yoga is anti-inflammatory in and of itself, and so that s going to help.
So the lifestyle that you re leading is going to allow you to maybe make some compromises
here and there. Melody: It sure helps. Steve: But that s really what we re about is getting
the gut healed, and then adding back whatever foods you want or whatever lifestyle factors
that create the life you're talking about. The smile that I see on your face is priceless.
Melody: Right. Yeah. It s been amazing. And gosh there was one more thing I was thinking
of. Well it s just that I m not doing it perfect. I don t eat any crap, I mean, I m not eating
any flour, or gluten, or grains or anything. But I have my date nut rolls that I like.
And those are my sweets. And I probably eat too much bacon now because it tastes pretty
good. Steve: There is no such thing. There is no such thing as too much bacon. Melody:
But things are moving. And oh I know. After I went raw, then I had two big stressors in
my life. My sister died very unexpectedly, very quickly, and then my mother had cancer
and died within the year. So I gained a lot of weight. So I feel like I ve lost most of
the weight that I m going to lose. I ve been stable now for about a month or two. And just
feel really good. Steve: That s awesome. And I can feel the energy coming through the screen
here. Because it s been roughly about five months. So you must have saw some pretty significant
changes within three months. Melody: I did. I did. And I still hear things from my yoga
students, Wow you just look fabulous. What are you doing? It s like, I changed my diet.
And I ll tell them all about it. And then they re going, Oh I could never do that. And
it s like, yes you could. If you hurt, you could do it, because you want to heal your
body. Oh that s the other thing is that your website, putting out those messages every
day gives me good information. It taught me that when my nose drips after I eat, I m eating
something that doesn t agree with me. If I had acid reflux after I eat, I m eating something
that doesn t agree with me. If I can t poop there s something wrong. Steve: That s right.
We should all be pooping on a regular basis. Melody: Yes I ve got to poop. Everybody s
got to poop. Steve: They do. So tell me, what can you share with somebody who s going to
watch this and kind of be like maybe one of your students who says, m not pooping. I m
skeptical. What would you tell them? Melody: I d say do it for a month. Steve: One month?
Melody: Don t even worry about doing it perfectly. But cut out your starches. Cut out the beans.
Cut out the rice. Cut out the bread. And try it. Just for a month. I mean, what s 30 days?
It s no big deal. If it s going to heal you for the rest of your life, buy some lean meat.
Make sure it s good meat. Buy some fruit and vegetables. Eat your vegetables first. If
you re still hungry, then eat your fruit. Steve: And lots of bacon. Melody: **** with
it. And eat lots of bacon, there you go. Steve: Well that s what I like to tell people. I
like to tell people that I eat like a king. And I don t think they believe me, but it
sounds like you eat like a queen. So I m happy to hear that. Melody: I eat fabulous. I mean,
I m going to have a nice chicken breast. I ve got some butternut squash in the refrigerator.
I m going to fix that. And I ve got greens in the garden. I m going to go cut some kale
and Swiss chard, and stir-fry those. And it s going to be a fabulous meal. Steve: That
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