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Translated by Syrian Freedom
This is my 55th speech
it is a historical speech ,as all my speeches are
the aim of my speech is to rise the morale of pro-me which is on the ground
and is very low nowdays
especially that now that they are gonna close Al Dunia TV and the syrian news TV
so i have decided to make my speech
to make the opposition laugh a bit
you know that i am source of laughter for them
At the begenning i would like to talk about a sad thing
you know that we had brothers here
in the past days but they have left now
they were all the time with us
but now they are back in their stables
i ask the remaining donkeys here to rise their hands ,no ,i said rise hands
do not stand up ,no ,no ,dont stand up,just rise ur hands
great all the donkeys are here in this chamber.
from the begenning
i would like to mention that this speech will be a very long speech
i will try to compete with the Qaddafe speach
may god curse his soul and his father souls
i will talk, same as the libyan scenario you know like ambassadors withdrawal and then closing
TV channels then my historical speech not his speech
i will say very important things now
back to the subject of the dialogue with the opposition
of course we are ready to negociate with the opposition
but we will only negociate with the opposition that doesnt demand the fall of the regime
and with the opposition that doesnt demand a change of the regime
with the opposition that doesnt demand the withdrawal of the military machines
and the opposition that dont name "martyrs" the people that are killed by shabiha.
with the opposition that stands against the global international foreign complot
and the opposition that refuses, what is called for by foreign
guidelines and of cource i mean the ones of the west
and the opposition that ignores facebook and tweeter
therefore we need an opposition same as the almighty
Haissam AL Mannah not to forget Kadri el Gemayel as well
who is with us in the donkeys chamber now they are our demands
people who love me know that this speech is the victory speech
i am standing now in the summet of the MPs Chamber and that it is a victory for me
i have succeeded to go out from the residential palace and come to the chamber that is what
i have achieved a big victory especially after we know that the FSA is now in Dasmascus and move's easely
yesterday they have been were clashes in Abbasists neighberhoods but we have achieved victory and defeated the complot and we have uncovered the lies of the accusations plot
it takes 20 min for the international investigators to detect each episode
we have detected the whole episodes of of Houle massacre and the criminals in only 3 min
when we knew about the massacre
we declared at once that they killed themselves by (suicide)
in order to get foreign intervention
i am going to talk about many requests presented to me like
Mr president please end it now
please Mr president wear military clothes
please end the terrorism
please do this and pls do that
just like i am "Oum Ammar " ( songs programe presenter) people requesting songs for their aunt
in the occasion of marriage or of a new born baby
I am not here for this kind of requests or to end the crisis
what i really want is that i could go out from the presidential palace to another place
that is all that i want in fact did anyone listen to my request ?
you only make requests and no body is listening to mine
that reminds me of my first speech,in the chambre a long time ago the first speech i made after this revolution
i would like to mention here that the interaction and cooperation of the previous members was much better than with you
concerning clapping and like one of them said the arab world is little for you
you should rule the space as well and other that said ..
unfortunately i see here ,that you are not mature
dictatotrshiply wise you didnt breathe the air of slavery yet
i wish that this will change a bit and that the atmosphere here will be better
because i get upset when i dont get compliments or hear clapping
please take this in consideration
frankly,i dont know what more to say
i have made a lot of bla bla
but i would like to state here
an important point that has been said by my dear friend and brother Hassan Nasrullat in his speech
he said "if you want we can solve it in a loving way we are willing to do that"
believe me i had tears raining from my eyes
and i cried and evrybody in the presidential palace cried as well
very touching feelings he stated love and peace
frankly i admire Hassan a lot and i tell him
"you are best star and i am fan of yours and i would like to have an autograph of you"
concerning people who are accusing the military instistution of criminal operations
this matter is really unfair, really really unfair .
for example when one officer ordered his soldiers to kill some people
why the killer is the one responsable of the crime ?
why they dont see that the killed has the responabity of beeing killed ..why dont they see it this way
why always they say the victims are the innocent one's
and the killer is the un-just one ? why ?
this concept is very wrong
therefore i accuse the victims of beeing responsable of their killing
not the military institution that never never never make any mistakes
there is an incidence i would like to state here
when i was about to enter to the chamber today
i saw a bald man wearing a red scarf
i thought of this quote " if you love a bull wear for him something red"
i knew that this man loves me
i thought he needed some money
so i gave him 5 syrian pounds
but he said to me
Mr president i am Kadri el Gemayel
and they are preventing me to enter in the chamber
and he is now MP and the guards thought he is from the opposition ha ha ha
you know the guards that we have are animals ! ha ha
so i said to them "he is our boy let him in"
and he is now with us here
and that to make some change in the atmoshere here
as i am the president i care about pepople
i was generous to him and let him in
so the play will be well performed
Translated by Syrian Freedom