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WANAWANA グッと Good 弾けてる
案外なんだい ハマってんじゃん
友達作っちゃって遊んじゃって い Yeh!
クールに見えて 実は超寂しい
親友なら いないいないいないいない
何の不自由なく だけど足りない
親友なら いないいないないない
残念同士で 集まったら
展開の 地雷を踏んだ!
SOWASOWA 絶対絶対覗きたい
つまんない プライドなんて
捨てきっちゃって 振りきっちゃって
ぶつかって ドギマギあって
友達 作っちゃって遊んじゃって Yeh!
wanawana gutto Good hajiketeru
angai nandai hamatten jan
hitomishiri shiteru hima ni
tomodachi tsukucchatte asonjatte Yeh!
ku-ru ni miete jitsu ha chou sabishii
mo-so- nara bai bai bai
shinyuu nara inai inai inai inai
nan no fujiyuu mo naku dakedo tarinai
riajuu kara tooi tooi tooi?
shinyuu nara inai inai nai nai
zannen doushi de atsumattara
Ah- yosou ga dekinai
tenkai no jirai wo funda!
sowasowa zettai zettai nozokitai
koukai 100kai shitakunai tte
tsumannai puraido nante
sutekicchatte furikicchatte
zannen kannen shitemitara
angai nandai hamatten jan
butsukatte dogimagi atte
tomodachi tsukucchatte asonjatte Yeh!
I'm burning, ready, just about to explode
Weird, I think I'm really into this
While we're still completely shy
Let's start!
Make friends, and play, yay!
I look calm and composed, but I'm really feeling lonely
In my delusions it's bye, bye, bye
No good friends, sigh, sigh, sigh
I don't have problems, but then I don't have enough
Popularity far away, away, away?
No good friends, sigh, sigh, sigh
But when unfortunates come together
Ah, stuff that you just can't predict
Just exploding like a landmine!
Man, man, I totally want to peek
I'm telling you I don't want to regret
Take your cheap pride and
Cut it off, throw it away
If you look at it from the unfortunate
Weird, I think I'm really into this
Fighting with each other, getting nervous with each other
Let's find them!
Make friends, and play, yay!
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Air Recital
Failure Neighbor's Club ★★
Failure Neighbor's Club ★★☆
TV Anime "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" Opening Theme
All our air friends, good evening!
Good evening!
Washizaki Takeshi
Dirty blond delinquent
Hasegawa Kodaka's voice, Kimura Ryohei
Pathetic, vile-tongued bishoujo
Uhhh... Mikazuki Yozora's voice, Inoue Marina
Perfect in everything but personality
Kashiwazaki Sena's voice, Itou Kanae
Maid of the pathetics
Kusunoki Yukimura's voice,
Yamamoto Nozomi!
Pervert, inventor girl
Shiguma Rika's voice, Fukuen Misato
Delusional middle school little sister's voice...
Eh... Hasegawa Kobato's voice, Hanazawa Kana
Poopy little girl sister
Takayama Maria's voice, Iguchi Yuka
Now, about today's event
We have a talk and concert event, and we'll have the talk part first.
To begin with, let's look at the first video.
Here it is. Don!
Um... can you see ghosts or something?
There's no way ghosts exist.
But you were just talking to someone-
You saw that?!
Yozora's cute.
So cute.
Don't talk about it.
Yozora's cute!
I was just talking to my friend.
My air friend!
Shut up!!!
Tomo-chan, that's right.
That's it! A club!
The Neighbor's Club!
That's cruel! Cruel!
What the hell?
Bam bam! Bam bam!
Say that line!
I just want to join this club!
I-I just want to join this clu-
After that! After that!
What kind of treatment is this!?
If you're here to mock us, I must decline.
I'm not here to mock you!
I saw the poster you put up!
I just want friends too!
I-I j-just I j-just want
I just want friends toooooo!!!
In this story, we have the Neighbor's Club but
When you were a student, what club were you in?
I was in the soccer and track club.
So a sports club.
Play some soccer!
Play some soccer.
Play air soccer! Air soccer!
Isn't this wrong?
In middle school, I was in the computer research society...
Do the air blind touch!
The air blind touch.
In high school?
In high school... I joined the student council.
Air high school students...
Eh... Today is the sports festival
So as not to get hurt, do your stretches properly
and let's do our best in this event.
Is that clear?
In elementary, I joined the campus chorus club and the drama club
Then, in middle school, I joined the photography club
and the chorus club...
and the ESS.
Note: ESS is the English Conversation Club
ESS sounds cool, doesn't it?
ESS means you can speak English, right?
You'll show us some English, right?
Ladies and gentleman!!!
We are...
We are...
Please sit down.
What about Kimura-kun?
I was in the go home club!
I see, the go home club.
If only we had a Neighbor's Club...
Do an air go home!
Thanks for all your hard work!!!
Ah, he's going home.
What about you, Kanae-chan?
In middle school,
I had a seat at the computer club.
Then do the blind touch.
Just like me.
Let me simulate the middle school me.
I was in the drama club, the whole ti-
The whole time?
The whole time.
I see. I guess it does grow on you.
But in an all girls school's drama club...
It was very rose-like, no wait, yuri-like.
I wait in anticipation for the appearance of my male-role senpai...
It was really like...
I wanted to kiss her.
I almost wanted to ambush her and kiss her
I liked my female senpai that much.
Because it's an all girls school.
Don't you need an air kiss or something?
I was in the track club during middle school!
We had hurdles and uh...
This. This...
What? A refrigerator?
No way it's a refrigerator!
Long jump!
That's it! Long jump!
How could that be a long jump?
Why don't you show us?
From a long jump...
to a hurdle.
Such unexpected low quality!
I was really surprised.
Let's look at the next video.
Here it is.
Monster Kariudo
Monster Kariudo
Monster Kariudo
Yeah, it's cool.
I wanna play it soon!
There it is.
It's like a different anime.
He was saying "Ouch ouch."
Oh, everyone else wasn't there.
Ah! You're being targeted!
It's dangerous! Get away!
Get away! Get away!!
She's so cute!
Romancing Saga
Romancing Saga
Romancing Saga
Looks like we have monsters.
These aliens look really gross...
They look like poop!
Take this!
Kukuku. I am-
She died.
Yeah, she did.
Wait, don't tell me...
In Haganai, everyone entered the game
and did a little role play.
What if, in reality,
you guys became role play characters, what would you be?
Ah, you mean, our jobs or something?
Yeah, your jobs.
We're the hero team?
But none of you look like heroes.
Yeah, no one.
Wait, the hero is definitely... who?
The hero is me!
No, it's not "me". You don't get to choose!
Kanae-chan is the weakest monster.
Kanae-chan's the slime.
Slime! Slime!
Don't wanna!
Then, the magician would be...?
Isn't that Kana-chan?
Kana-chan is... a fairy or something.
A fairy?
Then who's the fighter?
The fighter has to be Nozomi.
Okay. I'll do my best.
Isn't Marina-chan a dancer?
The dancer!
The dancer could-
Then I'll be the king at the start who asks you to save the world.
The king!?
No way!
More like the apprentice.
The apprentice!?
Fukuen-san, what about you?
I wonder what suits me.
I always wanted to be hero without initiative.
That might fit you!
Poop, what about you?
I-I-I'm not poop!!
Isn't it okay for Yuka-chan to be the poop?
Poop is looking at you like it wants to join your party.
Poop is looking!
Poop is looking at us like it wants to join our party!
But with this, it's decided.
Washizaki-san, how about you?
Eh!? Me!?
Um, the carriage's horse?
I'll be the carriage's horse!
Let's start from me.
I'm the carriage's horse.
I'm the horse's poop.
You became the horse's poop?
She became the horse's poop!
Wait, poop is too interesting; let's start at the other side.
You're right; start here.
I'm the carriage's horse!
I'm the fighter!
I'm the hero!
I'm the slime!
I'm the apprentice!
I'm the dancer!
I'm the fairy.
I'm the poop!!!
Okay, so let's move on to the next video.
I think we should figure out how to let each other know who's coming and who's not.
That might be a good idea.
That's an amazing idea coming from you, Kodaka.
So, what should we do?
What about message boards online?
No way.
I refuse.
You won't even consider it!?
Um... Kodaka-senpai?
Couldn't we just use our cellphones?
I see... I never thought of that.
So a cellphone isn't just a tool for finding karaoke places...
This scene is so cute!
Everyone's cute.
Well, for now, why don't we exchange addresses?
Eh? "Infrared"?
What's this "infrared" you're talking about?
Wh-Which is it?
Seriously? Just how far have cellphones come?
So cute.
Not there!
I'm going to enter it manually, so tell me your address!
Got it!
A phone to phone mail...
I got it!
You got it!?
So cute!
I've never seen this expression before.
So we just saw a scene about cellphones...
How do you ask for their mail address?
When do you ask that?
I pretend that I...
lost my cellphone...
and say "I can't find it so could you call it?"
Ah, so like, "I can't find my cell,
Let's try it!
Kanae-chan, I'll give you my number, so can you call it?"
Ah, okay. Pi pi pi.
Wait. Isn't that a scam?
Kimura-kun, what do you do?
Eh, me?
But seriously speaking, I don't ask until I need it.
Really! It's so hard to ask.
But, because of this episode,
I was able to exchange addresses with Fukuen-san...
Yeah! It's like, it's been so long, but we haven't exchanged addresses yet.
I thought "We'll meet at the site, so it's okay..."
But I was a little wary-
Normally, I could easily talk to Kana-chan
but when I was asking for her mail address,
I was all like "Kana-chan... your phone number... tell me?"
With that face?
Then everyone only asks when you need to, huh?
Or you try to scam them, like Kanae-chan.
The "I lost my cell" scam.
You say "I can't find my cell..."
Eh, but...
There are times when you ask because you need it
But if you really want to know...
Just honestly ask...
"Please tell me!"
Then why don't you show us?
Thanks for all your hard work-
Oh, Iguchi!
Iguchi, you're cute today, too, Iguchi!
Iguchi, show me your panties! Iguchi!
Then, Senpai!
If I show you my panties, please tell me your mail address!
Isn't that give and take?
I just thought that being honest is the best way.
That's right, that's right.
What shocked me more was that, after I heard that...
I feel like the only number I don't have is Iguchi-san's.
You can see the real meaning of this!
I see, so that's what happens you're being honest, huh.
No, that's not it...
Eh? But you said...
You said you'll ask if you honestly wanted to know.
I guess it's because she honestly doesn't want to know.
Since she's not asking...
I completely understand!
That's not it. Um...
It only applies to girls.
Okay, and with that,
the talk corner ends.
From here on out is a talk corner with Romancing Saga, Special Composer, Itou Kenji.
I'm Itou Kenji, the one in charge of Romancing Saga's music, of the game, in the anime.
I'm the producer from Media Factory, Nitta Tatsuhiro.
To start with, I think I'll ask first what everyone wants to know.
Before getting involved with Haganai, you were with Kei...
A certain friend of mine contacted me and told me there was someone he wanted me to meet...
And so I went to Media Factory and met Nitta-san
Oh, so that's when you met Nitta-san?
I wanted to meet ItoKen-san,
and talked to him about wanting him to make the music for Romancing Saga.
So you wanted him to work on Romancing Saga?
Where have I heard that title before?
But Romancing Saga is... Well, Saga was written as Saga the prefecture, but
I thought "Is this really okay?"
Us audience thought the same thing.
How was it when you actually worked on it?
The title was like that
So I was thinking "How should I parody this?"
I had to take into account the balance of the parody.
So, when you made it...
Was it fun, or was it bothersome?
Inside my head, making it was really fun but
But I was kinda worried if I was going to be held responsible for it.
We're sorry.
That's it, isn't it?
In the anime, that was... what, episode five?
The time they played Saga?
Yeah, episode five.
Have you watched it?
Yes, I have.
How was it?
My reaction was, well,
Of course, there were the pros and cons of romance
The pros and cons were interesting, right?
Well, the reception was good, and I was relieved
That's good, because we were really surprised, right?
And a staff from the game maker I work for told me this
"I saw it"
"It was interesting!"
And now, we shall have Itou-san...
perform a Romancing Saga song...
live, right here, right now!
Is that fine with you?
Um, do you want a battle remix?
While we're still on standby, let me show you a little how I make songs
Like, a demo of a demo.
For example, if I was tasked to make a battle BGM
First, you have to decide on the chord you'll make it on
Then, for this song...
This melody is on the A minor, and I ask myself, how do I progress from this?
So first, I...
Or something like that.
That was great!
I just play around like that, and if I think that it sounds good, I write it down.
And I really like connecting those melodies.
Now, performed by the Itou Kenji Special Band,
"Romancing Saga: Warasuboss"
Here it is!
Romancing Saga
Itou Kenji Special Band
I Can't Afford to Relax at a Karaoke Box
106... 106...
Ah, it's this one!
One day, after school...
We once again went to that karaoke box.
I don't know if it's revenge for what happened this summer, but
Sena strongly insisted that we do karaoke in the same room this time.
What are you talking to yourself for?
Ah, no, it's nothing.
I shalt let you hear my requiem of darkness...
Hey, Kobato-chan!
Sing a duet with me, Onee-chan.
Don't wanna!
Where are the others?
Yukimura and Rika are going to fetch Maria at the station
Since Maria didn't come with us last time.
They said we should go ahead and start.
I see.
Then let's start with one song as a warm up.
Hand me the remote controller.
No way!
Because I'm gonna sing a duet with Kobato-chan first!
Don't wanna!
Uh... Sena.
Why don't you sing one song normally first?
You're hopeless.
Fine, I'll let you hear my godly voice.
Futari no Kisetsu
Futari no Kisetsu
The Season of Us Two
The Season of Us Two
Here I go.
Futari no Kisetsu
Kashiwazaki Sena (Itou Kanae)
Through the window
aruku kimi no senaka zutto mitsumeteta
I was always watching you as you walked
ima yori tsuyoku nari sou na ame kara
Trying to ignore the rain
me wo somuketa
As it started to pour harder
kimi ga chikasugite kizukanakatta
You were so close to me, I never realized
mada ima wa sayonara ga hibiku
Even now, I can still hear your "Goodbye"
今頃わかったよきみの涙 は
imagoro wakatta yo kimi no namida wa
But now, I understand, your tears
boku wo tsuyoku saseta
Were there to strengthen me
taisetsu na koto shitta
And make me realize the important things
sutekirenai omoi wo
I can't bear to throw away these feelings
wasure wa shinai kara
And I'll never forget them
W-Wait a second!
What do you think you're doing, Stupid Yozora!?
H-Hey, Kobato-chan!
How was it?
Y-You were good, Sena!
That was awesome.
I-I wasn't asking you, Kodaka!
Well, that was only to be expected.
What's wrong, Yozora?
To actually sing my repertoire song before me...
Don't be cocky! You're just a piece of meat!
Stop your accusations
Because it's my specialty (ohako).
Stupidity (obaka)?
Wh- I said specialty!
Geez. Look, it's your turn next.
Yozora, do your absolute best.
Yozora, what are you gonna sing?
The same goes for Sena, but I wasn't able to hear you sing last time.
I'm looking forward to it.
Just put it in already.
I'll go practice.
I'll go practice a bit!
In another room!
What are you thinking?
Ah. She left...
Ugh. That idiot.
Well, she said she'll just practice, so she'll probably come back.
Guess it can't be helped...
Kodaka, you sing.
My kindred, I'll be expecting from you.
Then, I guess I'll sing that...
Alright, here I go!
Hasegawa Kodaka (Kimura Ryohei)
tokidoki, moshikashitara nani mo kamo yume nanja nai kato omounda
Sometimes, I wonder if everything was just a dream
katsute kimi ga mita hazu no keshiki no naka ni boku mo ima tatterunda
Did you really see me back when I saw you?
kimi wa koko de
And then I wonder about when you were here,
nani wo omottetan darou
And I wonder, what were you thinking?
kimi ni shika kikenai koto wo kikitakatta noni
All these questions for you, if only you were here
hatasenakatta chikai wa doko ni shimaeba iin darou
Where should I put away this promise I failed to fulfill?
ienakatta kotoba wa doko ni butsukereba iin darou
Where should I throw away these words I was unable to say?
ushinau tabi ni tsuyoku nareru tte
"You get stronger each time you lose something"
sore wa kitto sou nan dakedo
I'm sure that's true, but
sore demo ushitakunai nante nain da
I still don't want to lose you
ano hana no egao ga kimi wo tsuyoku suru
The smile of that flower makes you stronger
hana nante niawa nai
But flowers don't suit you
kimi no batsu no warusou na terewarai ga
And that uncomfortable, shy smile of yours
ima mo mune wo hanare nainda
I can't forget it, even until now
terekusakute ienakatta keredo
I was so embarrassed, I couldn't say it
sekai wo egao ni suru koto sae dekiru to omotteta
But I thought "If only I could make the whole world smile"
kisetsu ga megutte aki ni nari
The seasons passed, and it's now autumn
kimi no toshi ni chikazuku koro ni ha
But I wonder, when I reach your age
zenbu kirei na omoide ni natte iru no ka na...
Will everything become a wonderful memory?
You did well.
This is the first time I've been so nervous for karaoke.
My duet song with Kobato-chan is...
Did you even listen to me sing?
So this is a karaoke box!
Whoa! They've got a big TV!
Were you lonely while Rika wasn't here?
Aniki, apologies for the tardiness.
Wow, it became so lively.
We've already started.
Next is my turn.
First, let's sing the godly song of the Demon World.
You mean that song that was completely cut from the TV broadcast!
Th-That ain't it!
It was a bit of a secret!
It was played during the commercial!
Oh, was it now?
Ah, so that was imouto-dono?
It was so short that I missed hearing it.
But you know,
It's for the Demon World yet it's a godly song?
As usual, I just don't get you!
Shut up, stupid idiot!
Stupid idiot!?
Thou should just be quiet and listen.
A-Ah! Kobato-chan!
My godly voice!
Yuke Yuke Guernica-chan!
Yuke Yuke Guernica-chan!
Yuke Yuke Guernica-chan!
Go Go Guernica-chan!
Go Go Guernica-chan!
Go Go Guernica-chan!
Yuke Yuke Guernica-chan!
Hasegawa Kobato (Hanazawa Kana)
yuke Gerunika-chan
Go, Guernica-chan
saa mezame no toki...
Now is the time to awaken
yuke yuke Gerunika-chan
Go go, Guernica-chan
dare ni mo makenai
You won't lose to anybody
mahou shoujo nano da...
You're a magical girl...
Da da da da!
Da da da da!
yami no chikara de maryoku GET shitara hora
If you get your magic through the power of darkness
muteki na no
You'll be invincible
heru bureizu basuta-!
Hell Blaze Buster
otokui no mahou desu
It's your specialty magic
yuurei mo shisha mo minna
Everyone, even ghosts and corpses
You'll control them
yacchaun dakara!
And kill them all!
uragirarecha attari
You might be betrayed
tsurai toki mo aru kedo
And there'll definitely be difficult times
demo ne...
But you know...
ikuyo mahou shoujo damono☆
You're a magical girl so let's go☆
yuke yuke Gerunica-chan
Go go, Guernica-chan
ame ni mo makenai
You won't lose, even to the rain
chi ni doro de doro doro de
Even when covered by blood, so much blood
sore demo hareruya da☆
You can still say "Hallelujah!"☆
saa Gerunika-chan
Go, Guernica-chan
ima koso chansu da!
Now is your chance
hissatsu mahou
Your special magic move
Will see you through!
That was like, a very fun song!
But it would've been better if it wasn't you singing.
Foolish pawn of God.
You should just bow down to my singing voice.
Kobato-chan, you're such an angel!
Lovely Angel Kobato-chan!!!
I want you so much! Just let me lick you!!!
Wait! Kobato! Sena!
Ah, there they go.
Geez. Who's next?
It is I.
I fear that the next one is I.
Oh! Yukimura, whatcha gonna sing?
I will never compare to Aniki,
But I shall do my best!
This song...
Is my sacrifice to Aniki.
N-No, I'll be bothered if you sacrifice anything.
Do your best!
Otoko no Ikiru Michi
Otoko no Ikiru Michi
A Man's Way of Life
A Man's Way of Life
Otoko no Ikiru Michi
Kusunoki Yukimura (Yamamoto Nozomi)
This song is for Aniki.
A Man's Way of Life.
inochi moyasu toki
When you burn your life
isshou ni ichido
Once in your lifetime
yaru to kimetara
Once you've decided that you'll do it
ano yama kono umi
Even that mountain, or this sea
shinu koto mo itowanu
Even death doesn't matter
naite tomeru hito
To the person who cried while stopping me,
kurou kakeru ga yurushite hoshii
Forgive me for the pain I put you through
ato modori dekinai
But I can't turn back now
otoko no ikiru michi
Because that is a man's way of life
(Thank you very much)
I apologize for my poor singing.
You were great, Yukimura-kun!
How was it, Aniki?
Uh... You were... cool...
Such kind words!
Nice! Very nice!
Look here!!!
Just where is your mind going?
I was just kidding.
It's now time for the star!
Eh? What was that?
Senpai, that comment really insulted me.
It was a joke! A joke!
Then, Rika,
Do your best.
If it's for Senpai,
I'll go anywhere!
Like I said, where do you think you're going?
Gosh, I'm nervous.
Here I go, FULL POWER!!!
Shiguma Rika (Fukuen Misato)
kakenukete yoake no saki made
Run to the ends of dawn
hikari tsunagaru toki mukaeyou
As light joins hands with those of time
kasokusuru supiido de kanjite
Feel the universe with accelerating speed
ato saki wa omakase de ii sa
And leave everything to it, now
sono itami ha kakusenai yo
Don't try to hide your pain
nara isso kono mama
And just like this,
Let me hold you
kodoku wo kojirase
As if to worsen my loneliness
higeki no heroin kidotte
The tragic heroine is acting all smug
ikenai furi shicha munashii dake
Acting like someone else is all in vain
kizuite yo
Can't you see?
gomakashi no uso
Always deceiving with your lies
itai hodo kuse ni naru
That pain will soon become a habit
kami hodoku kurai no
As much as my untied hair
jiyuu wa mou aru desho
You already have your freedom
Shock your eyes
tsuki nukero unmei ni you wa nai
Break on through; you've got no business with destiny
mate amasu kanjou no toriko ni
Always waiting to save the slave of emotions
iki isogu kanji de choudo ii
That feeling of wanting to rush through life is just right
yamitsuki na kaikan ni notte
Go on and ride that addictive pleasure
sono ui ha iyasenai yo
Don't try to heal that sorrow
subete suteru nara
If you're going to throw away everything
Go to the highness
How was it, Kodaka-senpai!?
But he's not here!
Ohh, Rika-dono
That was a magnificent comeback!
I wasn't trying to make a comeback and this is a bit too much for a 30-year-old.
Sorry, I'm sorry.
Maria had to go to the bathroom so I showed her the way.
I feel refreshed!
By the way, the vampire was also at the bathroom. Did you poop?
I didn't poop, stupid!
How filthy!
Kobato-chan, you were in the bathroom!?
So that's why I couldn't find you when I checked the other rooms.
Just how much trouble did you cause!?
And I found Yozora, so I brought her back here.
I had enough practice,
and was thinking that it was time to go back.
Sigh... Finally, we're all here.
The only ones who haven't sung are Yozora and...
I'll sing too.
Maria, you have a song you wanna sing?
Ah, I see.
Please give it to me.
You see, I'm an adult.
So as an adult, I'll sing a nostalgic song.
I k i n a r i ! M o n s u t a a ☆
I k i n a r i ! M o n s u t a a ☆
I k i n a r i ! M o n s u t a a ☆
S u d d e n l y ! M o n s t e r ☆
S u d d e n l y ! M o n s t e r ☆
S u d d e n l y ! M o n s t e r ☆
It sounds more like a cliche anime song, though.
You said "nostalgic" so that's kinda unexpected.
Here I go!
Ikinari! Monster☆
Takayama Maria (Iguchi Yuka)
ikinari de ikuyo monsutaa☆
Let's go suddenly, Monster☆
junbi nante iranai
No need for preparations
atatte kudaketara
If you get it right
kiseki wo okose
You can make a miracle happen
ichiban suki na mono wa nani?
What is your number one favorite?
demo ari sugirun desu!
But there's too many of them
futsuu na dake ja mono tarinai
Normal stuff isn't enough
kara abaretai desu!
so I'll rampage!
docchi ka nante erabenai
I can't choose between them
おやつかごはん… どっちも!
oyatsu ka gohan... docchi mo!
Snacks or meals...? Both!
食べたいです! 幸せです!
tabetai desu! shiawase desu!
I wanna eat them! It makes me so happy!
dakara i-ne-mu-ri
So I'll take a nap
itsumo hacha mecha da monsutaa☆
The monster always makes no sense☆
harapeko ga tomaranai
The hunger never stops
ittsumo kaanibaru
It's always a carnival
nanda kanda itte genki ippai
No matter what I say, I'm always full of energy!
hashagi sugi monsutaa☆
The monster that always has too much fun☆
nishi e higashi e tobimasu
To the east, to the west, I'll jump anywhere!
Parashuuto kara
From the parachute
chakuchi seikou
Landing, success!
Karaoke is so much fun!
Rather than nostalgic, this is more like, a never-before-heard song. What is it?
This is...
The song that I sang with everyone when I was all by myself, long ago.
Fun times. Fun times...
A-Anyway, you were great Maria!
Good, very good.
It's so fun because I'm with Onii-chan!
G-Get away from An-chan, stupid!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
The one who says stupid is the stupid one!
Poopy vampire!
Well, uh, well,
Then the last one is Yozora, right?
You're right.
Uh, Yozora?
Yozora? Uh, um...
You'd go that far just for karaoke?
Be quiet, Meat.
Be it karaoke, or whatever...
All out is all out.
Okay, guys, listen carefully!
This is...
The last song!!!
Watashi no Kie}Mo{\fnMicrosoft Yi Baiti}・{\fnProfile}Chi
Watashi no Kie}Mo{\fnMicrosoft Yi Baiti}・{\fnProfile}Chi
Watashi no Kie}Mo{\fnMicrosoft Yi Baiti}・{\fnProfile}Chi
My Fe-el-ings
My Fe-el-ings
My Fe-el-ings
Watashi no Ki・Mo・Chi
Mikazuki Yozora (Inoue Marina)
あー脳内 想像理想の 現実逃避
今更どっちだっていっけど… 友達作り
一人寂しい奴だと蔑む 視線が気になる
それでいいと 思っているうちに~
揃って 破天荒な奴らに
マイペース 乱されてゆく 頭くる!特に憎っくき肉!
私の胸秘かに焦って 優柔不断気味で
My heart 伝えられない
残念なのは 私なのか?
もやもやを かきわけToday!
置き去りにされた 乙女心
早く見つけ出して 迷子のココロ
a- nounai souzou risou no genjitsu touhi
imasara docchi datte ikkedo tomodachidzukuri
hitori sabishii yatsu da to sagesumu shisen ga ki ni naru
de, uwaddzura dake atsumattara
sore de ii to omotteiru uchi ni
are yo are yo to toujou
sorotte hatenkou na yatsura ni
mai pe-su midasareteyuku atamakuru toku ni nikkuki niku
watashi no mune hisoka ni asette yuujuufudangimi de
My heart tsutaerarenai
zannen na no ha watashi na no ka
moya moya wo kakiwake Today
okizari ni sareta otomegokoro
ano hi kara nayandeiru
hayaku mitsukedashite maigo no kokoro
Ah, I'm in denial about how my plans never work
I don't really care about it, but I'll try... "making friends"
I don't like those looks of pity thinking I'm all lonely
But just when I thought I would pretend
And having fake friends would be fine...
Something happens and they appear
And they keep coming, the crazies
Ruining my pace, the blood to my head, and that blasted Meat!
My thoughts jumbled in a quiet panic, and I can't decide
I can't tell you how I feel
Am I really the unfortunate one here?
I'll push my feelings through today!
My pure heart left standing there
I've been worried ever since that day
Hurry and find it, my lost heart
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
Alright, let's hear a word from everyone and then it's over.
I wonder when they'll make the Romancing Saga game.
I wanna play it!
It was the first time everyone would hear my song
So I wondered how they'd react and I made a mistake with my power hype and got too excited
But I enjoyed myself to the fullest. Thank you very much!
It was really fun.
I also made a mistake with my pace hype.
I did a bit too much.
Thank you very much for today!
Me too, when I get excited, my breathing becomes heavy and I don't know what I'm doing anymore
But I really love Haganai
and I'm really happy I became part of this event as Rika!
It was good.
It was my first time singing solo, and it was an enka too
And I was really worried about everyone's reaction
But I'm really happy everyone liked it!
I had a lot of fun, too.
When I get he... hepu pipe?
I was going to say "pace hype"
How should I know?
I also made a mistake with my pace hype and was already at the peak during the opening.
Who here has few friends?
Then... Who here is a riajuu?
Riajuus should die!
It was a really fun event and...
It made me really happy that everyone loves Haganai so much.
We've got so many air friends here!
And our air friends are so hot (enthusiastic)!
And so, we'll be sure to make another opportunity to gather and have fun like this
Thank you very much!
Everyone, for coming today,
Thank you very much!!!
Let's meet again!
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Typesetter/Encoder: AtoZ