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BETH HOYT: Happy last day of Spring.
Wait, that doesn't--
that doesn't seem right.
BETH HOYT: Hi, you guys.
I'm back.
But you can call me Beth.
OK, in case you didn't follow me-- in case you don't follow
me on Twitter, or you were visiting your grandma last
week and she just had dial-up and you just like couldn't
handle it, I was in LA at the Young Hollywood Awards.
I was being presented with an award called Beth's Award that
I made up for myself.
And let me tell you, I deserved it.
And while I was gone, Ms. Shannon
Coffey hosted the show.
You all know her from blog "Coffey Chat." if you don't
know, you should find out about it.
It's so funny.
She touched all of my stuff in the green room, which is cool
because that was part of my plan.
Just because like I want to be close to her, like sisters.
For some insight of my New York versus LA battle, you
should check out my blog later today on "Beth in Show." And
then you should subscribe.
I'm sorry for being so bossy.
But now I think you should watch this video.
I also think you should stick around because
Chris Crocker is here.
We'll be answering your Twitters questions and your
YouTube comments.
So send those in--
And then eat the rest of that granola bar.
What are you saving it for?
Now this video's one of favorites.
It's from Workless and it's called "I Will Destroy You."
-I spend the whole night drinking.
-Hey, Alex.
Do you mind turning the radio off?
I have a lot of work to do.
-Oh, yeah.
Right after this song.

-I'm serious, I have a ton of work to do.
Would you please turn it off?
-It's-- it's not even that loud, Jen.
It's just the one song.


-I'm serious.
-I'm serious.
-Turn it off.
-Make me.
-Just turn it--
turn if off, Alex.
This is imm-- what are you doing?
Turn it off.
-I'm sorry.
Did you just call me a bitch?
-Yeah, I did pussy.
-All right.
-You're in my house.
I turned it off.
You can't just sucker punch me.
What am I supposed to do?
-Fight like a man, bitch.
-All right.
You wanted it, you got it.
Let's see what you got.
I've been waiting for this.
-I dream about this.
I'll fucking destroy you.
Come on, let's see what you got, loke.
All right, go to sleep.
-Hey, what are you guys doing?
-She tried to turn off my radio.
-Alex is a prick.
-This is not how you settle things.
Now let's do this clean and fair.
Ultimate fighting rules-- no biting, no hitting below the
belt, and no office equipment.
Let's get it on.
-Come on.
Right here.
Right here.
Come on.
OK, you don't touch my radio.
Oh, you said no biting.
-OK, come on now.
-It looks like Alex and Jen are finally
going to settle things.
-I got $20 on Jen.
-I will take that.
-Hit her in the face.
-Come on.
Come on.
-Hey, I said no office equipment.


-Did she tap?
-Do it.
-I'm done.
I'm done.
-It's over.
Fuck you.
-Get this cleaned up.
-Who the hell-- who taps out after going off the top rope,
-That ho right there.
-Hey, good work here today.
Really good.
-Thank you very much.
-Thank you.

-You don't touch my radio.
-You don't touch my radio.

BETH HOYT: We're back.
Look who's here, you guys.
It's Chris Crocker.
Thank you so much for being here.
CHRIS CROCKER: Thank you for having me.
BETH HOYT: So just in case you don't recognize him, Chris
originally became YouTube famous and beyond for his
"Leave Britney Alone" video.
But you've done a lot more since then.
Most importantly, there's a new HBO documentary about you
called Me @ the Zoo.
It was a huge splash at Sundance, all of the YouTube
community is talking about it.
I can't wait to see it.
It's premiering on HBO this Monday June 25.
Why don't we watch a quick teaser.
I'm going to let you talk in a minute.
We'll watch a quick teaser and we'll come back
and talk about it.
This is Me @ the Zoo.

-I'm Chris Crocker and I'm the future.
As a kid I knew I wouldn't be accepted by other kids.
The camera was my way of defending myself against the
people in my hometown.
It just erupted onto the screen.
Let go, girl.

I've think made over a thousand videos and it's
spawned a following.
Say it.
Say you're obsessed with me.
Leave Britney alone.
So many people telling me how I'm not famous.
I'm a has-been.
It got me thinking.
I guess I'm one of the first people to be famous for not
being famous.

BETH HOYT: That is so exciting.
CHRIS CROCKER: Oh my gosh.
BETH HOYT: So can you tell me about the
making of this movie?
Well, initially this film, this documentary wasn't even
supposed to be the Chris Crocker story.
The directors were working on sort of like a broader essay
of the performance of just being yourself on camera, like
with reality stars.
They were interviewing Sharon Osbourne in New York from I
Love New York.
And then they came to me and realized that my story kind of
touched on everything they wanted to touch on and it
turned into the Chris Crocker story.
BETH HOYT: It's so exciting.
CHRIS CROCKER: I got lucky.
BETH HOYT: You sure di--
well, we did.
BETH HOYT: It looks fascinating.
How has YouTube changed since you--
I mean, when you were making videos, it was videos on
Myspace, is that right?
I mean, we're on YouTube now and this is like a talk show.
I mean, when I first started, it was very like pick up your
camera and go.
You know what I mean?
Everything now very kind of--
it's more produced.
So I guess when I started it was just more like--
I don't know, you just pick up your camera and film yourself.
Now everything's like a show.
We don't have hidden arms that are holding out these cameras.
Just in case you were wondering--
CHRIS CROCKER: There's no Inspector Gadget arms.
BETH HOYT: --if we have invisible octopus arms--
we don't.
But we do have more surprises.
And we have a ton of Twitter questions from you.
So I'm going to put my questions on hold because I
care about you.
And we're going to get back and answer
your Twitter questions.
We'll be right back.
Oh, right now we're going to answer one.
See how exciting live TV is.
BETH HOYT: Let's see our first Twitter question.
This is from Garry Cohen.
"Chris, lately you've been busy with your documentary and
interviews, how do you make time for yourself?"
Well, I guess since everything is so self-involved, it is the
time for myself.
You know what I mean, like everything has to do with me.
Oh, and shout out to Garry.
That was my friend Garry Cohen.
He's my friend.
BETH HOYT: Maybe Garry means like when do you have time for
yourself, as in hanging out with your friend Garry?
No, I don't know.
No, he was just saying I need to call him soon.
But no--
I never.
I don't have any time for myself right now as far as
like friends go.
But this is a once in a lifetime experience, so this
is definitely still time for me.
I'm taking it all in.
As an artist and an actor.
This is the prime time for yourself.
CHRIS CROCKER: I'm excited.
Here's another Twitter question from catacombdweller.
"Sorry if this has been asked already, but is your doc going
to be aired in Europe?"
CHRIS CROCKER: I get asked that all the time.
I don't deal with distribution.
I hope and I'm sure that like HBO will work something out to
where everyone on the internet can get it.
So I don't know, I don't want to speak too soon.
But I don't know.
BETH HOYT: If we find out an answer, we'll
put it in the comments.
Here's another tweet and this is from GreenSeanP.
"What would you cook for a first date?
What about a one night stand?"
CHRIS CROCKER: Well, I'm in going on three year
And what I cook for him, our favorite meal is a spicy--
it's like a spicy vegan fake meat.
With like just chips and salsa.
But that's like our favorite little thing to eat.
BETH HOYT: Where does the spice come from?
CHRIS CROCKER: Like cayenne pepper and stuff.
But it's like a buffalo fake sauce for the--
BETH HOYT: Oh, the sauce is fake too?
CHRIS CROCKER: It's by Gardein.
It's by Gardein.
There you go.
BETH HOYT: So it's all it tastes just like the real
thing, but--
CHRIS CROCKER: It's so good.
It's our favorite.
BETH HOYT: OK, cool.
So we'll be right back with some more of your questions
from Chris.
First, check this out.
Wanderlust, the hilarious new movie with Paul Rudd and
Jennifer Aniston, and directed by our friend, David Wain.
It comes out on DVD today.
And on that DVD is a very, very special extra episode of
My Damn Channel's Wainy Days.
It's so cool.
We've got a teaser of it right now.
So check out this teaser and we'll be right back.
-Oh, no.
-I'm out of gas.
OK, I'm going to go see if I can find a phone somewhere.
-You've come to the right place.
-This is your house?
-It's a commune.
Yeah, uh--
So I loved hanging out with you guys.
I could really make my life here.

BETH HOYT: And we're back with Chris Crocker.
OK, so first-- now we're going to start with a YouTube
And this is from indieglee261.
"When will we see a full album from Chris Crocker?
Are you just planning to work on it after you're done with
the documentary?
Also, more real instruments."
well, a couple of songs have real instruments--
"Tug of War," "Hello," "Taking My Life Back." But as far as
like a full album, it's really hard because you've got to
wait on producers to produce and stuff.
So it's really hard.
But I don't know, hopefully sometime this next year once I
have time to breathe, then--
BETH HOYT: Is that on your bucket list, a full album?
CHRIS CROCKER: Oh, for sure.
BETH HOYT: What isn't on your bucket list?
CHRIS CROCKER: Yeah, what isn't?
A memoir, everything.
All right, wait for it.
It's coming.
Here's another comment from YouTube.
iTSaRyanThing, "Chris, where do you see yourself in five
CHRIS CROCKER: Well, iTSaRyanThing, I see myself--
you know--
I don't know.
I don't like to plan ahead.
Everyone asked me that today in all my interviews, like
where do you see yourself?
I think when you plan ahead it becomes boring.
I like to just trust my intuition and my inspiration.
Like why would you want to plan what you're going to do?
BETH HOYT: For me, I'm a total type A--
I'm not good at spontaneity and I like to plan things.
CHRIS CROCKER: But see, that's why we would be good friends.
We can balance each other out.
You can be responsible and I'll be like, let's go.
I'll be like, Chris, what's happening later?
And you're like, I'm making this vegan--
CHRIS CROCKER: Let's ride a roller coaster.
BETH HOYT: We'll see.
OK, so another comment from YouTube is karloslunatic.
"Chris, are you planning on doing any meet and greets
anytime soon?
CHRIS CROCKER: Good question.
I'm doing a few club appearances this summer, like
at clubs and stuff where I'll be at meet
and greets all over.
But other than that, I don't know.
I want to do some public speaking and stuff.
So I don't know, just keep up with me on Twitter.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, it's on your Twitter.
They can find that out?
BETH HOYT: Follow That.
This is a tweet, speaking of, this is from Heyfrances.
"What age did you begin to feel different?"
CHRIS CROCKER: I mean, I'm different?
I didn't know I was.
I mean, I don't know.
That's the thing.
BETH HOYT: So you're still waiting?
CHRIS CROCKER: I'm still waiting to find out.
But you know, that's funny.
I mean, I was told that I was gay before I knew what gay was
in my hometown.
I mean, I never knew I was different.
I was bringing Barbies to show and tell and I was like, why
are they looking at me weird?
BETH HOYT: Do you remember the first person who
said that to you?
It was the fifth graders when I was in kindergarten at the
lunch table.
BETH HOYT: OK, a tweet from LeeJonesLuvsU.
"What advice would Chris give to people who want to become
CHRIS CROCKER: I don't think it's good to just want to be
famous to want to be famous.
I think you're trying to fill a void and you didn't get
enough love as a child.
Which is funny, because people think I'm so attention
deprived and like fame hungry.
But that video happened just because it happened.
And I didn't tell TV stations it was on there.
Don't want to be famous just to be famous.
If you're talented and you want to parlay that into a
career, that's different from wanting to just be like Kim
Kardashian and Paris Hilton.
That's like wanting attention and you need therapy.
And you need to really practice your driving.
Because if that happens and then you get in any accidents,
just-- then it's all downhill, you know?
BETH HOYT: Your privacy's gone.
Think about that.
BETH HOYT: OK, so just seek love and good friendships.
CHRIS CROCKER: Seek love, good friendships.
Find out why you want to be famous.
Is it a career or is it the attention?
BETH HOYT: You got in here and here.
So that's been 10 solid minutes of My
Damn Channel LIVE.
And that's all the time we have.
CHRIS CROCKER: Oh my gosh.
This has been so fun.
We'll have to do it again.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, we'd love that.
Chris, what are you working on next?
What's up now?
CHRIS CROCKER: Well, I just want to say everyone watching
I'm going to be on Watch What Happens Live tonight
So this is like a fun practice for me for stuff that's live.
I've never done live stuff.
CHRIS CROCKER: And other than that, the HBO documentary airs
next Monday at 9:00 PM.
BETH HOYT: Awesome.
Check out Me @ the Zoo June 25 on HBO.
Watch What Happens Live on Bravo tonight.
Buy Wanderlust on DVD.
Tune in tomorrow for our big show with special guests Kurt
Braunohler and Gilbert Gottfried.
It's going to be a wild one, you guys.
Bring another granola bar.
You're my favorite.