Les dames du Bois de Boulogne (1945) [MultiSub] - [Robert Bresson]

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I haven't shown you a very good time.
You're suffering.
I know I annoy you, but I'm your oldest friend.
Though you keep silent, I must speak.
Hélčne, you have sacrificed everything
for a man who no longer loves you.
Jean and I adore each other.
You know very well what I mean.
Observe him as I observe you.
There is no such thing as love, only proofs of love.
Our happiness disturbs our friends.
I'm sorry, but I'm happy.
I only wanted to warn you, because I love you with all my heart.
Good night,Jacques.
The play was long and I'm exhausted.
Good night.
You frightened me.
I rushed over to apologize for forgetting so stupidly.
Such a thing doesn't matter between us.
I'm tired.
I completely forgot I was to dine with you tonight.
I have no excuse. It's unforgivable.
Do you like this case?
I love gold.
It's like you...
warm, cold, light, dark...
What a beautiful gift!
Thank you.
It was your anniversary gift. You would have found it at your seat.
It was two years ago that we decided to live for each other.
What a monster I am!
Don't be so hard on yourself.
We all have something to blame ourselves for.
Even you?
Even me.
Tell me.
It might be better not to.
We vowed never to keep anything from each other.
That's the trouble.
I've held back from telling you for some time now.
I didn't want to hurt you. - You, hurt me?
Here it is, then.
It happened gradually, without my realizing it.
I couldn't laugh. I couldn't sleep.
I wondered if it was your fault, but no.
You're as wonderful as ever.
You stay the same. I'm the one who has changed.
I ask myself over and over:
Why am I no longer impatient?
Why is waiting no longer a torment?
Why does my heart not leap up when he arrives?
The sound of the elevator's approach no longer thrills me.
It's a horrible discovery,
but I wish to be frank.
My heart is drifting away from you.
I'm ready for your reproaches, bitterness and insults.
I've called myself the worst names already.
Only one insult could wound me now: "hypocrite"
Hélčne, you're wonderful.
You were the first to speak, but I was guilty first.
The story of your love is exactly the story of my own.
All you thought, I thought as well.
I kept silent, suffering.
What a lesson you've taught me!
- Really? - Really.
Hélčne, you're beautiful. You're stunning.
It's like I'm seeing you for the first time.
We should congratulate ourselves.
It would have been awful if one went on loving longer than the other.
Yes, awful.
What now? - Neither of us has betrayed the other.
We can avoid a messy breakup.
We'll continue to see each other.
We'll elude the death throes of a languishing love.
No deceit, no surprises, no disgust.
We'll be unique among our kind.
I give you back your freedom, and you give me mine.
We each go our own way.
We'll be each other's confidant,
though I doubt I'll find anyone to confide in you about.
You've set such a high standard.
Can anyone ever know the future?
I may soon find you were the only woman capable of making me happy.
Perhaps you'll feel the same.
And one day we'll meet again,
and I'll be at your side until we die.
What if you don't find me when you return?
Anything's possible.
I might fall for another. He couldn't compare to you, but still -
That would be nobody's fault.
Good night, Hélčne.
Good night,Jean.
Take all the calls. I'm not home for anybody.
I'll have my revenge.
Agnčs, darling, you look awful.
Thanks. Always such cheerful news.
I say what I think.
Hurry up.
For those morons?
Morons who wait for you and send such lovely flowers.
Leave them alone.
You're so tense. We must take them home.
I hate potted flowers.
Especially when a drunkard sends them!
- You're mad! - No, I'm not.
You're very ill-tempered this evening.
Sorry, Mama. I'm not angry,just tired.
Follow that car.
Yes, ma'am, it's me.
Hélčne! What are you doing here?
Come with me.
You deserve a good scolding.
Not a word from you in three years.
I thought we no longer existed for you.
I might say the same of you.
It's Agnčs' fame that led me to you.
Otherwise I'd never have found you.
- You know about our troubles? - I suspected.
Financial ruin upon arriving in Paris.
This enormous apartment,
and me clinging like a fool to my dwindling furniture.
My dressers, consoles, cupboards, chandeliers -
everything I'd brought from the country.
May God keep you from poverty, Hélčne.
And Agnčs?
An angel!
She's resigned to it.
Her life was dancing, but this was not her dream.
She wanted to live for dancing, not dance to earn us a living.
In the blink of an eye she gave up on all her true talents -
the opera, fame...
She's a success.
Leave me alone!
Enough! This is my home!
Agnčs! My little girl!
I'm no little girl. I'm a whore.
Leave me in peace!
My God, my God!
I'm so distraught.
I heard nothing. I see and hear only what I wish to.
And I was so happy to see you again!
Come on.
What a disaster!
It's over. All over.
What are you saying? Nothing is over. I'm here.
No one can help us anymore.
- I'm just in time then. Let me handle it. - It's hopeless.
It's not hopeless. It's very simple.
Please, calm down.
I can't go on.
You're going to have a decent life. I'll see to that.
Why would you care about women like us?
That girl cannot remain in this mess. I must intervene.
First, you must leave this mess behind
and find a less dangerous way of life.
But we can't.
Agnčs must stop showing herself off in public.
You'll sell the rest of your furniture,
flee this house and its intruders, and I'll see to your new home.
- I have debts. - I'll take care of them.
- You won't see anyone at first. - People will find us.
If you don't want them to, they won't.
Use your real name again. Take up your old lifestyle.
Erase three years from your history. It won't be hard.
Please, not a word of thanks! Just follow my advice.
- You're an angel. - We are all angels.
Obey me and don't worry.
You'll leave here tomorrow.
Now calm down and get some rest.
Don't bother seeing me out.
- What a gloomy place! - A piano!
I'm not supposed to dance, but we have music.
No one's stopping you. Dance!
Are you sure all this is necessary?
If so, I accept it, but do you realize what we're in for?
I do. Our life was a nightmare.
And this is a dream?
I call this a prison.
You have a lovely view of the square.
Am I allowed to look outside?
Now don't forget our agreement:
You mustn't thank me.
The Bois de Boulogne at 3:00 this afternoon.
Don't wander far from the waterfall, and be on time.
Agnčs must be bored staying in all the time.
She'll be glad to get out.
At the waterfall. Precisely.
I'm going out, but I'll be back for lunch. There'll be two of us.
So, you're shutting yourself in?
You have a secret. Tell me.
We said we would tell each other everything.
- People bore me. - Even Jacques?
I don't want to see him.
- You still love me. - Perhaps.
And you behave like a saint.
Now I believe you're capable of any heroism.
I can be heroic if I must.
But why do you live so alone?
So removed from everything?
You are made to be loved and admired.
Use your charms - not just your feminine charms,
but that magical charm of yours.
It's no use, dearJean.
My heart is at peace.
I never thought our friendship would make me so happy.
Please don't let our separation condemn you to a life of solitude.
- So, you recommend Jacques? - I do.
- Is that your advice as a friend? - As a friend.
You're mine for the afternoon. I'm taking you out for a stroll.
And I'm taking you to a show.
On such a sunny day?
I'd hate to be cooped up in the dark.
We'll go for a stroll, then.
The Bois de Boulogne?
Faces from the past.
They were my neighbors in the country three years ago.
I'd like you to meet one of my dearest friends.
- What do you think of her? - I hardly looked at her.
- You looked at her quite a bit. - She has a striking face.
She looks more like a country lass than a Parisian girl.
It's her gaze that I like.
She looks you straight in the eye, yet in a shy way.
You know, I was tempted to leave you and drive them home.
We just got in.
Happy? You're happy?
So are we, my dear.
See you soon.
- Hélčne is happy. - About what?
Not long ago, tea time would have sent you running.
Only to avoid your babbling lady friends.
But there are other women... - Others?
Have you seen the ladies from the Bois again?
Why, no.
What a shame!
You should see them again, invite them over, help them.
You like my ladies from the Bois?
They're unlike the ladies you usually associate with.
Very perceptive of you. They're so unlike them
that they refuse to come when I invite them.
- Why? - Out of tact and scruples.
Are they so poor?
They went very quickly from wealth to destitution
and found simple contentment.
They surprise me. - I admire them.
Do you think I could see them, entertain them?
Certainly not.
You have no idea what that girl is like.
No idea at all.
She is beyond anyone's reach.
You can't touch her nor tempt her. You'd get nowhere.
If I were to go, would they throw me out?
You? Go to Port-Royal Square?
Port-Royal Square?
Of course they would.
I should just give up the whole idea?
That would be wise.
My dearJean, be careful with your whims. You're flirting with disaster.
I'd rather warn you than console you.
See you tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
The gentleman forgot his gloves. I'll return them to him tomorrow.
He won't be back tomorrow.
I'm in luck.
I'm not. Leave me alone!
The waterfall at the Bois de Boulogne -
have you forgotten?
Was that you at the waterfall? I had forgotten.
I'm so happy. I was certain I'd find you.
Since we met, I've felt attached to you by a string. I simply followed it.
- Is that string called indiscretion? - No. Certainty.
- I must go. - So soon?
Do you like rain that much?
Is it raining?
- The rain goes on and on. - Yes, on and on.
- Where are you going? - To get an umbrella.
- For whom? - You.
Don't bother!
I hoped I could say hello to your mother.
What a pity! She's out. Take her umbrella.
- Her umbrella? - Take it.
- You're not going down again! - I insist.
I won't damage it. I'll bring it back.
Don't bother. Keep it. It's old and has soaked up many a storm.
A souvenir?
Give it to our mutual friend from the Bois.
Will you see her soon? - I rarely see her. And you?
Once a year. We don't see anybody.
And I'll thank you to remember that.
Follow your string now, and don't lose your way.
- Why the long face? - You wouldn't understand.
Understand what? You lend an umbrella -
It's not the umbrella!
I didn't break all ties with our former life
because it was a jumble of poverty and empty luxuries.
I broke ties with it because I needed to live and enjoy living.
Those flowers ruin everything.
But they bring joy, my angel.
There was a time when I would see a man's face behind every bouquet.
Now look.
Behind these flowers, there's still a man's face threatening us.
That's what we've come to. - You're always so dramatic.
Yesterday our door would open to any man and - flowers!
Today, it closes in their face and - flowers!
Tomorrow there'll be more. - We'll refuse.
Yet I'm still the same girl.
You shouldn't have lent him that umbrella.
I didn't lend it to him. I forbade him to return it.
But it was my umbrella!
I'm sorry, Mama.
But believe me, I had to.
- That's all right. Forget about it. - If only I could.
- And be simple. - Simple?
Yes, simple, like me.
I take things as they come.
I ask of things only what they wish to give.
These flowers give me their perfume, and I breathe it in.
Going out?
Where? - To recover our peace of mind.
- You're crazy! - I want what's happening to be clear.
Agnčs, what is it?
- We've been found out. - What a mess. Tell me about it.
Can't you guess?
- Someone I know? -Yes.
Then I can guess.
He was waiting for me in front of our place.
I was on my way home. He escorted me to my door.
We're at the flower stage now and expecting his visit soon.
You shouldn't have received him the first time.
I sent him away.
It was raining. Was I right to do so?
- I approve. - Sincerely?
- He'll come back. What should I do? - Show him the door.
Take my advice.
You understand how difficult it was for my mother and me
to turn away a friend of yours without consulting you.
I understand. But I will help you.
- Help me? - In any way I can.
- I'm such a fool. - Why?
- I was afraid. - Afraid of what?
Afraid, that's all.
I was ill at ease. I imagined you giving out our address to anyone.
In my mind you were indifferent to our problems,
preoccupied solely with your own existence.
I was so foolish.
Do you feel better now? You trust me?
- Yes, I do. - Good.
Now sit down. You're going to write a letter.
- To whom? - To me.
To you?
It'll be easy. We'll write it together.
Where have you been? No one's seen you for days.
I've just had a fascinating experience.
I walked along the Seine,
and I tried to count up to a thousand between bridges.
If I went beyond a thousand, I turned around and counted more slowly.
Climbing the stairs I told myself,
"If I reach the landing on my left foot, I'm lost."
Luckily, I landed on the right.
And what drives you to these kinds of activities?
I must speak even if I hurt you.
I'm ill. I can't be without her.
I managed to see her again.
- Whom? - The girl from the Bois.
I found their haven, thanks to you.
- Me? Did I give you the address? - Not you. Your mouth.
Sometimes our mind lets words slip from our tongue unheeded.
In other words, you made a blunder. - If I did, I apologize.
- You must do me a favor. - What?
The ladies from the Square turn me away.
They never go out, and they receive no one.
Hélčne, that girl is wonderful. I must see her again.
You must give me this one chance.
I'll think about it on one condition:
You must quit harassing them with your advances.
You're causing me trouble.
They complained to me in writing. If you need proof...
here is the letter.
It's from Agnčs. Read it.
Her writing is so like her.
Without pretense. Childlike and noble.
This is like Cinderella's slipper.
If I found a letter like this in the street,
I'd do everything in my power to find the girl who wrote it.
That's your only reaction?
I'll leave them alone, I promise.
But you must give me your word you'll let me see them again.
What are you dragging me into?
Why put me in such an impossible position?
How is it my business whether you love her or you don't?
Work out the affairs of your heart on your own.
Can you imagine the consequences of my kindness
if those kind women knew I was helping carry out your whims?
Hélčne, you don't understand.
This is no mere whim.
I love you too much to involve you in a meaningless love affair.
No, Hélčne.
I love her.
I'm losing my head. I'm capable of anything.
Agnčs' face is like a gash across my heart.
I meet her in my dreams and dream of her in my waking hours.
I walk the streets thinking of ways
to break down her door, to storm the barriers she's erected,
to scream out the pain I feel.
And when I've tired myself out, I turn to counting.
Trees, cracks in the sidewalk, lampposts. I'm going mad.
How you must love her!
So recently cured of love,
and now you'll do anything to go mad again?
- When will I see her again? - And you're proud of it!
- When will I see her again? - I don't know.
I wish you'd stop playing that piano!
I thought my music would soothe your pain.
You won't let me see her?
You're crazy, my dear. There's no cure for you.
There is, but you won't give it to me.
It isn't that I won't.
I can't.
Let me leave.
- Why are you leaving? - I don't like the piano.
- What are you going to do? - Disappear.
Disappear where?
Never see her or you or anyone ever again.
This is all so absurd.
You'll come by one evening. I'll arrange for you to see her here.
- Could it really be? - I'm as crazy as you are.
You still have a terrible hold over me...
and it frightens me.
- You can make them see me? - No.
But I can give chance a hand.
- Give me some time. - No, it must be soon.
You're another person when you dance.
You light up like a chandelier.
I'm about to put out that chandelier. I'm giving up dancing.
What now?
I've decided to quit dancing and dressing up.
I need to put it all behind me.
Agnčs, my little girl.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
- Nothing? I thought you were dead. - Nothing at all.
I'll never dance again.
It was my heart.
- The telephone. - I'll go.
No, I will.
Be reasonable and go lie down.
This evening?
Yes, of course, my dear.
Certainly, with pleasure.
We're invited to Hélčne's.
Agnčs is here. Speak to her.
I'd be delighted. See you tonight.
- Will it be just us? - Of course.
It's a joy for us to be here. We live like savages at our place.
- Are you blaming me? - Not at all.
Mother only meant it's delightful of you to have us over alone.
You know very well I wouldn't dream of introducing you to anyone.
I promised.
Good evening, Hélčne.
I just dropped in for dinner, but I see I'm interrupting.
Yes, you are.
But since you're here, you might as well stay.
You know everyone. Have a seat.
We forgive you.
Call first next time. You mustn't just show up on a whim.
It must be lovely to live by your whims,
to have a string that always leads you to the right place.
Very lovely.
My daughter and I take this opportunity to thank you for your flowers.
The house is full of them.
It looks like a greenhouse. Like a dream!
Agnčs was delighted. She was -
I think broken glasses -
You said it at the same time. Make a wish.
Yes, let's. I've made mine.
And I mine.
Wouldn't it be funny if we made the same wish?
Find a woman who would do as much for you as I have.
What a disaster!
I mean dinner.
The awkwardness, the restraint, the uneasiness.
Their hasty escape.
It was adorable.
- Still crazy? - More than ever.
I have to have that girl!
And perhaps you will.
But how?
We'll see.
I know her, my dearJean.
It's quite clear.
Agnčs, will you kindly explain your behavior?
That man is charming.
So unlike the others we've met.
You must admit he's something else.
Why the long face and the broken glasses?
Why leave in such a hurry?
Why embarrass Hélčne like that?
It was quite uncalled for.
Good night, dear.
Are you crying?
Leave me alone.
I never want to see Hélčne or him again.
You were busy eating and drinking, but I saw through it all.
All what? Tell me.
It's impossible to explain.
I prefer not to understand. It'd be worse if I did.
Promise never to see Hélčne or accept anything from her again.
I'm afraid that's impossible, darling.
She plays with men, and she's playing with us.
Men are fools. Too bad for him!
Promise me.
- Without her we'd be out on the street. - I know it, and so does she.
It's tragic.
Destiny is tragic,
but I prefer a fate we choose to one forced upon us.
What's sad is I can't do anything anymore.
- I had a career once. - Don't torment yourself.
You have so many ways of making yourself and others happy.
Make whom happy?
I'm thinking of you, my angel. Now go to sleep.
Don't give it any more thought. I'll fight this battle alone.
Oh, it's you. I knew it.
I had to come.
I'm sorry, but I can't ask you in.
Come in.
My daughter will be back soon. She mustn't find you here.
- Can't I see her? - No, she mustn't even suspect you came by.
Our place is very small.
So this is where she lives and sleeps.
She plays piano here,
and she sits and reads over there.
The lamp is her.
These flowers are her.
This cushion, this frame - it's all her.
Yes, it is. I see I'll have to show you everything.
- Her room. - Agnčs' room.
Her books.
Her pictures.
Agnčs at age five...
and ten.
On horseback at 1 6.
What's that?
A costume.
- She likes to dress up? - She used to.
She liked dresses, hats, and jewels, but she does without them now.
With your permission, I'd love to give her a present
from time to time without her knowing.
She'd never accept.
She wouldn't have to know where they came from. You'd give them to her.
We'll see. She detects the slightest lie.
Now please go. - May I at least leave this letter for her?
No, no letters. Go quickly!
Mama, we are saved!
- From what? - From Hélčne and everybody.
I found a job.
What's the matter? - Nothing.
A real job!
It's a surprise. Let's go tell Hélčne. I can't wait.
Mama, something's wrong. - It's nothing, I tell you.
Somebody looked through my things.
I was tidying up. Your costume fell down.
And what's this?
"Even if you never come,
I will wait for you every day at the waterfall."
Agnčs, tell me about your job.
What kind of work is it exactly?
Are you sure no one will recognize you if you work in public?
Don't be rash, Agnčs.
I'm not being rash, Mama.
Shall I lock you in?
Please,just give me a second.
Do those men frighten you?
Isn't there another exit?
No, and they're not leaving.
I know. They've been watching for you since this morning.
The price of fame. - What fame?
They want autographs.
Come on, everyone knows you.
The whole store is talking about it. They know you're a dancer.
What's wrong?
It's hopeless.
There's no way out of this.
Explain it to me, Mama. I don't understand.
Is there nothing more to life than carrying the burden of one's past mistakes?
It's not fair. - Someone recognized you. I told you.
Always "I told you"!
There's no hope. I give up.
But we can't go back to that horrible life that you hated.
- Men are vicious! - Not all of them.
Whom are you referring to?
You're so impatient! Like a bull at a gate.
You decide this, decide that. You rush into things.
Just let things be.
- What's this? - Put them on.
Where did they come from?
Put them on and look at yourself in the mirror.
You think it's not having fine things that makes me unhappy.
See how beautiful you are.
It's not the lack of fine things that makes me unhappy.
If they were real pearls, I'd throw them out the window.
Hello, Agnčs.
What lovely pearl earrings!
I recognize them from my jeweler's shop. I noticed he had sold them recently.
I knew I'd find you wearing them. - You've got it wrong.
Should someone your age be wearing such expensive jewelry?
Take them off right now.
You're hopeless. How could you? - You've got it wrong.
You're behaving like a tramp. A horrible little tramp!
Send these pearls back where they came from with a curt note.
How can Agnčs behave so foolishly and inappropriately?
You must keep an eye on her, my dear.
Stop her from doing these things.
Don't destroy everything I've built.
Don't tear apart what's taken such effort to put together.
How can you allow your daughter to be treated like a tramp?
That's what you do when you allow her to accept gifts like that.
But I suppose it's my fault.
I ask you to live like hermits, and I'm sure it must be very dreary.
If this life seems a bit oppressive,
why don't you tell me? I can lighten the load.
You must recognize I've helped you and that we've almost achieved our goal.
Then help me to help you.
And warn me when that little fool does anything stupid.
You promise? - Yes, Hélčne.
I think you're right. I promise.
"I'm not the courageous type.
I'm writing to tell you what I'd never dare say in person.
And yet -"
Where are you going?
Where are you going? Answer me!
I'm sure she's up to something foolish.
She hasn't been the same since yesterday.
I told you to watch her.
You asked for it. - Asked for what?
The worst... for you.
- Where is she? - If I knew, we'd try to save her.
No doubt she's outdoing herself this time.
She'll end up ruining everything.
I've waited every day, but I never thought you'd come.
I didn't come to meet you but to give you this letter.
- A letter? Is it bad news? - Very bad.
Then I don't want it.
Please read it. I insist.
- I'll tear it up. - No!
We're unlucky. Every time we meet alone, it's raining.
Come. Let's get out of the rain.
So, you live in this cave? How odd.
I've only a moment to tell you so much.
Let's make this moment last forever.
We can do it.
We can make it last an entire lifetime, Agnčs.
Let's go far away.
You're not saying no? I don't frighten you?
Tell me this isn't some absurd dream.
Tell me you're putting up barriers between us that don't really exist.
That everything is clear and simple, and nothing separates us.
Read this letter.
We'll read it together one day, in the sun.
There's a train at 7:00 waiting to take us away.
We just have time.
Take a cab and meet me at the station.
Gare de Lyon at 7:00!
Where are you going?
Where have you been?
Did you tell him everything?
I told him nothing.
You love him!
My dear friend, you are very foolish.
I told you your idea was doomed. These women are impeccable.
Yes, I am foolish. You were right.
Now you spend your whole life waiting -
on stairways, in caves, at train stations.
What about your work? - I can't work.
I can't talk to anyone anymore.
I can't read or write or live anymore.
I haven't a shred of will left.
I'm a walking ghost.
I wish I could just sleep.
Sometimes I feel like driving in my car until I fall asleep and crash.
I wouldn't advise traveling. You'd drive 20 miles and turn back.
My dear, we've come -
Actually, Agnčs didn't want to come,
but I'm sure that in your kindness you'll understand me.
It's a very serious and delicate matter
that has me quite upset.
I hesitate to mention it as you've always been very good to us.
It's only our long-standing friendship that allows me to speak.
Excuse me.
Hello? Speaking.
Go, then, my dear friend.
What? I'm not helping you?
That's all I'm doing, helping you.
It's true.
What do you expect me to do?
Then go!
I don't understand a word you're saying.
You've shown how fond you are of us,
and I'm sure we can come to understand each other.
I don't know if we are of use to you in any way-
Not in the slightest!
Agnčs is going through a difficult time. I'd like us to help her.
We feel obligated to have your consent before we do anything.
We are in debt to you, and it weighs heavily on Agnčs.
I'd like to hear you say she's free.
I set you both totally free.
But you're hardly free, since you're practically married.
You're such an odd one, my dear Agnčs.
You drive a man mad - what do you expect me to do?
You must choose: Marry him or tell him everything.
Or shall I tell him?
Mama, let's go.
Marriage is out of the question.
- I won't do it. - Why?
If I accepted this horrible solution, where would it lead?
He would find out everything. No one would think twice about telling him.
People aren't criminals, Agnčs.
Be a woman. Fight!
Don't spoil your life forever.
You'll tell him afterward.
Things will change then.
In any case, you no longer have a choice.
Let's go.
How many miles?
Sixty, round trip.
- Well? - My mind is made up for good.
God knows you and I are not the marrying kind.
Oh, leave me out of this.
Could you see yourself getting married?
Yes, and today I can tell you that.
But there's only one man I would marry.
You disapprove of my marriage?
She's perfect for you. You're very lucky.
I'm so glad to hear you say that.
And after all I've asked of you, I'd like to ask for one final favor
that should be no trouble at all.
I put my fate in your hands.
Tell them of my intentions. I don't think they'll need much convincing.
Not so fast, my dearJean.
This isn't about them. It's about you.
I must know more about this.
I don't want you rushing into some new adventure.
- You said they were impeccable. - Of course they are.
If things work out, I'm at their disposal.
They seem to prefer to avoid people.
If they like, we can have a simple wedding.
On the contrary.
I envision a huge wedding.
Let me organize it. I'll take care of everything.
But I repeat: Slow down.
No, make it as quickly as possible.
I could never do enough for your happiness.
I'm afraid I was completely wrong about that girl.
I'm afraid for you.
Look at people's expressions.
Ask some questions.
About what? And whom should I ask?
Where's Agnčs?
I don't know.
Come along.
I can't face them or anyone anymore.
Come along.
Kill me, but don't drag me out there.
Let go.
Do what you like with me. I deserve it.
But I beg of you - - Let go!
Hélčne has told you everything, and now that you know -
I know nothing and wish to know nothing! You hear me?
Madame has fainted. Look after her.
You look upset. What's wrong?
What is this horrible mystery I'm involved in?
I don't understand a thing.
Please tell me. Don't be afraid of hurting me. I'm going crazy!
It's quite simple.
You've married a tramp.
She was a cabaret dancer.
You played a trick on me, and now I've played one on you.
Yes, me.
You don't seem to realize where a woman's scorn can lead.
Don't be absurd.
You've married a tramp. Now you must face the consequences.
You're suddenly so sentimental.
You're horrid!
Since your marriage seems to mean so much to you, you mustn't run off.
Return to Agnčs' side.
You won't be the only one to console her. All her lovers are inside.
And there are plenty of them!
She's very ill. She's fainted three times.
Her heart may fail any minute.
I'm very worried. We must do something.
Please, madame, let me by.
You're here.
In time perhaps you'll forgive me.
But don't hurry.
So many honest girls become dishonest women.
Perhaps I'll show the opposite can happen.
I'm not yet worthy to have you come close to me.
Just leave me a little hope.
Then you can judge my behavior.
I'll be happy if you can bear my presence.
Show me a corner of your house where I can live.
I'll stay there without protest.
I'm not evil.
I know myself.
I was weak.
And I was in love with you - that's my only excuse.
I lacked the courage to tell you the truth.
Remember the letter you wouldn't read?
It wasn't pleasant.
You can forget me.
I won't trouble you anymore.
It will be easy.
Hold on to life with all your strength.
Hold on to me!
I love you. You can't leave me!
Try to hold on! Fight!
I am fighting.
You're my wife. I love you.
Stay with me!
I'll try.
That's an order. You can't disobey!
Stay with me!
I will stay.