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last time on master chef I got scread
no home cooks dot was surprisingly good
riaz before ten minutes down saturday out
and called for
says that's one of the busiest hotels in the country
you disaster pretty tryna
to the pressure test time
under pressure
me too much attention
books this is going to be challenge follow
and meet with mixed reviews from the justice is delicious
looks like the white house at the same drag it back to the place
mengistu's the spirit of arrested for towards performance in office
i don't think there's little
and one more home-cooked
basic space inspecting
and the top thirteen
who may want to buy into money on that
welcome back
author of kitchen
there must be sitting on her rights
don't get too comfortable
you fights another mystery box challenge
the contestants have to prepare cook and present one stunning division using
nothing more immediately see huge signs the box
as usual
we will be watching you
like hot
we taste everything
observe everything as you go about creating this fish
look at those boxes
devito freak you know if you would sanders
locale for unique wants the state
mystery box history buff
unique anything
and mainframe that killed crowd final war yet
regionally became his job or if you don't stay usually janet listening
before your eyes gazing going just
u_s_d_a_ stories
t-bone steak
alongside and was selection of wonderful fresh produce
corn watermelon cabbage page
tarragon kayaking
and have recount
all of that in front of you
including that unifil stake will cost you less than fifteen dollars from
i think the walmart i definitely don't be configured with chemical to see so
many different things into systems and limited budget they could call you
really i remember
like always two boxes week dot used everything read it to you
in addition
you have access to the state department box
to predict study fish
okay you have sixty minutes to make watched amazing dished it we could sell
it any of our restaurants for forty dollars lost with just fifteen dollars
worth of wal-mart fresh groceries
just stopped
and relate to this
this is the time
everyday faces
would have to see some of the fascination
i think what i would do is take the people's cuts by scrubbers
faces off to a form for the nanny from grilled peaches topped with
uh... some of the tears on subsequent to finish most of us
one's starting flights
tonality next activities hopefully
now and i don't know i think i'll sing in the middle and i really wanna make my
way up to save my doctor back east and i've been alive but i i'm working my way
up that you know good luck
right even though i dont pradeep
interesting combination
villages is doing a lot of she made some sort of a part of cream and cheese but
throughout the state to do do a whole lot of t
the feeling was delicious and half of the five isn't even state doesn't lend
itself to be trying to stand out
yet coming
but he's making dessert
right to vote
passenger side
entrances of policy move buddy
next week
intimidated by sea bird
definitely i think it is actually succeeding being the only person during
was observed
time doing a pen and i think is a paragon and then persecuting turnoff
an authorization who's the top
uh... i think josh christine and myself were brothers
stuff on
you know she hasn't won anything abt down sound letter back it up and moving
specifically in the hope that helps us they could send his son tend to uh...
well president herbal medicine as well though
for beautiful evolution travel burlesque location if you don't know how to cook
they turn out but
dire just under five minutes talking about what you're choosing
have played it might have done it presented
ten minutes ago staffing the corn on the plane
changed address they don't like it
business where i would be texting phrase
that is in texas
prides itself on all that these plates looked amazing
plays the last hour the it did
by rolling out what
doesn't exist
thirty-seconds today
prides itself i don't think he's
placement amazing
thank you very confident isle of how my knee length and i've pulled out of my
denied and said that it is just visit
after observing and tasting throughout the trial
the judge's notes made one final look to identify three standouts dishes
like orange transplant
becuz groove would you do deserve you know that's not so sure
have now
jumps in
both ways
top fishes i would like to take
we actually thought that this individual is a want rick parlayed that another
trial goes on
they did something that never done before this competition
fish spokesman noxious free
on the side you have the yet replied
and then you have the candlelight slots and then i need a slow without parole
quorum and cabbage and the sauce i_d_ glaze dip and without the pieces an
entity and i put tarragon and sour cream
policy but
use now
reaffirmed the position of conditions
that's a pretty good dish well thank you
only thing that i would do more as despite touch more acids but everything
else is pretty spot on to death thank you so much of it
did looks like it to cite to me you had the whole message of pantry at your
disposal so
that i think is the biggest problem is the best for him and he is
but thank you guys
the second home called and made a dent in the top three
decided to try it
becky's ego is getting larger bagged a so thank you think it's called i'm going
to bombing
the other day was a beautiful picture
and that this belongs to
pilot tonya
his secondly dot marketplace
tylenol dot
all right well and
we start out by men in my state doesn't tear down all of the land hands-off
as libras like cabbage and then i'd buy a blank corn
carried a and that it's the second hand makes interpreting the size simpson
so this is your first time
in the top three mister box incidents
based on this i'm guessing it's not can be the last
you keep talking like that
in seasoning
then here you go far awesome
fifteen dollars
you've turned into something
workforce girls pixel pretty well thank you
will be tasting just one more dish
and this next home cook didn't go of the obvious way with the ingredients
felix made is amazing relied very frightening and just hoping that they're
not talking about her
craned their commenting
in the top three
come on
what the hell is judges know basing this on enemy driving breezy
need line
cared so
obviously right desserts and i know that he says he thinks her and i'll say that
she would tear down the fact of the most of the key issue with a little bit of
breezy seagate to sweden too concentrated
the physical um... teachers really tough much
he went out of the mystery box and it all the time
is beautiful
because of its simplicity
so i think it's important for everybody here to realize how much plane can
elevate your dish
anything right
all three people
transcending vicious incredible
i really need to limit really wanna get that advantage on the next challenge
com death when i want her to call me
morelos then hindsight never shine that never been at the top of anything in
this competition so far and when i when
i know that i'm good enough to win it might be said about steps i want to
wednesdays so
his advantage
lex faces competition
that this belongs to
in this challenge
our home cooks have returned fifteen dollars a person can produce from
walmart into a ditch the judges could charge forty dollars for work
i_q_ developers
lex faces competition
estate challenge
curry lady at
frank thank you congratulations sonya with us
ronald dot mcdonough
f twice always the bridesmaid never the bride
conferences she don't count the paper
going knowing you like
ticket like him and crime
welcome as the winner of the mystery box challenge tonya enters the
master chef
where she is now in control of the elimination
the theme of today's elimination test is
uh... loved his name
my favorite dessert is a classic battalion favorite literally means
picked me up
statement but
cscs guested terribly still will a reserve lady fingers sold an expresso
and of course
must go up on it and he's and it doesn't rain of cocoa powder delhi my favorite
dessert is an all american classic
strawberry shortcake
tickets not a combination of crumbling take
and flocking with
clearly the easiest last week
fight isn't but amazing delicious very technical british trifle
tribals a phenomenal deceptively simple looking for a case complex
all three will be served
there are two more things you said no
you what the court date
so you're safe from eliminate
states also second
dues which of them
makes what
balmoral belong
hotel is
all reporters alone make jokes it's added traffic
which four remaking grams
and which four to make this very technical
tuna on will select the worst thing he's got a great time bottom reached were
mostly young girls
will be eliminated last chance
in the tamale my word that you have to think
acts that you know develop competitors
or something simple
twelve guys
pleading with the balcony facing q
like that
contactus sites
created this eliminations test
meantime deals guilty about whatever decision
city dismayed which makes me feel like will mean something's about to go down
and completely on
often isolated challenge this
the most of the apple pie and now they want to go to favorite dessert
armchair five athletes are fine
the meal dot should prophetic dot
my favorite dessert
the official
my personal favorite
it's carries with it
my predecessors
what hell as a trifle
this is a faulty jaise
but she has chosen people make
what decides
have been from the thing that i think they're going to do
also acts
websites that tables
the west's icing strong personal checks
the west facing trifle
i'm anniversary
we leaving
the master chef
for the huge manage city up amongst batman
not only is high negatives using might need to have to be she gets issues who
we're competing against
are you all ready
today or into the country
to find out which dissolves solid choice here
yes jaffe
why do you guys at sixty minutes to make out favors
york time
now r_b_i_
how do we know it
us the money
by the tractable
yet opinions spacey bikini martina michael
unlimited bottom three today through this project
suresh orchid
thank you john sorry for her birthday
tony's going to have a combat because so good right now there's no way i can
screw up
time it uses the recruiter mrs
from competing against frank anna and felix they are the strongest cooks the
leftist competition
rates are down in something
becuz faces monte and josh stands before them
and that we can test
families title timeout
focused on the surface we've got colleagues got might interesting
connie chose strawberry shortcake for me and i think out of the three that's
probably technically
one of these your wants to work with so
make it on
i had my ex-army shortcake because
he's a friend of mine in from the south africa a heat and i know he contracted
often contaminated
team service it was very competitive group
you have david
arnelle felix and then you have frank
it would be great i think it's an all in the back which every show but i A
outdated happen today my friend whether you're wrong
well the perfect service to as much as the sweetest subsidy
expresso has acidity and the cocoa powder has been in a city too so it's a
contest of sweet
impassive life
of the don phillips said cleanup acquitted uniform hyphenated on a break
and wife replies files
that's risky
one-in-four through the fog three anyone to go home today endured a conservative
group not going home today
how's it going to
i think it's going pretty well my dear friend there
yesterday about their that group
are you happy with the way it came out predict a fight
marceca paul it's like a little so we put a little salwar
the space for you
and you've managed to take must grip on it which is like a light
delicacies entered into for instance
the thing about this elimination
squeeze the judge's favorite desserts complex theresa
support strawberry shortcake
technical british trifle
for women to the city blocks tonya dot submit which dessert each home-cooked
would have two minutes
becky spaces won't take jobs so you're making a lot of component to that costed
settle the claims funds cake
a skeleton
for make them more abed
there's a lot of tasks for the cost a lot of technique
trying to find out if the c_v_s_
william ginsburg on the top competitors melanie knows that ms
using all your talent
throw away the key animated make friends
i am ready to be the top dog has competition
intimidated to ask every
complex in this competition is more scared of you defeated
antonette notable because there's so many companies prostatic
out well this is supposed to get however action cannot seek a delicate
known as desire cropped thank you for actual
because i know she is my fears as competitors
when he tells me that you find i don't even know what he means by that he
constance language mail entirely understand sometimes
the possibility that it would have a job well
when says needs finds
and somehow that computes in my mind into aligning leaking yours
have had some anything i could borrow
many when i'm back to late evening as i could borrow thank you sarah
starvation make easy
vicious mercado we've got polly scott
might interesting
that's what they have to be
crumbling havana larry
little bit of filter
down the visible served in the whipped cream chantilly is definitely the most
we have today leaving the struggle
i think that tell you
these as a way of making himself his own worst enemy
i'm making us all the air
really hopeful about
scott today k_k_k_ if they have
how much did you work this bill
she needed pretty decently i thought i remember you want this to be flaky if
you want anything portrayed just like that hydeia i hope that you know we
needed to start with a pasta
and he's got assembly shortcake because it's so easy he's got some troubles with
desert in the past but
and worried for a fact
stock assembling your designs
screens on fire
piecing together
usa fog the
a supposedly highlighting and brasser like an impressive
marks you hollywood players are on the middle east are workers
seventy five
i don't know anybody that doesn't start apartment in a struggle
this challenge has set the troubled supported by the triple crown disaster
policy that is really sad
finished separate secretive ready to start to think it is a crisis under the
terms of
i was worried about david ventilation rightfully so felix she's doing bike if
reform construction
waded through recent you really see but you never know if you could pull it off
what i've seen scott overworked has dealt
his shortcake's are like
almost like little hockey pucks over
decorations useful
these improvements
japanese he has done despite being underneath the plane
the second thing out
laughed at six differently
they frankly some for us airplane failure
so that they authorized sellers most retrace a fight which is a speed was in
each category allspice managed
lets the other texts
so let's begin with services
okay felix
felix is dear miss you
mostly could stopping clayton manson
legal homeowners on
villa zero it out there
it looks like
man i a m ever
you saw the standard reported out there we are still executed and come back but
this is so disappointed
this valuable
which could not turn here
i like mac
macadamia nuts
when the time to do so
pain understanding what we're doing here
what's happening is that it's looking at it
usually more than asked anyone in the kitchen items are beautiful
but that's not you know
such a small state possible with the liberals falling off the side another
trial occurred recently in atlanta linux it's terrible itself
it off
waiting swayed back and i mean that's nothing
and it looks
side as you do
because it's a mess
alcohol over the place cream on the voters that's it
but just like the sweetness week this week time
and it's just too much
green quality
who was performance in office
been stressful
in tonight's elimination challenge remaining home cooks made three of the
judge's favorite desserts
is a mess
christopher marsh
but felix is terrible soooo turned a favorite
was performance in office
and then there
i feel horrible florida someplace i wouldn't wish my worst immediate job for
the story
doing addition has executed for you
did a good job with your layering
that's been true inside
the kind of goes forward
through the heavy lady fingers you continue with this
balance in the city again
next lip service to is bright
at uh...
yes we do is on there
super balance
you did the lady fingers justice breaks open
not too much
the layers of their beautiful
that you think it
but could face the terrorists is from david martin
i think time yet to meet under training disappointed
and they're only
starfish ready for the train to come
playlist myanmar's capone with
trendy and marsala wine pandering cockpit with has on us
because it really sprinkles prisoners onto mr
tall are dead two missing names pick me up
uses began
this is the first time i've ever made attorneys to that's pretty apparent
but so was water is still for
uh... i'd believe right over so many different areas
it's kind of grows
i apologize for them
they still want tasting i wish i could send you envelopes
because this is really
really awful
i know what to do that
please take it
for very red very that's not deal with some blue orange juice and some are
and they are so did not create
facing a banana split and
brosser posted in the last word
this is like a bowl full of cream
bananas and there's like no proof
he doesn't have to be uniform here in the years
it's all over the place you know and being able to scoop down
come up with a spoon seat all the craftsmanship but also we tasted giving
them little bit of all that together even that's what you have to work on it
brian's or is that nothing
raspberry gelatin with raspberries raspberry requiring
forty nine mr gary i denied anything
is delicious
companies recognize nobody more money more sponds k consultant stories and
others computer
space because they're basically
this is the anti-immigrant home without it
that means that i agree that editor
paint ex-wife
i made a lemon curd and fold it in some asked on and then a little bit of tested
on animals
reading this
seasonal bold move great job paintball club
suburbanites blair's american and you missed the sprinkles on intricate and
anything it's definitely just being here and here
project is given credit
three so i went ahead and take some creative license on it just went my
trusting my palate
let's look a psychic
babies walking over her has been as usual hers looks stunning and obviously
soon farm groups which are the world
so i_v_f_ bradbury and aren't super celebrate cars fire water
and i also dedicate custer where women grass and not being there and i would
start sleeping with serena's
you have a strategy in presenting us with such
dissonant flavors uh... no certainly not indicates that your pension i thought
that the starkness was certainly a very strange fit
whereas stacy's dish
is kind of like a symphony imbalance an elegance
this is cacophony of dissident flavors that make absolutely no sense
complete excess quite frankly an embarrassing dish that i would need to
i don't think there's a whole
strong flavors and that seems like a sort of mouthwash
tiny place for that's the right
candied orange peel
depending on his paying too much attention turns that everything starts
but you trying to sell
in all honesty
i don't know
if it was time his intent
to knock you out the competition and send you home
there was a strong possibility that
that's what you might just
in all honesty
i don't know
if it was time isn't tent
to knock you out the competition and send you home what
there's a strong possibility that
that's what you might just dont
all right
the first strawberry shortcake that i would like to see belongs to cal
looks like you and shot this thing and drag it back to the plague
i had to put something on the plate did showed a little bit of fighting skills
well when big i mean um-hum tired of being in the middle interesting design
weird i mean have you seen what winning play it looks like in this competition
because it will close at all when played or go home plate villas glucose through
their own
poorly executed on for four
andover elaborate
christine is not a big fuss over skylights cover is but i really want is
just how to be a little bit more creative into a different way because i
feel like they usually saved within a comfort sound
so but itself to the system like directed
however strobe shortage is a classic for reasons dot blackberry
bahbah special takes a i'm struggling to find
tell me what you did hamare little strawberry farm treasure with the right
ventura crushes name
stars really good thing
the shortcake
settled the sweetness
uh... like the the story for mac citizen is concentrated flavored has forced
plating and dishes a whole this is one of your best thank you very much for job
thank you
last but not least scott
unit bus stops
i'll start making this my china dentists
discotheque shift
we have a full spendthrift shortcake
bizarrely city flaky
overheated confused to making pasta
at this stage the conditions that those still displays
titled is almost like a maths like the shaadi stopped
over dents
we're creams too sweet
this dish might've lots of probably might go to the answer that's about it
study now it was very good
friends and i know he's one of the few people here that i will be friends with
for a long time paid that he's the one i have to be
better him than me
freedom it's area sandwiches absolutely band
alternative decided along with the hollywood three in the world this is
and save lives
postings that bristol farms
beginning with the attention span
pooper scooper tom-toms competition
the worst companies category
illumination tonight
blue or green
bottles while standout dished out
took at risk
to make it work
effect well done
it is the top three moments probably of my life
jumping out of an airplane ingrown ramsey eleven
thank you jeff
this is a elimination test
police one thousand
will be leaving must check
who has oblast services place
the person who will be
in the bottom three px
from term issue
i do not want to get back to home i'm buried and but here you see them at
night absolution buoyancy show
well the world's so we thought
the absolute
bottom of the barrel
along to scott
i'm still in the competition
bombing welcome sunroof
conference modell more than an economy because
don't get the dispute martyr for that but the world's private life
belongs the bottom
accommodations nicholas flavorings
so you got busters carolina hype
it was wrong in every aspect
your saving crisis
goes to work stitches annuals but just a shit
support please
you have a future incidents
fiddlers contest
the journey
has been extraordinary
six want to say
to scott's
beat get back to station
descartes unselfish act this year
in tufts
continued refrigerator thank you thank you all it's been an honor
take the right foot off
place illustration
the best thing and i think with the competition is experience for a job
irewards so much from the three gentlemen and also i thought competitors
um... absolute
discovery natasha
but what if it is again we hold an optimistic even with my own life
next week on as usual
and with stacy in the driver's seat there is still treating some
and when pressure test proves too much to handle
uh... one more master's degree
convicted on all around
d d d d d