Rob Riches presents the IHRSA 2012 (The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association)

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Hi guys and welcome to Prozis TV,
I am Rob Riches and today I am at IHRSA 2012 in Los Angeles, California
If you don’t know IHRSA it’s the International Health and Rackets Sport’s Association
showing some of the latest and greatest in fitness and group exercise class innovation.
And so follow me and lets check out some of the other booths along the way here at IHRSA
Well I think this is it we are here at the CrossCore station here at IHRSA 2012
But it looks as if these guys are barholics…
How are you doing guys, good to meet you all.
First of all tell me exactly what Barholics is…
Barholics is the functional calisthenics team
All natural calisthenics team? All natural, bodyweight, bodyweight you do not touch weights…
Yes we are just about natural movements and about trying to build strength and
trying to build all the attributes of fitness and not just trying to isolate one muscle at a time,
We are looking to be strong, flexible, agile.
You all look in great shape, are you telling me you don’t go into a gym
and do any kind of weight training or on the cardio machines?
We do cardio, but we do a lot of short high interval cardio which is 10-12 minutes
of high intensity, so we do that maybe 3-4 times a day.
A lot of our viewers out there on Prozis TV, they want to know the best way
to basically get in top shape for summer, they want to burn body fat
and show that lean muscular definition,
Regardless of bodyweight, I think what really worked for me
and it has always worked is a lot of bodyweight training,
A lot of bodyweight training something in with cardio, which is like high intensity intervals for 10-12 minutes.
So go hard, sprints, jumps
anything that is fast paced and really hard, take a few seconds and have a rest.
And just do it back and forth for 10-12 minutes along with the bodyweight training.
Now I have got one more questions,
you mentioned you don’t go into gym so its not like you can show an exercise for people to
go into a gym and try at home but,
From what I have seen you performing up on the bars,
what are maybe 2/3 exercises that our viewers can actually get out into the park,
or into the gym and start trying themselves?
Push ups are probably the no.1 exercise,
think about bench press, you are getting under a bench,
you are working these two muscles, also you are doing a push up
And you are pretty much in a plank, engaging your core, your abs, your lower back, your glutes.
You know so you are combining a bench press,
With a plank.
And that’s where functional training comes in, sort of limiting yourself to a specific range of movement.
Then you see guys that lift a lot curling maybe a 100lbs, maybe 120lbs and they are like… wow
what’s controlling a dumbbell, when you can't control your bodyweight.
Try push ups, its more impressive as well.
Its one thing to have a great six pac and be able to bicep flex,
but when you can do a body weighted press up,
And do what these guys are doing out on the bar,
then that’s going to be impressive.
Finally, speaking about bodyweight I have got to bring you out here.
Just to give you a comparison, in fact all of you come around me.
I weigh about 185lbs, a little bit taller but that height doesn’t come in. 185lbs.
What do you weigh? I weigh 160, 160lbs.
so 25lbs, that’s a full 25lbs plate lighter
and although I am going to keep my shirt down,
Lets show them the goods right now.
SO if you think abdominal crunches
and lifting weights in the gym is the only way you can get a tight six pac
and get in awesome shape, for the summer…
Think again because we are about to see what Barholics can do
using calisthenics functional training on the bar. Check it out.
So the benefits of using your bodyweight to workout is
you increase your endurance, you tone up, you lose body fat.
I mean something teamaholics have been doing bodyweight for over 2 years now,
We love our results, we feel healthier, we feel stronger especially our core.
So how do you start doing the calisthenics like we do?
Pull ups! Pull ups, dips, push ups.
Use the fundamentals to build you up to what we do.
Basics, do a lot of repetitions
Strict form and this will build you up.
Whats up guys? my name is Frank Midrano? I’m with Barholics, I am Vegan
I am going to talk to you a little bit about nutrition,
people think you need a high amount of protein and low carbs to get into shape,
to get to be strong and build muscle, but I am Vegan so I am here to tell you and prove to you that
You can get sufficient amounts of protein with lots of beans, l
eafy greens like spinach/broccoli, wholegrain breads, fruits and vegetables.
I eat a lot of carbs,
Obviously I take in a lot of calories because of the type of workouts that I do but,
I do take in tons and tons of carbs and you can still build muscle and stay lean with lots of carbs,
As long as you are getting the right carbs from fruits and vegetables, and leafy greens.
Again you get a lot of protein and the right amount of protein with leafy greens and
Beans and lentils.
So don’t be afraid to get a lot of carbs, you can be ripped you know like this
The great thing about the advanced bodyweight training is
you use so many different movements, so many different body parts all at once,
If you are doing a flag you are using your lats,
you are using your biceps ,your shoulders, you are using your obliques
So its not about just learning how to do one thing, just building your entire body
You know this I going to help, doing pull ups is going to build,
you know pressing on shoulders is going to help to build
You know core exercises are going to help to build and just incorporating everything,
bringing everything together so that you are utilizing your body as a whole,
And not just isolating one muscle at a time
we are trying to use everything complete,
synchronize your muscles, synchronize your body,
you know work stability and just kind of work
All dimensions of fitness and not just pure strength to build one muscle at a time.
Wow, those guys really are quite something else,
in fact when I get back into the gym,
I think I am going to try and incorporate some of those movements into my workout
I am not quite sure yet, but you know where you are going to see it.
Prozis TV on future workout shows and hey keep watching and join me next time,
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right here in the heart of the fitness capital of the world in Los Angeles ,California.
I am Rob Riches, this is Prozis TV and I will see you guys back soon