Basketball Dribbling Tips & Tricks : How to Reverse Dribble a Basketball

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village. What we're going to talk about now is the
reverse dribble. The reverse dribble is effective. You're going to keep your defender away from
the ball when they're being close to you. Most often, you'll see the reverse dribble
on the position of the court where you're off to the sides of the court and not so much
towards the middle. What it is is most often if you're being closely guided by a defender,
you're not bringing the ball straight down like this. The ball is out in front of you.
They're going to swat at that. Usually what you'll notice is in games people dribble off
in an angle. It can be a sharp angle. It can be a not so sharp angle, but what they're
doing is utilizing part of their body to defend against the defender and move in one direction.
You're coming at an angle. You've got your body in front of you. The reverse is when
you turn your back and switch directions and switching hands. What's not likeable about
that particular one is for a brief moment, you turn your back to the defender and turn
your back to your other teammates. Sometimes it's necessary. The reverse as we come down
to our right, plant our left foot, and then we're switching hands, turning our back, and
spinning and moving the other direction.