BSc (Hons) Hospitality Management at Bournemouth University

Uploaded by bournemouthuni on 19.12.2011

>> Hospitality Management degree is a four year degree with the third year in placement.
We ensure that we give students the skills so they become the first choice for industry
and any graduate recruitment.
>> Being a four year degree a significant part of it develops management skills such
as human resources, marketing, finance, and those core management elements.
>> Every academic on our course has had experience in their sector, so the chefs have been cheffing
for a long time. The financial aspect of it, everyone has been in a financial or accountant
industry. We have workshops in the subjects as well which gives you a little bit more
experience and they put everything into context so the practical side of it is always engaged
into what you’re doing.
>> You get quite a lot of practical experience whilst studying hospitality cuz you get to
work in the Retreat which for hospitality is fantastic as you get to run kind of like
a restaurant. For my placement I worked with CH&Co whilst was formerly known as Charlton
House. Once of my sort of final project parts to my placement, was erm, I had to organise
the brands It’s the Agency’s first birthday party. I had the best experience I got given
a budget and then I had to control that, I did have like a little team working with me
and we made the decisions together but I got a lot of responsibility.
>> The prospects on the course are very course that’s why I’ve come to Bournemouth. So
for myself, aspirations being to be a general manager of a hotel or a proprietor. We also
get very good employment percentages.
>> Once our students have completed their BA in Hospitality Management the world really
is open to them. The majority of our students stay in hospitality, a number of them will
work in leading hotels around the world, aspirationally we have graduates who are now vice presidents,
one of whom is the vice president of Norwegian Cruise Lines.
>> I love Bournemouth. Students should definitely choose Bournemouth University because, like
I said before, we’ve got the best reputation, it’s a great place to live, you’re going
to have a great time, so you should come here.