Cloverfield (2/9) Movie CLIP - Brooklyn Bridge Collapse (2008) HD

Uploaded by movieclips on 06.10.2011

Rob's got beth on the phone!
Okay, beth, you're gonna have to calm down, okay?
Where are you? What do you mean, you can't move?
What? Man on p.A.: I repeat, no panicking.
(loud rumbling)
Man 2: Did you see it?
(people clamoring)
Lily: Jason! Can you see anything?
Hud: No, I can't get over there!
I can't... I can't see anything! Can you see it?
Why did you stop? Lily: Jason!
What? Jason, watch out!
(all screaming)
(hud gasping)
Lily: Jason! No, jason! No!
No, no! God! No, jason! Jason! Marlena: Lily, come on!
Jason! No!
(bridge cables groaning)
(bridge cables snapping)
(hud gasping)
Go, go, go, go!