UBorrow tutorial.mp4

Uploaded by FSUreference on 18.07.2011

Hello and welcome to FSU libraries Web tutorials. Today we are going to learn how to use Uborrow
to request materials. Through the Uborrow icon you can check which state universities
in Florida have a book our libraries do not own or books currently checked out. Then simply
request it using your library number located on the bottom of your FSU card.
To get started let’s turn to the library website, lib.fsu.edu, and search for a title.
In this example I am going to type “The boy who harnessed the wind” in the search
bar and select from the drop down menu ‘title’. I see that FSU’s copy is currently checked
out; luckily the blue Uborrow link on the top right of the results page informs me there
are items I can check out from other state libraries.
The link takes me to the State University Library Catalog that shows which other state
libraries own the title I am looking for. After verifying this is the correct one, I
will click the Uborrow button below and be prompted for my Library card number and password.
Once I log in, I have the option of selecting which library my book will be sent to. Then
I can submit my request. The following screen confirms my request has been placed, let’s
me see my account, and provides me further library contact information. At this point
I wait a few days for the e-mail that says my book has arrived to my selected location.
This concludes this tutorial on how to use Uborrow to request books. Thank you for watching.