How to get free McDonald's coupons!

Uploaded by NathanielChristopher on 30.12.2010

Now, I make no secret of the fact that I like going to McDonald’s.
and um
Every so often these McDonald’s coupons come in the mail,
And they have so many like
pretty good deals in them.
Like $4.49 for you know, a Big Mac meal.
Which is pretty good.
So I'm g... they're gonna be used in this household,
So one is not enough.
So what I’m going to show you is how to get
like a whole shit ton of these McDonald’s coupons.
Or any coupon really, that comes in the mail.
So come with me.
Ooh! McDonald’s coupons. Yay!
But I want more coupons.
Ooh! A whole bunch more in here, nice.
Okay. Let’s see what else is in there if there’s anymore.
McDonald’s food.
[Nathaniel to his nice neighbour] I’m a blogger.
I’m doing a blog entry about how to get
more coupons!
[Neighbour] Oh, I see!
[Nathaniel] *laughs*
[Neighbour] Thank you!
[Nathaniel to himself] Now that was embarrassing.