Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : Celebrities are Defined by Audiences

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

In this segment we're going to actually define the word celebrity because you know celebrity
can be anyone well known within the public eye in their field of discipline. It's not
just sports figures or famous film stars or performing artists or television stars. It
can be a famous scientist an author a director. Anyone who is famous amongst the people in
audience. Which means that a celebrity is going to be defined by their audience. For
example if you were doing a special event at a senior citizen home and you decided to
invite Ashton Kutcher . They wouldn't know who he is. Conversely if you were doing a
spring break event and you would have Betty White there. Oh, my God they would have no
clue who she was but trust me at a senior citizen home she would be a hit. So before
you decide to work with a celebrity define who your audience is because the audience
is going to be your definition of a celebrity.