Mr. Freeman, part 9

Uploaded by MrFreeMan0 on 27.06.2011

And of course ... How can I get to you level ...
I’m painted little man with funny voice against you true existence
Your experience and your intellect, making you almost a god.
And all my thoughts I loudly express, apparently did not reach the knowledge of the strange mind of yours
And my mumbling, you might say it much better and smarter.
But you don’t t need it.
You can easily set the expressions of you civil rights by pressing the "dislike"
Or with the grandiose comment of your "So what?”
And nobody will dare to criticize anything in your dialectical reactivity
In this surely nobody will criticize you.
Probably it’s too cool to be You.
Once lived a teacher
He was so great that people do not understand what they can learn from him
They say he was once very wealthy and respected businessman
but by the time, he denied the nasty noise, having understood the real truth
And one day a very brave researcher came to him and says ...
"Oh great teacher. I am disappointed by the world"
"The world is completely empty. Show me the truth"
Then, the teacher said
"Ok, I'll give you the absolute knowledge"
"Just be a friend, and bring me such a machine that will do ...."
"Such a little thing ..... that you press buttons .... so, you know?"
And the teacher whispered something to the researcher
He was very happy and ran to the stores to find the machine
But nobody knew about this.
He couldn’t go back with empty hands
So he traveled to another city after another. But nobody had heard of such a machine
After many years a researcher and now businessman with several factories which manufacture various mechanisms,
returned there, where for the first time he heard about this strange machine.
With him he brought the whole mission, filled with intriguing technology
The researcher was pleased with himself.
He by himself invented and produce that, what once didn’t existed.
And now he was worthy to receive the knowledge of the truth. Right?
But the teacher’s house was empty
The researcher was late for the most important lesson of his life.
Then ordered to give all the machines to citizens
and stayed at home of teacher
And soon he was visited by young researchers. And they asked him ...
"Oh great teacher. What should we do to understand the essence of things?"
The teacher smiled
"Ok, I’ll tell you, but bring me ...."
"..... A little thing ... that makes ....."
And whispered something to the researchers
Well ... You heard the tale?
So what?