New People in the Cast & Crew - The Guild Behind-the-Scenes S6 Ep 2

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Oct 9, 2012

FELICIA DAY: So do you have any tips for Dion and Floyd?
Because he's a little eccentric, I notice.
GARGOYLE: You have to get them to release the expansion.
Just follow your heart, Codex.
That's from "Neverending Story." I recognize that.
SANDEEP PARIKH: So we had a real change of pace this year.
And now Sean Becker, tear drop.
FELICIA DAY: Unfortunately, Sean Becker had a conflict
that we couldn't work around.
We love Sean.
So I was on the hunt for a director.
KIM EVEY: We wanted Chris Preksta to work with us,
because we really loved his work on "Mercury Men." He's an
amazing visual director.
And then he also has this web series called, "Pittsburgh
Dad," which shows that he's got a really great comedic
style as well.
FELICIA DAY: There were a very few people that I thought of,
because it's very unique directing a web series.
You have to really know it's a lot you're getting into.
It's not a traditional set.
You have to move eight times as quick as a normal set.
SANDEEP PARIKH: The thing that I pulled away from Chris is
that he has a voice.
And when he's on set, you know he's on set.
And you know that he's at the helm.
SUJATA DAY: Things could get stressful, because of our low
budget and everything's on a time constraint.
But I think he did a good job balancing the having fun, but
getting work done too.
ROBIN THORSEN: He had a great sense of humor, which is
always nice when you're working with someone who's not
completely terribly too serious.
It was very relaxing.
JEFF LEWIS: He seemed to appreciate my sense of humor.
He was totally up for things.
And we were sometimes rushed for time.
We couldn't always do the little things we wanted to do.
I thought he was great.
I had a lot of fun.
VINCENT CASO: With the game team, we were all really
floored with how we've sort of put together an alternate
Guild, in a sense.
SANDEEP PARIKH: We have our doppelganger cast.
We were joking throughout like, oh man, if this gets
picked up, this is going to be cast.
FELICIA DAY: Ted Michaels, who plays Floyd,
was cast last season.
He was a big improv buddy of me and Sandeep and Jeff's in
the Empty Stage Theater years ago.
As far as the other people, I created these archetypes.
DEREK BASCO: Actually the role I play, Derek, that dude is--
he just screams funny.
He sweats funny.
Everything he does is funny.
Make sure you order five cases of the pig's feet.
FELICIA DAY: We conceptualized Roy as being a little bit more
nerdy, like a real uptight nerd guy.
And he came in with this stoner thing that is just so
out there that it just made us laugh so much.
KIM EVEY: There was this aspect of Theodora where she
had this habit of just trailing off in her sentences
for no reason.
And I thought, what is that?
Who does that?
And then I thought, you know who can do that and be really
funny is Alex.
And she came in and nailed it in the audition.
So I was really, really excited that I get
to work with her.
It's great to have her on the set.
ROBIN THORSEN: Her monotone delivery
is just out of control.
It's really funny.
KIM EVEY: I loved Corey's audition.
When I read Donovan, I thought that he was somebody who was
very shy and very geeky.
I saw him as a guy who was so into coding and programming
that he just couldn't deal with humans.
FELICIA DAY: He's not broadly comedic, but
he's a subtle actor.
And I really appreciate that about him.
Sula, the community manager, is played by Sujata.
ROBIN THORSEN: She's really funny.
She was awesome.
FELICIA DAY: When I was creating Sula, I had her look
in mind, this kind of slightly hipstery, but kind of uptight
girl who ruled her roost with an iron fist.
VINCENT CASO: I knew, from the day we did the read-through,
that this was going to be really fun, when they just got
into character and it was fricking riotous.
It was hysterical.