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It is then the view over Manhattan.
To the left looks l UN building, and on the right looks l --
- New York's second-highest skyscraper, Chrysler skyscraper.
Mrs Andreasen ... How high is New York's highest chimney?
I do not know, and it is also shocking indifference.
It is then the Empire State Building, world's tallest building.
It has over 6000 windows.
- Who is the man saw him? - The window cleaning officer.
- No, this is my uncle. - Stop it with the anxiety!
It is so 42nd street. It is, all the big firms is, --
- And it is also there, Empire State Building is.
Stop it, Jorn!
Elin ... Elin ...
Mrs Andreasen, who is one, throwing paper balls.
Now l quit! Otherwise shows I am not slideshow.
Willy ... Willy ...
It is then the intersection between 5th Avenue and 42nd street.
During the cross is an important hub for the subway.
42. street was the street we saw before.
Stop it there! Jorn, keep looking up!
Well ... It was crossed between 5th Avenue and 42nd street.
- There is one dog on the floor. - Stop it with this nonsense!
It is then the Statue of Liberty, which stands at the entrance to New York.
It is the first thing you see when you come sailing to America.
- Is it a soft, she is with? - Stop it with this nonsense!
- It looks so soft one. - I do not care!
So it is a torch.
- What on earth are you doing down there? - I lost my eraser.
You must not sit and wipe now! It is a tølperagtig appearance.
I will not show slides, if not l Be nice.
Liza! Look up at me!
Here you go to sit.
I am afraid that someone have misunderstood something.
l go to middle school, but this is a high school, not a public school.
l are taught by highly qualified secondary school teachers --
- And highly esteemed public school teachers Mrs Andreasen.
It is a privilege to go here.
I am surprised that some of you acting so undisciplined.
What do l you intend to do about it? Have you even some suggestions?
- Anne Mette? - We must try to behave better.
Yes ...
- Has Willy Bonde no motion? - Who, me?
I think the same by Anne Mette.
Liza has no motion?
Could not we give each other fines if we do not behave properly?
Yes. It was a proposal.
- Yes, Elin? - It is best, we will solve it.
I think it is true what Elin and Liza says.
I think it is true, what Liza and Elin and Mona says.
(School bell rings)
- Elin, I will not carry your bag? - Jo.
You may also like to take my.
Hello, Jorn! You may also like to take my.
- Are not you a little crush on Jørn? - He is otherwise completely crazy about you.
- There are others I like better. - Who?
- I do not know. Just other. - Liza?
- At l as to who I like? - No.
Søren Roland. It's because he smells so good.
- How do you know? - I can then smell.
- Who is in love with Willy Bonde? - Willy Bonde? l certainly not me!
Imagine being called Willy Bonde.
It must be awful. It is probably why he is machine cut.
What if I married him. So I called Elin Bonde.
What do l so on Lene Bonde? Phew!
- Anne Mette Roland, it sounds good. - And it smells good!
- There is a telephone. This is Mona. - Adhesive!
- She knows we meet? - I said I had to do homework.
Hey, Mona.
Yes, just a moment.
Hello? We have from page 1 20
No, we do not have to. Yes, yes. Bye.
I would bet she knows we are meeting.
- Let all be. - Helge, 2 ear.
- What you will not be sorry. - Willy, 2 ear.
- Well, I was now one again? - Willy, 4 ear.
- It will be damn expensive, what? - Willy, 6 ear.
Willy, you can not be known. Everyone must be involved.
- Why is Anne Mette say something? - Willy, 8 ear. Anne Mette, 2 ear.
Good day. Here you go sit down.
My name is Mrs Scheel. l should have had Mrs Andreasen --
- But she has unfortunately been taken ill. Why l get me instead.
l must do what l want to, just who is complete peace. Have you understood?
- Ro, is a city in Siberia. - Excuse me?
Ro, it is a city in Siberia.
Willy, you owe 8 ear.
8 ears.
Helge ... You owe 2 ear.
"Fine Rules for 2nd between ..."
"It is forbidden to speak in hours, after it has rung. 2 ears. "
"It is prohibited to place things on vascular tederet. 4 ears. "
It spelled "lectern" for a second once.
- Hired! - Next.
Liza, if I pay half of my fine, is it okay?
- Yes. - What can I do for you, baby?
- Who has a pencil? - Here.
- What should you do with it? - Secrets.
"Numse Ribbon included during baking. "
"Put the ticket in the terminal ... with the lady. "
Who took my swimming trunks?
Lene, I well borrow your soap?
Thank you.
So be it, Jorn!
All non-swimmers, came over to me.
- I forgot my swimming trunks. - Then you must swim with a bar ass.
Here is the septum, sharing the fox's body in two parts.
That is what we call ... Is there Does anyone know what it says?
- Diaphragm. - Yes. It is true.
Here we have hearts and lungs ... and down here is the guts, intestines, etc.
Intestines are picked out.
- Does anyone know what this is? - Here, Mr Særlang.
- The liver. - Yes, it is true.
- Mr. Særlang how old is it? - I would call it a young fox.
And then we have heart.
By l, the great vein, going from the heart, called?
- Jørn? - Aorta.
- I have no money. - Anne Mette says she has enough.
- I have a red cake. - I will also.
- I also have a red cake. - So you get it. How, my guest.
- Do I have all the toører? - Yes.
Hey, girls ... Have you seen this?
- The animal I would not be here. - Do not worry. It is dead.
- What do you have? - What do I need? Two red cake.
- Where's Elin at? - She was home early.
Oh, now come Adhesive.
What is the typical Adhesive to always go at our heels.
- Hey, Mona. - Flemming came.
Can you comfort you.
Here you go.
What about legs?
What head?
Aj, Jorn ...
We put up two rows. Men and women against each other.
- I'll take Anne Mette. - No, where is the fin.
That you may.
Go ahead, gentlemen ...
- Helge. - Elin! It can not be known.
We go right up here.
- Umm ... It smells good. - Stop!
And we take the lady in your hand and marching forward. Now!
Yes! We spread a little distance better and prepare for English waltz.
I show rolling basic steps first. It is such ...
Heel, toe, toe ...
Heel, toe, toe.
We're ready. Lord with right foot, the lady with the left.
Now! Heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe ...
One, two, three ... Right, boys ... now!
One, two, three, four, five, six ...
That so the Lord out. Will Carsten Lone and show how it should be?
One, two, now!
Yes, Carsten. It was nice. How should it be. Remember:
Heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe.
We're ready. Right foot, sir. One, two, now!
Yes. There is probably a, arriving late. Come hither.
There are two girls there. You must bow to one of them.
Yes, we wait in suspense.
We may well relax with a kwela.
Ready ... now!
"Ein junger Mann woIIte seine Freundin BIumen Scheck ... "
- It's called schicker. - Schick.
"VieI GeId hatte er nicht, monkeys are ging in einem Laden --
- Mit dem PIakat in Scheufenster ... Schaufenster. "
"Das BIumen sprich, da sagte der BIumenhändIer, --
- Für einen Mark fürchte das ich, my Kauns zu hören sein. "
- "My kaum." - "My kaum zu hören sein."
Reach. It may be Liza will translate.
"A lot of money ... He had ... not ...
... but he went ... in the shop. "
You should not advertise itself even when you are unprepared.
HaIIeIuja, haIIeIuja
baby Jesus.
It was good. Then we can proceed. Second verse.
But remember, the text is entirely different. Come!
Each sorgfuId sjæI bIiv karsk and gIad
Shake off your tongue pain
a child is born in David's city
TII consolation for every heart ...
It is too sad. Read the text, however!
"Every sorrowful soul, stay karsk and happy, Shake off your heavy pain. "
"A child is born in David's city To comfort every heart. "lgen!
Anne Mette? Come right in here. I just have to try it here for you.
Mom, there is something I want to talk to you about.
What is it?
We have a fine system in its class, and I should have a collection.
- I spent some money. - What does it mean, a fine system?
If we're talking an hour or forget putting chairs up, it costs 2 cent.
How much money have you spent, and how many had come in?
- Approximately 1 7 pounds. - Did you use them all?
I can not help you. You may even clear.
- The money is for the Christmas bazaar. - That you could mess you enter in.
- I did not know it was so many. - You've used them all!
You must pay them after Christmas. We must take them of your pocket money.
25 cents for a song, 5 for a penny in 2nd the raffle.
Come just closer, ladies and gentlemen, to the best school raffle!
Grand Prize: One pot chicken ready! Then there is food for Christmas Eve.
Come and dance in sin cave! We have an exciting partner for you.
Come and dance in sin cave! We have an exciting partner for you.
Come and win your last Christmas! Come just closer!
l 2 the raffle!
Liza! Are we not right in the 1st between?
God, how is this ugly! It has the søreme made good.
Are they burned? What do they cost?
- A penny for 25 and five for a penny. - Five, please. lkke any of the burn.
l will say only one plate, because we do not want to wash up.
- Do you know her with the pink hair? - May Brit. She goes in the 1st between.
- Who saw her the other? - Her name is shown LNA.
- LNA? Can it be called? - Yes, I think.
- L Will not cave into sin? - Yes, just a moment.
I must have eaten it here first.
It's suit!
- How much does it cost? - 1 crown.
- 1 crown? Do you think I am a millionaire? - Then you get a fascinating lady.
- What about girls? - We also have an exciting cavalier.
- How much do you think? - I am not for sale.
- Shall we not dance with each other? - Yes, but it's 2 dollars the pair.
- Can we not just look in there? - Nope! It is prohibited for children.
- Let da be! We are old enough. - Do not we look inside, just a little?
Okay, but watch out your small, vulnerable souls.
(Jazz Music)
The wonder I do not give a penny.
Who the hell is he?
Baby Jesus in a manger ìaa
although himIen was his own
his pillow here Biever hay and straw
dark it was on his Ieje
but the star of the house stood
and ox kissed 'the child's feet
haIIeIuja, haIIeIuja
baby Jesus
each sorgfuId sjæI bIiv karsk and gIad
Shake off your tongue pain
a child is born in David's city
TII comfort to every heart
TII child vii we grow into
and bIive children sjæI and minds
haIIeIuja, haIIeIuja
baby Jesus.
Elin, I would just like to talk with you.
We are moving to America after Christmas. I thought you should have it here.
It is an American silver dollar.
- What was that you got from him? - Do we not see it?
- Is it a Christmas present? - No. He travels to America.
It is an American silver dollar.
Elin where it comes from here? Where does it come from?
- I got it from a boy at school. - One of your own class?
No, one from one of the larger classes. A named Carsten.
- A, I sing in a choir with. - Do not accept gifts.
You must not accept anything from strangers. What did you get it for?
- He had to travel to America. - Then he gives you a locket?
- Because l sings in the choir together? - No, because he had to travel.
It would not provide such a gift. Elin, what have you got it for?
I do not know. I have not done anything.
- You must hand it back. - I can not do when he is gone.
Elin, you are taking you to take accepted donations from the big boys --
- Or anyone else. Return it back right away!
- I can not do when he is gone. - Then you send it.
I would not have it in the house!
- We need to catch Liza. - He's over here!
Liza, have you seen it? Maj Britt is here.
- Who should be on? - It should Soren Roland then.
No, I'm it! I count to ten.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Maj Britt! L will not be with to play columns?
- We must have our skates on. - Good.
Gotcha! Søren Roland, you are trapped!
I'm tired that it is always Niels Ole, who must decide. Are not you?
- Are you home? - Yes. My skates will not do.
Come on!
- Liza ... lsmand! - Lsmand!
You may also like to skate there.
Just throw your clothes here.
- Elin, who is it? - Helge. I invited him to cocoa.
l have to come into the room. l Do not Being alone up in your room.
lkke talk about! l can enter and be with us.
Yes. Just a little bit, Elin.
Mother, I would so like to have some new skates. The pigeons did not go.
You should get some Hudora like me. They are the best.
- Apart from the arts runs skates. - They are very expensive, right?
- Jo. The cost of 1 00 pounds. - It's too much money.
- You do not want you for Christmas? - I did not know then.
- No, but so you can save. - I saved for my self together.
Liza, they are all run together. Is that Maj Britt, you look for?
Yes, she is fucking sweet. Can you not understand, I love her?
Hi, l two! Hang back, so we make a snake!
Come, Gertrude!
- What is l? - My name is Liza.
And Gert.
I can not fucking control it!
He is so fucking horny, Kurt him.
Allan, damn! Come and light! Come with your bike.
Come and bright, damn!
I will therefore sur .. !
- Let me see it, Gitte. - So be it ...
Gitte, damn!
- Everyone says it is so nice. - I get so sour!
Gitte, damn! Let me see it.
How many lessons are for matching triangles?
There are five. What is this, you want to talk about? No. 1st
Two triangles are matching, when they have an angle --
- And its two adjacent sides demonstrated equal.
Excellent. Will you show it to us?
So we have something that is given, and something we must prove.
I will start to beat a stroke ...
And then I measure how long it is.
Excellent ... Incidentally, Elin, what kind of letter you have there?
Do we not hear the other, what is in it?
"Dear Elin. Should we not meet and go for a secret trip? "
- Aha. Who wrote it under? - There is no one has.
Who could imagine take a walk with Elin?
Nobody responding? Is there no one comes forward?
So I must ask: Who could imagine taking a walk with her?
- It can Jorn. - No, it can be saints ...
(Swing Music)
lkke more Chris Barber.
- Shall we dance in the dark? - No. They come home soon.
We can quickly turn on the light. Lene, we should not dance in the dark?
- I have promised not to turn off the light. - Just one dance?
- Liza? Should we turn off the lights? - We can do as well.
- Lkke, Anne Mette? - Jo.
( "When The Saints Go Marching In")
(The plate is in the same slot)
I dare say not.
- You can see it from down the street. - We can pretend that it is off.
- We could dance with your eyes closed. - Yes, but so should all do it.
- Lkke, Anne Mette? - Jo.
- We must all close our eyes. - So we just come together.
Where l is so childish! Should we not try, Anne Mette?
lkke anything to cheat! Torben, you must also close their eyes.
- Duut! - Duut!
Oh, where are you so childish!
Oh, where l is cheating all along!
(Music from the window)
- How did you fall? - With legs!
- How do you do? - Keep your fingers like this and blowing.
- Here? - Yes.
(More to lobster)
- Is it you who sit and summer? - Yes.
- Liza, you have primus? - No, it's Kurt.
- Hello. - Hello.
I would greet you from my mother. She always know where I go.
My mother must then not know where I go.
She seems otherwise, you are such a sweet boy ... and so well behaved.
My parents do not know what I am doing. Then mix themselves.
Do you know what my father says?
If I make a girl pregnant I can not count on the support.
- What? - Yes. It's nothing to laugh at.
- This is it. - It is he who is stupid.
Like Liza. He is also stupid. Do not you think?
If I was sweet on one another, I would have a crush on Liza.
He is a windbag, and he will Always determine. Can not you see it?
I can much better liked Søren Roland, or Thorkild.
Why does your dad that if you had children, they would not support you?
- It's just him who is stupid. - But why does he say that?
- I can not answer on his behalf. - It's strange to say so.
Have you seen what is here?
- Do not know what it is? - No.
Helge, drop it! It is disgusting.
It is a disgrace.
No, throw it, Helgi!
- What should l rest of the summer? - Skagen. l 1 4 days.
We'll a trip to Germany.
- Is your garage? - Yes.
Pigeons on? Pigeons mower?
Yes, I think.
Remember to lubricate the otherwise it is just and rusting.
(Trying to start the mower)
No, Elin. Now I have spent a whole afternoon.
How am I not. As you say.
I said nothing about you. I said something about myself.
- No, you may not. - What should I do?
You have absolutely nothing.
- Here. One each. - Elin! Take all of us.
As l know l should also have me the natural history of 3rd between.
I will be at camp together with Mrs Andreasen.
The school camp is from 27th-30th August. l get detailed message later.
The assignment, l have been given, be learned in advance.
l shares you in three groups consists of three boys and three girls --
- And working with the various tasks.
l form the groups themselves. There must be three boys and three girls in each.
Særlang? Do we not be four girls in a group?
No, there must be three boys and three girls in each.
- Mr. Særlang? When is it? - From 27 to 30 August.
Schoolyard fall festival with the camp?
- No, the camp is one week. - May we not well be four girls?
No, there must be exactly three boys and three girls in each group.
Otherwise, any questions?
This is Kai, to go into your class from now on.
- You are from Manchester, is not it? - No, Nørresundby.
(Swing Music)
Do not, Jorn!
So be it, Jørn.
- You must start. You are the oldest. - I will not dance close with Jørn.
- Who will you dance with? - Do not Jørn.
He has a bet with the saints. Him I do not like.
- Who can you suffer? Gertrude? - Soren Roland?
- Elin, you are the oldest. You must start. - Yes, just not with Jørn or saints.
No. I will not dance with you. I will not!
Do not beat! Do not beat!
Shortly, we take into Troldeskoven, where we are trying to find a "øjetræ".
Then helps team 1 in the kitchen Team 2 goes with me in the bog.
Team 3 yesterday with Mrs Andreasen up to the church.
Any questions? Thorkild?
Them to be out in the marsh, the careful, they are not quite seedy.
- Mona? Do you know what TRL mean? - No.
- Can you guess who's TRL? - No.
- Lene? Do you know what TRL mean? - No.
If you come down here, I'll tell you that.
- Lene? What does it mean? - You must ask the saints.
Here we saw "øjetræet". lfølge an old superstition --
- It was healed of English ill if you crawled through the hole.
There sits a plate! "On 21 July 1 952 --
- Crawled through our princesses tree to avoid the English disease. "
Do you speak EngIish?
I dreamed I was in a wrestling match, but it was my blanket, I held on.
I know what you dreamed of. What do Elsebeth it?
I do not know, but she is the sweetest girl in class.
She is perhaps the sweetest girl in class, but not at the school.
We should do cheek dancers Secret club, only to insiders.
Elsebeth, you will be with in a secret club?
- What was it called here? - Lide bell.
- This hot rain catcher, right? - Jo.
Elsebeth, you will in a secret club? I would ask from Gert!
It is enough sin for Kurt, but I have regretted it.
I think you should tell him it was a misunderstanding.
Why did you even Gertrude? Could not you have taken a second?
Elsebeth, you will not be with in a secret club?
Liza has been so frivolous after he began to run after Maj Britt.
She has ugly legs and a vulgar taste.
- Stated here does not rain catcher? - Jo.
Tamping rod, stop the thread ...
- What rhymes with "glue"? - Fist ... gruff ...
- What do l? - Something for evening entertainment.
- What rhymes with "flowers"? - Flomster ... klomster ...
On IejrskoIen many pIigter
from tidier morning TII soInedgang
we are pushing bIomster and Ieger poet
and look at churches the 'days Iang
we Iaver food the sausage
the bIiver hard as a stick gammeI
we survey's that sauce it is as kIister
but the suites are now the best chef.
Thank you for Elsebeth, Anne Mette and Lene for the good song.
Mrs. Rafmann stands for the next track.
l be all set hands under the table.
I send something around. l Do not look. Just send it on.
Are you with it? Well.
I know what it is!
Help! Help!
- Help! - Out!
- Have you seen that Elin hither stare? - Who? TRL?
Gert ... Elin would like to borrow your pocket knife.
Elin, came straight up here. Then you must borrow my pocket knife.
Remember, it must be with the tin opener.
It must be the tin opener, Gert.
Elin? You know, TRL what means?
You can almost guess who is TRL?
- How is it typical for TRL. - What does TRL?
Portable Travel Luder.
- Elin? Would not you? - No.
- Joan, will not you? - No, I do not care.
- Elin, you're not going to the beach? - No.
- Why are they so disgusted by you? - I do not know.
It is especially Jorn and Helge.
You need not worry. They are just a kidnapper.
What does it mean to TRL, they go and say?
I do not know. It is something that Helge has taken on.
Someone has removed the plate, who sat on øjetræet.
I'm not saying it's someone from here, but l know something the matter?
- Jørn? - No.
- Thorkild? - No.
- Gertrude? - No.
- Flemming? - No.
- Soren Roland? - No.
- Liza? - No.
- Helge? - No.
- Willy? - No.
The boys have all the answer is no, then it is certainly not any of them.
Yes ...
There sits such a handle over here.
- "... And the echo ..." - "Echo sounds."
"... Sounds so much, so much ..."
"... Under every tree in the white spaces ... "
"... Seems to us very green."
"It flows from the source."
Can you translate something, as better rhymes heil?
"... WohI noch so heII."
"I am calling for TRL."
Elin why we see no Anne Mette more?
- I do not know. - Or Lene?
It is because they all have conspired against me.
And you are absolutely sure it is not your fault?
- My fault? - You have not been too challenging?
- No, I have not. - I heard something like that.
- By whom? Who says so? - It does not matter.
It is certainly a lie. I have never done.
You will understand that there must very little, before people are talking.
It can also be a little too much about themselves. Why are saints not good enough?
Because he is the basest boy the whole class.
I think you try to be more adult than you are.
Therefore you are not in harmony with your class.
Try to take it easy and Do not be so much about you.
I'm not invited Niels Ole youth feast.
He has only invited Anne Mette friends and saw two girls from 2nd between.
- Congratulations for confirmation. - Thank you.
Congratulations for confirmation.
(Slow jazz)
Just move a little in it, As we see it.
Shall we go over to Sonja?
Just to jerk.
- Who turns off the light? - Elsebeth, turn off the light.
Do you think I am a big shit if I take Elsebeth? I can.
I do not know if I can be it is known to Gert.
It is also unfortunate that LNA took Thorkild.
No, I think I want to dance again with Flemming.
- Should I not help? - No, I'll cope.
I take the dishes.
- Well, you have to sit? - Yes, we have to change slightly.
- I want to go for a walk with Kiki. - It was a good idea.
- Where should I put it here? - There.
- Shall we dance? - Can we not wait a moment?
- Well, that was what you had, Kai? - Take Thorkild and LNA.
- That's it! - What did they do?
(Honk horn)
- There can be at most six. - Do you remember your plates?
Where is my bag now?
Good night. Thank you for tonight.
Thank you for tonight. It has been nice.
Well, l have had a good party?
- Kurt, how have you been? - I went for a walk with Kiki.
- How much should l be? - We lack Elsebeth.
I now come.
- Are you now all together? - Yes. The rest should be by taxi.
We are going the same way, so we can take a taxi.
l can take the tram. So I follow you through the forest.
You do not. We have called for a taxi.
No, what a cute dog. Doggie, come here!
Are you a cute doggie? What?
Are you kløes behind the ears?
What is this? You have some fine eyes.
You are a cute doggie. Can you give paw?
The last tram goes until 00:30. I can follow you through the forest.
- No, we can take a taxi. - I would like to.
Goodbye, Liza.
It's wonderful weather. I was not aware that Flemming was so cowardly.
- Do not you think it was cowardly done? - Jo.
You know what? There is something I want to ask you.
Do not you think Elsebeth has done to try me?
No, Gert. I think not, you must reckon with.
How should you be happy.
You Maj Britt. She sure is also a sweet girl.
Helge! Send just some pictures above.
Elin ...
- Are they from your party? - Yes.
Elin? Come right in here.
Come in and sit down.
What if you held a Youth feast? Do not you think it was a good idea?
- I do not think they would come. - Nonsense! Of course they do.
I think you should talk Anne Mette on it.
- I dare not. - Yes, you do so.
lnviter the sweetest of your class, so we make a really nice feast.
- I was not at their feasts. - Sometimes we must even break the ice.
How is it now again, Elin.
Anne Mette?
I have to keep youth feast on Saturday. Who should I invite to?
- There must be a 1 0 pieces. - L least not Gert.
- Well. Who should I invite? - Flemming.
We do not bother have LNA and Maj Brit with.
I do not think Liza and Maj Brit come together more.
What about Thorkild?
You might take a LNA with. So are we five girls with Lene.
- And so Liza and Kai. - And Flemming.
And saints. So we are also 1 0
- Because it is a minus brackets. - Yes, then switches minuses ...
- Minus x in the second ... - Yes.
It is again a minus brackets.
- 2x ... - Yes. Now comes the heavy ...
It is square. What is square of a double size?
Square of the 1st part plus the square of the 2nd context --
- Plus or minus twice ...
... product. And here is the square of a ...
Hello, this is Elin.
Farewell ...
- Yes? - It was Anne Mette. They can not.
They have forgotten they were going to party over at Mona.
What say you?
It's her, they call for Adhesive.
Balling Jorgensen ... It is not here. The door is open.
It is good one should not slide down it here.
- Hello? Someone at home? - Hey, Mona!
Hey, Mona. What many stairs. I put all my colas.
- Hello, Flemming. - Hello, Elsebeth.
- What did she do? - Lkke other than yes and no and goodbye.
lh, where I had it bad. I do not ring a second time.
Hey, Mona, your slender slut! Do we need a whirl?
I took a few beers with to make little things moving.
- Have you seen my new jersey? - Where is the smart, Willy.
It is red.
Hey, Willy. Hey, Mona. Helge is also now.
Liza, you will not be good put the air mattress pump away?
- Why should Maj Britt always? - You said 87, but it is 1 87.
- No, I said Kingosgade 1 87. - You said it was Kingosgade 87th
We were invited for coffee at a plumber, we just took off your shoes.
Jørn, you help me? Then we dance over here.
- It does not sit properly. - How Turn Your light now?
Here at the door.
Come on, Mona!
So it is good.
It is taken by a photographer. This is my dog. Is not that sweet?
- It's called Carlo. - Carlo?
It can be as good call a dog.
Is not it dear?
It consists of a drop of whiskey, little gin, brandy, port wine --
- And half a glass of red wine.
It will taste very good, if you get a cigarette butt in.
There are herring, liver pate, meatballs, eggs and a fish fillet.
Let us try the meatballs.
It is probably their søndagsmad.
- I smoked right through the chair. - Do not worry. It has happened before.
Shut up, man. They skipped all together!
No, Mona. It's my beer!
Mona, my beer!
What's going on here?
- Keeps l nightclub? - Yes. Hang clothes in the wardrobe.
What it says, Thorkild?
"On 21 July 1 952 crawled our three little princesses --
- Through this øjetræ to avoid the English disease. "
"But it is a ..."
"It is a lie."
"Zigzag ist ... is stronger than man. "
"The work ... has killed 3000, --
- But nobody thinks of it. "
"The work at sea ..."
(School bell rings)
Then we go to the morning song.
lkke anything with water!
- And it's wet ... - No, you do not!
What the hell you in May, Brit? She is damned as a forsuttet sweet.
- L Will not work? - No, she has had enough of me.
She has come together with a guy from another school all the time.
- No. - Yes, yes. The more the better.
- How is she. - How did you hear about the other?
From herself. And so she plays Trombone girl in garden.
She said she would get well join me at the same time.
But I'd like to fuck out.
- Who can sign the most obscene? - Here!
Now l just look here.
Here is a bridge ... here is a scrub ...
Here two seagulls flying ... and here are four hunters ...
The shooting at the gulls.
Nobody doubts, how it should be honored.
Liza, you'll be sweet to wipe the blackboard?
(Classic polo nose)
Are you ready? Take each other's hands. Polo nose has begun.
4. between, are you ready?
Where is Willy now? Why does not he? Oh, say!
LNA, come on!
Oh no! He is in shorts!
- Who will have it here? - It must Kai.
- Is there room for us? - No, only if you have booked.
- Who will sit there? - It is reserved for Mona.
l could have just ordered when we ordered other.
- Who will have it here? - It is you yourself.
- Who will dance Lanciers together? - We are together with Lene and saints.
- Where is the saint now? - He eats with his parents.
May I take with liver pate? I ordered three pieces.
I've never understood what l had against her. What has she done?
- Helge started it all with TRL. - We have all laughed at it.
In reality, I think she is a girl brandsød.
- Let's dance with her again. - It'll never saint with the.
Therefore we can others do it.
She'll probably not in high school. She has collapsed in nature.
Are you already started to eat? Do I sit here?
- I've ordered two pieces. - Flemming, would I have had.
- Do not you have more? - No, I have only ordered one piece.
Where were Jørn going?
Anne Mette, l have seen it? Jørn and Elin dancing cheek dancing.
Right there. She is purely for fun.
What is it?
You know you're a joke, right? I just think you should know.
- Because you're dancing cheek dance with Jørn. - It's not me, who want to dance.
- It is he who will dance with me. - Only to make fun of you.
- Just ask Anne Mette and Lene. - You is because I care about.
Then ask the others. You think because not he love you?
- I do not do that. - He knows you are willing.
So what? You are just here and is hypocritical. You are jealous.
Me? Jealous? What should I be jealous of?
- Elin ... - Let me go! The stick!
I say stick it! Let me go!
(Lancié Music)
Subtitling: Kirsten Mollerup SDL Media Australia