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Family traditions are never more important than
when families gather around the dinner table
to celebrate special occasions.
Farm Families of Mississippi share the
bounty of the harvest with families throughout
the state and even the nation.
Chances are that your gatherings include
delicious sweet corn baked sweet potatoes
and a rich, golden pecan pie.
Buy Mississippi-grown products.
It's good for your family,
and it's good for Mississippi.
The Farm Families of Mississippi.
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The Department of Marine Resources.
From our waters to your table.
Fresh, local, healthy.
Information available at DMR.MS.GOV.
Well hi, I'm chef Rob Stinson
and this is Fit to Eat, a new series about
eating healthy and living better.
Mississippi is at the bottom
of national studies in health and nutrition.
Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension
and obesity run rampant in our great state.
I'm here to demonstrate how little changes
in diet can make a big difference in health.
Making those changes doesn't mean you
have to sacrifice flavor to get rid of fat.
Taking fresh, local ingredients,
I'm going to teach you to make meals
that are healthy and delicious
without spending a fortune.
And as always, you can find my recipes with all
the nutritional information on our website.
Now, I've told you before what a huge part poultry
plays in Mississippi's agricultural industry.
But did you know that Mississippi commercial
laying hens produce around 1.5 billion eggs a year?
I love a good omelet so today we are making
my Mississippi homegrown omelet.
And everything that's in this omelet -
a vegetarian omelet, I might add -
is from a local farmer's market or store.
You really need to try to find things
that you can buy in a local market.
So enjoy that.
You can have a lot of fun with that.
What I'm going to do, we're going to set up
the cutting board and we're going to take
some time to show you how to make
some beautiful potato pancakes.
And how to do them without frying them
because that's the biggest part when you
really look at the nutritional breakdown
of our cooking in Mississippi.
We take too much and put it in fried.
We either fry it in fryers, fry it in a pan.
What we're going to do today is show that you
can bake, you can do other options,
you can use less oil, less fat and have a great meal
that I believe will show you flavor is not dead.
So what do you do?
Obviously you get a great potato.
Something that is nice and firm.
I leave the skin on.
I have washed this, as you can see.
There is no dirt on this.
You don't want to eat anything like that.
But the skin has so many nutrients,
so try not to peel them if you can get used to it
because that's really the best part.
What do I have here?
Let's take a look at this.
Down below I have the pan that I'm going to grease
to put the potato pancakes in the oven.
This is a separate bowl and colander.
When you shred a potato, there is a lot
of natural moisture, water, in the potato.
Take that and on the shredder
just go back and forth.
You're getting it through the fine holes.
When you see these shredders in stores,
I bet just about all of you have one at home
or you know where you can get one.
You want to try to do it in the small hole
on the side, not these big grates
because it will cook more evenly if you
can do it and grate it finer.
I'm going to show you in a second how simple it is.
You've got beautiful, fresh potatoes.
Let's take a quick peek in here and you can see it.
Beautiful light potatoes that we are going to take and mix.
At this point in time, we're going
to move this to the side, take our potato.
I've already shredded quite a bit right here.
We're going to place that into our bowl.
We're going to mix with it a little bit
of diced onion to give it some added flavor.
I use gluten-free flour whenever I can.
There are so many people out there that
are finding they've got reaction to gluten.
To me, it is as easy to use as any other flour.
You notice it has a different color to it.
We are putting in there about 1 teaspoon of flour.
Not a lot at all.
Then we're going to throw in,
yeah and little bit of fun,
a little bit of flavor: cayenne pepper!
Everybody knows cayenne pepper is
a dangerous element because it is so spicy.
But this really gives the potato pancake a great flavor.
That's about a quarter of a teaspoon.
You can put more in there.
It's up to you.
Depends on how spicy you like your food.
At this point we are going to add in one egg yoke.
We've got four eggs that we're going
to use to make our omelet.
Now this is a tough one for some of you out there.
You don't have to have whole eggs.
I love eggs, but if you really want to try
and use a little bit more of the egg white
than the whole egg, it actually helps in the long run.
Let's separate this out.
On this side, I'm going to keep my egg white.
And on the other side, the egg yolk.
But in this case since we are not going to use that
egg yolk, it's going into our potato pancake mix.
Let's stir this up.
As you are mixing, you want to get this
nice and consistent in the way that it's mixed
and I will tell you why.
Because as you look at this,
if you don't mix that cayenne pepper
in really good and you get a big bite of it,
you will know it.
I think that is half the fun of adding spice to food.
I love it.
And again some of the details in this,
and if you really want to get to the bottom line,
go to the website:
Simple, huh?
These look great.
What were going to do is take and grease our pan.
What does that mean?
I've got margarine, a great light margarine.
I take a little towel and all I am doing
is very lightly spreading that.
You see how that goes?
So easy to take that.
I put virtually none on there.
It's such a small amount that you
don't have a problem with it.
So now you have a beautiful greased pan ready.
Let's go ahead and take, this is going to be
enough to make two potato pancakes.
You can decide how decadent you are going
to be, whether you eat both or not.
We were talking about the nutritional breakdown
is going to really help you decide what you
want to eat on each meal.
But this meal is loaded with protein because eggs
are so good for you.
At this point, you are basically ready.
Now you have to walk with me because we are heading
over to the ovem and I'm going to place these
in a preheated oven.
Make sure it is turned to 400°.
We are going to bake them for roughly 10 minutes,
then turn them over.
When we turn them over, we are going to crisp
them on the opposite side and they will be ready.
Sounds too easy to believe?
It's really that simple.
We are going to have more fun with you right now
because what were going to do is show you how
simple it is to smoke your own product.
By that, I'm talking about smoked turkey strips.
You think there is nothing easy about smoking.
There really is.
Let's take a look at this,
and that is why I have the cutting board here.
I love roasting real turkey.
That turkey breast was cut off
of a whole turkey that I cooked.
I used every bit of the turkey.
I used the dark meat for the people who can
actually enjoy that little bit more,
my kids because they are both skinny.
I take the turkey breast, I saved that for me
because I love it, it's healthy, it's light.
And what we did is we took this great turkey breast
and sliced these pieces directly off of it.
These pieces, and you have to follow me on this,
we are going to put in our homemade smoker.
All this really is is a large roasting pan
that I have on the oven.
We're going to take our turkey pieces,
and I'm going to bring this right
under the camera in a moment so you can
actually see how it looks from above.
I think when you see it, you will realize how
simple this is and that you can do this at home.
Let's get this board out of the way.
Now we are going to move this smoker right here
so everybody at home can take a great view
at what we are talking about.
So you see in the far corner you've got
the mesquite chips.
On this raised grill, you have your turkey.
You do it on a raised grill so it will smoke
it underneath and on top.
It's really easy and it's so quick.
Then you cover it.
Remember, those mesquite chips
are in the front of the pan.
You'll take this, place it to where those chips
are right over the burner that we are turning on.
I love this style.
You can do this with fish.
We have a restaurant where we actually
smoke salmon that way and when you smoke salmon
that way, we cook it exactly 6 minutes.
It's not actually cooking the fish.
All it's really doing is smoking the exterior
of a beautiful salmon loin and in this case, turkey.
Sounds too easy?
I'm telling you it is that easy.
And watch, we are not going to follow through
on this and do the entire smoking process
because I might have to call the fire department.
This will create a lot of smoke.
So what would I do at home?
When I finish it and I've got it ready and I know
it has cooked 6 minutes, then I will take it,
I will walk to the door, I open it and let
the smoke go outside, put the top back on
and you are done.
And you've got one pan that I use in my house
and that's all I use it for.
And you can already see that smoke has already started.
I'm going to let it go for a minute just so you
can get a feel for it.
But it's such a simple thing to do
and I really love using that style.
What do we end up with when it's all said and done?
You end up with some beautiful smoked turkey strips.
That may not sound like a lot,
but when you think about the difference if you
are eating breakfast and you use turkey
instead of bacon, I love bacon and I use it
in a lot of recipes.
I don't think there's anything wrong with it
if it's used in moderation.
You know, we've got a lot of great farms
in the state between our pig farms,
our chicken farms, all of the production we have
that we have been talking about with these eggs
we are using today.
You always want to try to focus
on supporting your local merchants.
But when you are eating healthy,
this is a neat way to do it as
a breakfast-style meal without all of the pork.
Just a thought.
I'm going to take this smoker,
move it over to the side.
It's a little bit warm.
I'm going to need this burner because we
are getting ready to have a little fun
and start most of our food going.
Omelettes are a little tricky.
How do you flip an omelette?
How do you get it to cook evenly?
It's really a test to make sure that your pan
isn't too hot.
I'm going to do my turkey strips on the side.
I think I may take this bigger pan
and make the gigantic omelettes.
If you look at this with the egg whites
that we are talking about using, here we go.
One more egg white.
One egg yolk we're not using.
One more egg white.
I know all of you can do this at home, right?
Please tell me you can separate eggs!
And then one entire egg.
Why are we doing that?
It's a great way to cut back hair on your cholesterol.
Let's have a little bit of fun again.
We just greased that baking pan
and it was a wonderful way to reduce
the amount of fat in your food.
Same thing.
We've got a nice hot skillet and you notice
this is a nonstick skillet and the reason
is when you are cooking with egg whites,
they are more prone to stick then whole eggs.
Whether you like it or not,
it's a little bit trickier cooking egg whites.
Hopefully we are going to be able to pull this off
without making too much of a mess.
We shall see.
Don't forget, all of these details we are
talking about, you can go to our website:
You can get every detail.
You know what is interesting?
I want you to look.
We've got this mixture now
and in that bowl is one yolk.
One egg yolk, three egg whites and yet if you
didn't know better, it would be hard to tell.
When it cooks, you will see it's a little bit
lighter color, has a little bit different
flavor, but it's every bit as delicious.
Makes it really nice.
Before we get started and get all of this
into the pan, you know what we are going to do?
We are going to check our potato pancakes.
It's been about 10 minutes.
We are going to check,
and I tell you what is already looking so good in there.
I can tell that they have crisped.
Let's see if we can - oh, and we can.
Turn them over.
They've already got a nice crust on the side.
I put them back in the oven and at this point
you turn the oven up as high as it goes
or up to 500° in this case.
Because you know it is warm inside.
Now what we want to do is try to create
on the outside a little bit of the crust
because the one thing that I love when I have potato
pancakes and they are fried is the crispness outside.
So this is time that you want to try and get that
little bit of crust on the outside,
but you are going to find throughout the rest
of this series, I'm going to take a lot of time
to show you how you can bake instead of frying.
We're going to do an entire baked chicken dish
that is baked fried chicken.
In other words, fried chicken without the oil.
You think that's impossible?
You have to watch.
You have to stay tuned.
And don't forget, go to our website.
You can get all of these recipes.
Come on back over here.
And we are going to get started.
And you notice it is a nonskid spatula.
Get the right tools.
Everything that I have here,
you can pick up at your local superstore
and you can buy these.
Honestly, there is nothing in here that's expensive.
One of the goals that I started the show with
in my mind was that everything that I do
on this series has got to be both affordable and healthy.
I know we talked about that,
but let's make sure we are on board.
Now, we have a nice hot skillet on this side
that we're going to sear our turkey with.
We're going to hold that off the heat for a bit.
Move this pan in the middle just in case
we need it for the omelet.
At this point, where we are going with this
is we are going to sauté all of the good stuff.
Everything that goes into that omelette,
I get excited about omelettes because I love breakfast.
There is nothing breakfast for me than
eating it at night for dinner.
I don't care what anybody says.
I have long since stopped worrying about what other
people thought when it came to what's normal
as far as eating meals at specific times.
We do a brunch that is fabulous omelettes:
shrimp, crawfish, garlic that you would never
think of putting in eggs.
So, you don't have to be locked in.
Be brave!
Now we will put a touch and I'm talking right now
this is really not even a half a teaspoon of oil.
We will get started with garlic.
Anyone who knows me from the Gulf Coast
knows that I love to cook with garlic.
Oh yes!
Little bit of red bell pepper.
A little bit of green bell pepper.
At our website, I have this recipe with purple peppers.
You can get those sometimes during the year
at your local farmers market.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find them,
so I substituted green.
Remember, you have to be creative.
When you're working on recipes like this,
you don't have to stick to the exact items.
So what do we have in there right now?
We have red, yellow, green bell peppers,
garlic, onion and we are throwing in a little
green onion and again the recipe had cerrano
peppers which our red kind of hot chili peppers.
I threw in some finely diced jalapenos.
Got to have that little kick of flavor.
I think it's really important as you prepare food
to realize you've got to keep yourself open
in case products are not available.
We are sautéing everything that's going
to go in the omelette.
Our omelette pan that I'm going to use
I'm going to move back into the forefront.
I'm going to kick it on a little higher heat at this point.
Just so we don't forget, you need to follow me back.
We are going to check on the pancakes.
We don't want to forget them.
They can still keep going.
Now I'm going to get really serious
and I'm going to put it on broil.
I like to leave the oven door open when
I put it on broil because what broil does
means it's heating from the top.
Actually, we will be okay.
Now that we've got our pan nice and we've got it
oiled, I'm going to add just a little touch.
And actually put our eggs in.
Tell you what, we are going
to move it off the heat a hair.
Looks nice and hot.
Now, take all of our fun ingredients
and we're going to spread them evenly
on one half of the omelette.
I tell you what, it's got such incredible color.
You will notice I hid one ingredient over here
and that is our goat cheese.
I have got that goat cheese on the side
because I want to be sure we can throw something
on top that's going to add some beautiful flavor.
I tell you what, that omelette is coming along great.
We are going to let it brown a little bit more,
pop our pan on the side back on the heat.
Just a touch again.
This is even less.
Probably about a quarter teaspoon.
Put our turkey strips in the pan.
I wish you could smell.
The one thing TV does not have,
we need to develop Smell-o-vision so that
you can get the aromas at home that I'm getting
right now because I can smell the garlic
and all of the flavors.
Are you ready?
We are going to take the omelette,
wiggle it around and then turn it over.
It came out looking great!
I think this would look wonderful on a black plate.
This is when I take my goat cheese put a little
bit on top of that omelette because
it's got such great flavor, but it also looks
so great on top.
Let's do this with tongs.
I can easily get it.
Turns these turkey strips over.
The aroma of that mesquite in this pan is incredible.
This looks fantastic.
What did I tell you?
Don't forget about your potato pancakes.
We're going to head directly over
and I tell you what.
They are perfect.
We are going to set them right here in the middle
because that pan is going to be warm.
Set that down below.
And I tell you what, are you ready?
I am.
We are going to take this incredible omelette
look at the size.
And it is healthy and it is loaded with great stuff.
We're going to take these beautiful potato pancakes.
One or two?
What kind of mood are you in?
You've been good this week.
Let's go ahead and put them both on there.
I'm going to grab these turkey strips,
fan them off to the side.
Who would have thought that you could have
a meal with all of that flavor and be eating
something so incredibly healthy that you
don't have to feel guilty?
You know?
I think it is only missing one thing.
I'm going to have a little bit of fun.
Take a little bit of fresh green onions
that are cut so pretty just to give it
a little bit of pizzazz and color.
Add that on top and I tell you what.
Can you believe that you could have four eggs
with one yolk come out looking as beautiful
with all that beautiful vegetable inside,
two potato pancakes and I tell you what,
beautiful turkey strips.
So remember, you can find all of my recipes
with the nutritional information on our website:
I'm Chef Rob Stinson.
Thanks for watching Fit to Eat.
This program was made possible in part by:
Family traditions are never more important than
when families gather around the dinner table
to celebrate special occasions.
Farm Families of Mississippi share the
bounty of the harvest with families throughout
the state and even the nation.
Chances are that your gatherings include
delicious sweet corn, baked sweet potatoes
and a rich, golden pecan pie.
Buy Mississippi-grown products.
It's good for your family and it's good for Mississippi.
The Farm Families of Mississippi.
Support for Fit to Eat comes from
Mississippi Seafood Marketing a division
of The Department of Marine Resources.
From our waters to your table.
Wild-caught gulf-fresh seafood is fresh,
local and healthy.
Information at DMR.MS.GOV