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Hello. I'm Dr. Brooks.
Sorry to keeping you waiting. It's a busy one here today.
How are you?
Who referred you?
I'm Hannah. Hannah Jones.
Hi, Celia.
Oh, my god. Look at you! How old are you?
My god, you're beautiful. You look just like your mom.
How is she? How are you?
I'm good. Good.
You grew. Yes. Sorry.
Is your mom here with you?
No, of course not. You're not a baby. How is she?
She's a nervous wreck.
Yes, she is.
And your dad? That handsome devil.
He's good too.
Oh, my god.
You look just like your mom when we were in school.
This is a little spooky.
The boys were crazy for her.
I'm sure they're crazy for you, too. Aren't they?
Yes, they are.
How's Julia?
Oh, she's good. I mean --. I wish I could get her to care about school.
Do you ever bump into her at parties or anything?
You're still a straight A girl, I bet.
So why are you here? Who's your regular doctor?
Dr. Stone.
Sam Stone, sure.
But I'm not going to see him anymore.
Okay, are you unhappy with him?
He doesn't do abortions.
No. But he's pro-choice. He doesn't do them anymore because--. Well.
What are we talking about here, Hannah?
I'm pregnant.
I don't want to have it.
When was your last period?
June 11th. Just six weeks. Dr. Stone confirmed it.
Have you told your folks? Your mom?
How old are you now?
Are you in therapy?
Have you--.
Am I or have I ever been a Communist?
Does the father know?
Why not?
It's my body, my decision.
What do you think he would say if he knew?
That I was pregnant?
He would be surprised.
We're not really dating anymore.
What do you do for birth control? It's not working.
Look, it's not going to happen again.
But right now I just deal with it and move on.
I'm not going to have a baby.
I feel like a baby myself.
I'm not going to give the baby up for adoption, either.
Have that follow me around forever and ever. Screwing with my head.
A person out there. Always feeling bad about it.
This is... This is much cleaner.
Gee, Celia. You're not making me feel very good about this.
No. Sorry.
I just thought you could benefit from talking to somebody close to you about this.
I don't want to make waves. Start some big dialogue.
I don't like the alternatives.
I just want things to go back to the way they were before.
What's the big deal? Don't you do this all the time?
You've done it for friends of mine.
Taylor Gomez.
I can't discuss other patients.
You saved her. She's at Stanford now. Pre-med.
I need parental permission for anyone under 18.
You don't always ask for that.
I don't always count a patient's parents as my life-long friends, either.
Well, I'll be 18 on the 21st so let's just do it that week.
If you talk to my mom about this you're really going to mess me up.
Why did you come to me, Hannah? There are other doctors.
Because you've known me my whole life.
I've always really liked you.
You've always made me laugh and been affectionate and--.
Just great.
You make me feel safe.
I worry that you need a friend for this.
Why not just a doctor? Maybe it's not what you want.
Okay, free therapy. Wow.
Can you recommend someone, then? Someone good.
I could.
But I'm not sure it's going to make me feel any better about not talking to your mom about this.
You don't have to.
Well, I feel like I might have to.
Well, don't.
I came in for a consultation and it's privileged.
You're required to notify parents about abortions but not consultations.
I'm not sick. You're not prescribing me anything.
It's still privileged and you will keep it between us.
Would you call my mom if I asked you for birth-control pills?
This is not birth control, Hannah.
But you do this all the time. You believe in it.
I offer women a choice, yes.
So why not me?
I'm not a woman now but I will be on the 21st.
Hannah, wait.