[ENG] 110622 SJM Eunhyuk Message To Fans + Kyuhyun Henry interfering @ Yahoo Music

Uploaded by CHOCOTRADEMARKSUB on 22.06.2011

Thank you.
Hello everybody. I am everybody's Eunhyuk. I am Yahoo's Eunhyuk.
It is a very sad thing. Although it is a sad thing for us too.
The sad news for you all is coming true now. I am going back to Korea already.
Although it is such a pity, but, during the promotion activities in Taiwan, i am really very happy.
The things that happened in Yahoo, i won't forget it! (Kyuhyun passer-by)
During this period.. Dancing, Singing.
Through all these teachings, the time spent with you all, i won't forget it!
If there's time, i wish that you could come to Korea for the filming.
No matter what, i will miss you all.
(Kyu kicking Hyuk's butt again!) Next time.. I won't say anymore.
Next time when we come to Taiwan again, must! It's okay.
Next time if we come again, i will prepare lots of interesting lessons, stories..
I will try my best to let the audience of Yahoo to have an enjoyable time.
Now, at my back.. There's nobody there.
These (actions) are all prepared by me. everybody, you don't feel boring right? It won't be uninteresting.
Because i am doing it seriously so i am really happy.
I think that Kyuhyun is about to come in now. Counting to 3, he'll be appearing.
See! Kyuhyun came in. Everybody, it's interesting right??
Untill now, it have been Yahoo's happy video.
Very happy! Even though we are going back to Korea, we will be thinking of you all.
Everybody, please stay healthy and i love you all. Thank you!
Have you seen that? I have eyes in my back. Kyuhyun is walking here and there behind me now.
I won't forget this feeling! Very happy ^^