Ram Lakhan

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Sister Sharada, you are here in this weather tool
I have been watching you since 1 7 years.
Every morning, you come to offer miIk to Lord Shiva without faiI. .
. .whether it is winter or summer or rain or thunder.
Sister, after aII, there is some mystery.
There is sureIy a story behind your siIent devotion.
Story? Ask Him who has written it.
But I want to hear it from you.
Priest, the story is stiII incompIete.
I wiII definiteIy teII you when it is compIete.
It has started to rain heaviIy. Sister, wait for some time.
Shyam l Son, cIose the windows from insidel
The rain water wiII come in.
''He chose his pIace of action when the time came.''
Sharada, dear, Iook, aunt has come, everything wiII be fine.
Greetings, grandfatherl
BIess you, dear Ram l Come sit here.
Grandfather, wiII my younger brother come today?
Yes, dear Ram, today your younger brother wiII come.
Father, the sun has come up, brother Pratap has stiII not returnedl
I am very worried about him.
He must be in troubIe.
But, advocate, I wiII Iose everythingl I wiII be ruinedl
Pratap Singh, the court has sentenced Bhanu and Bishambhar. .
. .to four years of JaiI for smuggIing.
But, advocate, who wiII pay the huge debt they have incurred?
You wiII have to pay the entire debt.
I? No, no, advocate, I have never borrowed money.
Listen, Pratap Singh, IegaIIy, if one partner goes to JaiI. .
. .then the other partner has to cIear aII his debt.
And the entire borrowing was done in your company's name.
But advocate, I. .
Idiotsl What was our fauIt?
Was it that we gave you sheIter in our house. .
. . because you were my uncIe's sons?
That I made you partners in my business?
Was this my fauIt?
Was this my fauIt? TeII mel
Idiotsl You kept on gambIingl
You kept on smuggIingl
You kept on borrowing in the name of the companyl
Bishambhar, you shouId have been punished to die Iike a dogl
Like a dogl
Pratap Singh, caIm downl
It might so happen that you too wouId get impIicated by the Iawl
Son, they have committed a sin by betraying our trust.
That is why they are undergoing punishment.
Father, we wiII undergo punishment and not them.
Father, you have committed a very grave crime. .
. . by making them partners in your business.
How can the entire debt be cIeared?
Who wiII come to free this mansion from mortgage?
Grandfatherl Grandfather, my Lakhan has comel
Lawyerl Lawyer, my Lakhan has comel Lakhanl
UncIe Shambhul UncIe Shambhu, my Lakhan has comel - What?
My brother Lakhanl Show him to mel
Mother, Iookl Brother Lakhanl
''My two precious gemsl One is Ram, the other is Lakhanl''
''My two precious gemsl''
''My two precious gemsl''
''One is Ram, the other is Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
''My two precious gemsl''
How couId you aIIow Bhanu and Bishambhar to enter the house?
Despite knowing how much iII-fame and troubIes. .
. .we had to face because of them l
I know, son, I know everything.
But, do not forget that they are my Iate brother's chiIdren.
And, now, they have served a term in JaiI.
Now, they must have reformed.
They are not human beingsl They are beastsl
Whatever, but I have given them permission. .
. .to stay here for one month.
Sister-in-Iawl - Sister-in-Iawl
What are you doing?
You are Iike a Goddessl UncIe aIIowed us in the. .
. . house because of your suggestion.
I do not know how I wiII be abIe to return your favoursl
You are eIder. You are brothers.
Get upl PIease get upl
Brother, go upstairs, sister-in-Iaw and Deboo are waiting for you.
Lookl For four years, I have waited for you.
My parents cannot support me any Iongerl
Sister-in-Iaw, why do you worry?
We have made provisions to Iive here for one month.
That is okay, but, what after that?
After that, this mansion wiII be oursl
ReaIIy? - Pratap is my sonl
My entire property, which incIudes this mansion. .
. .agricuIturaI Iands and warehouses. .
. .wiII go to Pratap and his sons Ram and Lakhan.
But it is my wish, that out of my 1 05 acre Iand. .
. .25 acre Iand shouId be given to Bishambhar and Bhanu.
Grandfatherl Grandfather, pIease pIay with usl
Yes, dear, I wiII pIay. Wait a IittIe. .
Sirl - Yes, my son?
I have written down aII your instructions in the wiII.
PIease sign it.
Son, you have written it in EngIishl
But I don't know EngIishl
Sir, signature can be put in any Ianguage.
Don't you beIieve me? Let me read it to you.
No, no, there is no need for that.
You must have written everything correctIy.
Sir, I expect you to pIace your trust in me.
What are you saying?
Son, you are Mr. Sharma's son.
And Mr. Sharma was not Just our Iawyer. .
. . he was Iike a famiIy member.
Pratap, you forgot these sweetsl
It's a Iiel It is fraudl
It is a conspiracyl
Bishambharl Bishambhar, I wiII never aIIow your fraud to succeedl
Brother Pratap, this is not fraud.
This is the wiII made by your father.
And he has signed it.
What happened?
Sharadal Sharadal Did you hear?
They are showing father's wiII to mel
In it, the entire business, property and this mansion. .
. .are transferred in the name of these twol
And to you and me. . that oId house. . and 5 acre Iandl
Mr. Sharma, teII me, is this true?
Yes, sister, grandfather had caIIed me and dictated aII this.
Do you mean to say that father intended to Ieave his reaI son. .
. .to wander on the streets?
I am not ready to beIieve even if God comes and says sol
Pratap Singh, you wiII have to abide by whatever is written in the wiII.
You wiII have to Ieave this mansion as per the wiII.
You wiII have to Ieave this mansionl
You wiII have to Ieave this mansionl
You wiII have to Ieave this mansionl
Are you Iistening? Next week, we have to ceIebrate Deboo's birthdayl
Deboo's birthday wiII be ceIebratedl
And it wiII be ceIebrated with pomp and spIendourl
Motherl I feeI very hungryl
It is EngIishl
Mother, shaII I bring miIk from there for brother?
Mother, I am going to get miIk.
Motherl My stomach is painingl
Wait, I wiII aIso come.
I wiII Just be back.
Have funl
Mother, Iookl What is this?
Ohl AII this JeweIIery is Iying openIyl
Mother, this is ours, shaII I take it?
No, son, this is not ours.
I wiII put it there.
Oh, Godl You are in my room l
Ohl These are my ornamentsl
Are you Iistening?
She is steaIing openIyl
Sister-in-Iawl Sister-in-Iaw, Iistenl
Why are you shouting so much? What happened?
What is there to happen? She was steaIing my ornaments.
I caught herl
No, sister-in-Iaw, I was putting them away safeIy.
Of coursel Now you wiII say that onIyl
Because you have been caughtl
You are Iyingl You are Iyingl
My mother has not committed theftl
Look, the thief's son is speakingl
Sister-in-Iawl - One minutel
HoId her, I wiII caII the poIice right awayl
Have aII of you gone crazyl WouId I commit theft?
In the circumstances you are facing. .
. .a woman wouId become not onIy a thief but a witch tool
Curse on youl
You are Iying and on top of that aIso abusing my motherl
FooIl You are beating a womanl
You are beating a chiIdl
Look at him l Look at him l
Thiefl - Nol
Get out of herel - Leave mel
Get out of herel
Brother-in-Iawl Brother-in-Iawl
Get outl Get outl
This immoraI woman entered my wife's room. .
. .and was steaIing her ornamentsl
Don't you dare to step inside this mansionl
Did you understand, you witch?
How dare you?
You idiotl You pushed the daughter-in-Iaw of this mansion?
Leave mel Leave mel
You idiotl Wicked manl
Come herel Fight with a reaI manl
If I cannot chop you to pieces. .
. .then Bhanupratap Singh is not my namel
Leave mel Leave mel
Nol PIease don't do thatl Don't do thatl
You are under my oathl
You are under my oath, pIease return homel
It was my mistakel
I made a mistake in going therel
PIease return homel Ram is very iII, pIease return homel
I wouId never want bIoodshed to take pIace in this mansionl
PIease comel You are under your chiIdren's oathl
You are under Ram and Lakhan's oathl
I wiII punish you for the charge you have IeveIIed at usl
You have pushed out father's daughter-in-Iawl
Remember this, Bhanul Remember this Bishambharl
Remember everythingl
I wiII take revengel
Remember everythingl I wiII take revengel
Pratap Singhl Good manl
Kesariya ViIayatil Very bad manl
It is EngIish one. Drink itl Come onl
Idiot Kesariya ViIayatil
He used to seII country Iiquor. .
. . now he has started seIIing EngIish Iiquor.
Brother, he has bought a coupIe of trucks.
Bad manl By transporting Iiquor and hashish. .
. .you can earn so much that within six months. .
. .you can recover the cost of the truckl
Brother, why not seII off the agricuIturaI Iand. .
. .and buy 25-40 trucks?
This property beIongs to Pratap Singh, not to youl
God wiII never forgive my crimesl
Tomorrow I wiII teII everyone. .
. .that I had frauduIentIy made a wrong wiII.
I had written the wiII in EngIish, and made Baba sign it in Hindi.
Bad brotherl
He has faiIedl
Let me pass him l
Bishambharl You idiotl I wiII bring the poIice right awayl
Right nowl
Bad manl
He has faiIedl
He has passedl
Bad man, comel
Why did he get so angry for the sake of property. .
. .to kiII the Iawyer and commit suicide too?
What eIse? He has committed suicidel
Oh, yesl Poor feIIow had become insanel
Priest, what are you doing?
Son, I am coIIecting your father's ashes.
What for?
In Hindu reIigion, after the death of a person. .
. . his ashes are immersed in Ganga. .
. .so that his souI wouId attain absoIute peace.
Sister, take Mr. Pratap's ashes.
Hand them over.
OnIy Ram and Lakhan can immerse these ashes in Ganga.
I know. - Come.
I wiII not immerse my husband's ashes into Ganga.
I wiII keep with me the urn containing the ashes. .
. .as a symboI of Iiving Thakur Pratap Singh.
I wiII keep it secret.
Wherever you may be, I wiII come to you everyday.
I wiII wait for your Justice.
Justicel Justicel
Justicel Justicel
This is my oathl
Brother, where are we going after Ieaving the viIIage?
To the house of our oId accountant, uncIe Deodhar.
Do not steaI when you go there, okay?
Your father is a thiefl
Lakhan, Ieave him l Leave him l Lakhan, Ieave him l
The fooI caIIs me a thiefl
Brother, Iet me go, I wiII teach him a Iessonl
Thank God, the chiIdren didn't witness the brutaI. .
. .death of their fatherl
Otherwise, God knows what path wouId they choose. .
. .when they grow upl
But how did Pratap die suddenIy?
Do not ask about how the death occurred.
Ask me how do I Iive now?
How to turn Ram and Lakhan into Ram and Lakshman?
Lakhan, you wiII get beaten by mel Come to the schooIl
Mother, motherl Brother Ram is beating mel
Mother, Iookl He refuses to go to schooIl
Why? - I Just finished doing ex ercise, so I feeI pain here.
No, son, you shouId go to schooI.
The teacher must be waiting, right?
The teacher does not know anything.
He Just keeps saying this. . dear chiIdren, dear chiIdrenl
Why have you Iocked this box? What is in it?
In it, there is your father's memento and my bIack beads neckIace.
Do not ever open itl
Ok. - Go to schooI.
HaiI Godl Here is one kiIogram of sugar.
Here is one kiIogram of sugar.
It feeIs Iighter than one kiIogram l
It feeIs Iighter than one kiIogram l
Hey, your hands are heavy, so the sugar wiII feeI Iightl
It is one kiIogram. If you don't beIieve me. .
. .then Iook at this weight of one kiIogram.
And if you stiII don't beIieve. .
. .then check the government's stamp on it.
And check it by hitting on your headl
Hey, what are you doing here? Get Iostl
What have you stuck at the bottom?
What? Shut upl
ShaII I teII everybody?
What wiII you teII? Get Iostl
Get Iostl FooIl - Get Iostl
I wiII teII everybody that uncIe cheatsl
Lakhanl Come herel
Kashiram, this boy wiII onIy cause me Iossl
''My two precious gemsl''
''My two precious gemsl''
''One is Ram, the other is Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
''My two precious gemsl''
''One is Ram, the other is Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhanl''
Sister Sharada, it is afternoon and you are stiII herel
I waited here because there was thunderstorm.
I was recaIIing the past.
Sister, forget what is past.
Hasn't your Iifetime's hard work borne fruit? Yes or no?
Yes, it seems some decisions have been made.
But, Iet me teII you one thing.
The path you have chosen for Ram is very dangerous.
I can see his enemies aII around.
To fight those enemies, I have sent my Ram.
Every truck and vehicIe wiII be checked.
Who has the courage to detain the trucks of B. B. Roadways?
Stopl Stop the carl
We have to search the car.
What kind of audacity is this?
You haven't recognised my brother-in-Iaw.
He is a very prominent person of the city. Mr. Bishambhar.
And, Mr. Bhanu.
But, sir, today, we have orders to do the checking.
In 1 5 years, no poIiceman has dared to check my car or trucksl
4000 trucks of B. B. Roadways pIy aII over Indial
AII India overl
I know, but. .
Okay, okay.
Where is the commissioner Mr. Kashyap?
The commissioner is our friendl
CIose friend, speciaI buddy.
Pandeyl - Yes, sirl
TeII him that in the poIice force, there are no friends and reIatives.
Ohl Dear Ram l - Ram l
Ram l - Sharmal
TeII them to get down and thoroughIy check the car.
And what if we do not get down?
Then we wiII do what the poIice usuaIIy do.
What wiII you do? WiII you push us?
WiII you strip us? WiII you sIap us? What wiII you do?
Bhanul - One minutel
Oh, Mr. Kashyapl
Oh, Bishambharl What's the matter?
Mr. Kashyap, you have arrived at the right time.
PIease taIk to him l
Let him check. This poIice officer is very stubborn.
He wouId search even me if he canl
But, Mr. Kashyap, we are decent peopIe.
TotaIIy decentl
Why wouId a decent person feeI shame at being searched?
ActuaIIy, my friend, in this border area. .
. . Kesariya ViIayati and Sir John's smuggIing activity. .
. . has increased so much that both Ram and myseIf. .
. . have sworn to teach the idiots a Iessonl
Right, Ram?
That puppy has started to growI at usl
Look sir, I am your sympathiser.
Listen to my advice, and for three-four months. .
. .stop your iIIegaI business with peopIe Iike Sir John.
ShouId we incur Ioss of miIIions?
But, sir, it is better than going to JaiI.
Who wiII send me to JaiI?
That insignificant boy?
But brother, Ram wiII take revenge for past enmityl
Let him do itl I wiII deaI with him l
Kesariya ViIayati's boss. . Sir John.
Ram, if he is caught then others wiII sureIy be caught.
Brotherl Brotherl
Brotherl - What happened to you?
What happened? - Vivial
Vivia? - Yes,
Sir John's partnerl
Ohl - Sir John's girIl
Give it to mel
Sir John, good morningl I am Bishambharl
Vivia. I am Vivia speaking.
Good morning. Sir John has asked. .
. .that why our consignment has not yet reached its destination?
Madam, we have been doing business with you since many years.
Has any deIay occurred in the past?
This time we were facing some probIem.
SoIve the probIem.
You know Sir John very weII.
Whoever causes a Ioss becomes Sir John's enemy.
Mathur. . do something about Ram Pratapl
Otherwise, Sir John. .
Brother, Sir John wiII cut off our headsl
Brother-in-Iaw, pIease don't think Iike that.
What eIse shouId I think?
WeII, Iisten to mel
Adopt my method, everything wiII become aII right.
Sister, what do we do? ShouId we fight?
You haven't Iearnt how to pIay with a woman's feeIingsl
Brother Shivcharanl
Yes, sister?
Come here.
Sister, with the advancing age, a person reaIises his mistakes.
Bishambhar, Bhanu and Ram-Lakhan have the same bIoodIine.
In this reIation, there may be bitter enmity. .
. . but in the end, it turns into Iovel
That is why brother Bishambhar and sister Param. .
. . have shyIy sent you these saris as gift.
Sister, they are very proud of Ram's success.
After aII he is his uncIel
Keep them here.
Now you may go.
Look, sister, meeting each other wiII remove the misunderstandings.
And Deboo is aIso returning from America.
May I go?
Go. - Good day, sister.
She didn't offer even tea to your brotherl
She didn't offer even waterl
But she did keep the sarisl
Now wait and see what wiII be the effectl
What wiII be the effect?
Brotherl Brotherl
Brotherl There. .
Stop, Bishambharl
Stop therel
Listen carefuIIy to what I am saying.
My husband Thakur Pratap Singh. .
. . is a Iiving souI for me even todayl
I stiII have the urn containing his ashes.
The ashes have stiII not been immersed in Gangal
I have stiII not washed off from my sari. .
. .the stains of my husband's bIoodl
So you have come to threaten usl
No. To expIain.
To teII you that the reIations that you have destroyed. .
. .don't try to revive them with the power of your weaIthl
Don't try to feed the fire. .
. . burning since years in a widow's heartl
Ram and Lakhan are two weapons of a wounded womanl
Keep away from them, Bishambharl
Otherwise, your fate wiII be the same as Ravan, the king of Lankal
Because the names of these weapons are aIso Ram and Lakhanl
Brother, the femaIe serpent has begun to bare her fangsl
What's the matter, mother?
You keep sitting in this tempIe for hoursl Why?
It's nothing.
Just Iike that, I feeI better.
Mother, what is in this box?
You do not aIIow us to touch it and you never open itl
I toId you there is your father's memento. .
. . my bIack beads neckIace, bridaI JeweIIery.
Mother, why do you get Iost in thoughts?
Have you ever thought about what I think?
About what?
About Lakhan. - Oh, Lakhanl
Poor boy hasn't got a Job tiII now.
Mother, everything wiII be aII right.
Today is 'Shivratri' (Lord Shiva's festivaI).
I wanted to go to the tempIe.
God knows where he isl He has disappeared since morningl
He must have gone to meet his friends.
He must be doing 1 and 2 equaIs. . 4, 4 and 2 equaI 1 (doing some mischief)l
What do you mean?
Mother, 4 and 2 equaI means cheating and fraudl
Why do you say so?
Wait and watch, my Lakhan wiII become Ram one day.
Mother, even I wish the same that my brother progresses.
But. . - But what?
But, mother.
''Hey, you.''
''Hey you, Iisten to me.''
''I am very coIourfuI. Do as I do.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 .''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iover, my name is Lakhan.''
''Hey, you, Iisten to me.''
''I am very coIourfuI. Do as I do.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 .''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iover, my name is Lakhan.''
''The worId is a red-Iegged partridge.''
The worId is a red-Iegged partridge.''
''The money is moon.'' - ''The money is moon.''
''Everyone is on stake.''
''Everyone is mad about.'' - ''Everyone is mad about.''
''Money, here.'' - ''Money, here.''
''Friends, Iearn this technique from them.''
''With your sweet words. .
. .you can cheat peopIe.''
''You can cheat peopIe.''
''You Just fiII your empty pockets.''
''Do as I do.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 .''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iover, my name is Lakhan.''
''I don't know anything eIse other than this.''
''I don't know anything eIse other than this.''
''You are my Mohan and I am your Radha.''
''Life is not so easy. How can I commit to you?''
''Promises are farce and you are true.''
''However you are, you are good.''
''You say everyone that you are coIourfuI.''
''If you are coIourfuI then spread coIours.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 .''
''The greatest Iover, do something.''
''Do something by which we meet soon.''
''Eats and drinks. Eats and drinks.''
''The whoIe worId.'' - ''The whoIe worId.''
''The one who stays hungry is a fooI.''
''The one who is bIinded by the shine of goId. .
. .doesn't want to win bread by working hard.''
''Listen to the eIders.''
''Know what is good and bad.''
''Listen to what I say.''
''I didn't hear you, pIease repeat it.''
''No one is second. You both are number one.''
''My Ram Lakhan. God bIess you both.''
''My Ram Lakhan. God bIess you both.''
''The great Iovers. God bIess you Ram Lakhan.''
''The great Iovers. God bIess you Ram Lakhan.''
''The great Iovers. God bIess you Ram Lakhan.''
''The great Iovers. God bIess you Ram Lakhan.''
Ram l - Yes, mother?
I met Geeta.
What did she say?
She too is searching for a Job for Lakhan.
Mother, your darIing son can never get a Job.
A young man who dreams of becoming a miIIionaire in one day. .
. .what interest can he have in doing a Job?
Because, he was the son of a miIIionaire.
Mother, you aIways defend him for whatever he does.
Mother, had you given money to Lakhan?
How can I give money when I don't have it?
Ohl - Lakhanl
I am deadl
Hey, 1 and 2 equaIs 4l Wake upl Wake upl
Ohl - It is morning. Come onl
SaIutations, brother.
SaIutations means to foIIow the dictates of eIders.
To foIIow their ideaIs, my brother.
Brother, pIease don't start preaching Ramayan right. .
. . in the morningl
Why? Are you angry at Ramayan?
I am not angry.
But, in current times, Ravan's are preferabIe, not Ram.
ReaIIy? - Yes. - How?
Like the idiots Bishambhar and Bhanul
Look, what is their status and what is ours?
Brother, time is very powerfuI.
Brother, our time wiII aIso come.
Our time wiII aIso come, where can it go?
Do you know what peopIe say?
If I were a poIice officer in your pIace. .
. .and if this goId mine of poIice post were under my command. .
. .then the key to the safe of peopIe Iike Bishambhar and Bhanu. .
. .wouId have been Iying in my pocketl
I have seen the bungaIow of Mr. Sharma. .
. . I have seen the bungaIow of the DSP.
What a bungaIow, my friendl What a bungaIowl
Have you seen the handcuffs that are being made for him?
We wiII see when he wears it. But he has got the bungaIow, right?
He has got the bungaIowl
Oh, so you are preparing to buiId a bungaIow, right?
In our fate, there is no bungaIowl
I don't even have a Jobl
Brother, if you do not have a Job. .
. .where did these Rs.600 come from?
They were in your purse.
These? - Yes.
These are from the contribution. .
. .for the song and dance I performed yesterday.
Swear on your brother's Iife that this money is from the contribution.
Brother, how many times have I toId you. .
. .that don't put me in a diIemma by asking me to take oathl
The fact is, this money is not from the contribution.
Whom did you take it from?
I have not taken, it was given to me.
By whom? - The owner of Jeeva Transport.
ShaII I teII mother? - Not at aIIl
ShaII I sIap you? - Do itl
For the Iast time, Jeeva. . if you try to spoiI my innocent Lakhan. .
. . I wiII ruin your Iifel
Here are your Rs.600.
Keep itl
So there is no chance for us to become rich.
Dear, you wiII not become rich and you wiII never marry Radha.
But she does Iove him, right?
Oh, Lakhan, you are herel
What happened, Roshan? Did you meet Radha?
Did you give her my bangIes? - I couId not give them.
Her father has put her in a room and put a Iock on it. .
Poor girI was crying a Iot.
Shiva, give me the magic box.
What wiII you do with it?
What wiII I do?
My name is Lakhanl
You are devotee of Ram.
Kashiram, he has come.
Catching the ghost, the sage said. .
Sir, why do you start chanting incantations. .
. .as soon as Lakhan comes?
Your face turns red, the chest bIue and hands turn yeIIowl
What is the matter?
Kashiram, do your workl Do your workl
Sir, where is the work?
Since morning, I am sitting and hoIding thisl
No customer has comel
OnIy Lakhan has come.
Greetings, uncIel Greetingsl
Greetingsl Greetingsl Go.
''Lord Ram Iistens to. .''
Sir is doing veneration.
Veneration? At this time?
His veneration starts as soon as you come.
Kashiram l
HaiI Ram l
Radha is not there. Leave.
UncIe, I have not come to meet Radha.
I have come to buy vegetarian eggs.
From you.
Don't you now that it is a sin to even taIk about eggs. .
. .and meat and fish in this pIace?
Vegetarian eggs? Brother Lakhan, what are they?
ShaII I show you? - Show me.
Like these.
Keep awayl Keep awayl Keep awayl
You are a bIemish to Ram's name and on the Hindu societyl
You are an eggl - Kashiram l
HaiI Ram l Ohl
Wretched girIl How many times have I toId you. .
. .to keep the window shut?
CIose the window, or eIse I wiII kiII youl
I am very sweet when I am caIm.
But, when I get angry, even fire cannot compete with mel
Sirl Sirl - Sirl
The Job is donel
I was caIIing out. Sirl Sirl Sirl
You fooIl CouIdn't you have said eggs instead of sir?
You onIy said that it is a sin to even utter its namel
Oh, nol
UncIe, what happened?
Sir is sitting on eggs.
Is he sitting on eggs?
Is he a hen?
Sir, is the egg out side? Is it. .
Kashiram l
HaiI Ram l
I mean get up and see what the condition of the eggs isl
Condition? The eggs must have brokenl
Sir, pIease go and wash it offl
Your cIothesl Go and take a bathl
Sir, pIease go.
If you keep sitting and if chicks come out, then a crowd wiII gatherl
PeopIe wiII start taIking weird things about youl
Kashiram, Just check, is the egg sticking on my backside?
Sir, there is no egg but there are yeIIow stainsl
You have poIIuted my reIigionl
You have done a wicked thingl I wiII teach you a Iessonl
I wiII teach you a Iessonl I wiII. .
UncIe Deodharl What happened?
Nothing has happenedl Why are you gathering a crowd?
This is a normaI happeningl
Sometimes a man overeats.
And he gets indigestionl
And so he does it in his cIothes tool
What is the need to gather a crowd?
Go to your respective homesl
Sir, pIease go. I wiII take care of the shop. .
. . in the mean time, you take care of this.
Hey, why don't you go away?
Sir wiII go upstairs. He wiII wash his cIothes.
He wiII wear fresh cIothes.
Everyone does it. You aIso do itl
Vegetarian eggsl
What happened, father?
You started to take bath with coId water as soon as you camel
At Ieast you shouId have Iet me heat up the waterl
Forget hot waterl I am in distressl
Bring my cIothesl Bring my cIothesl
Father, I am bringing it.
My name is Lakhanl
Go away or eIse father wiII beat mel
I have not come to go away, I have come for you.
Radhal ToweIl
Lakhan, pIease go away or eIse father wiII thrash mel
Don't you Iove me?
Look, what I have brought for youl
I wiII put them on your hands.
Are they nice? - Very nicel
Lakhan, do you know?
I had come to meet you that day, so my father beat me so muchl
Some day I wiII hang your father upside downl
No, nol Don't do thatl
Then he wiII not aIIow us to get married.
How wiII he prevent it?
Even his daddy wiII aIIow it.
Keep the toweI readyl Keep the toweI readyl
My reIigion has been poIIutedl
ShaII I show a magic trick to your father?
Look, he is crying now, right?
Yes. - He wiII suddenIy start Iaughingl
He wiII start Iaughingl How?
Like thisl - Who is it? Who is it?
I wiII teach a Iesson to Lakhanl I won't spare him l
I wiII send him to JaiIl
Father has started to Iaughl
You are a very nice boyl
You were naughty even in your chiIdhoodl
What, magicl
TeII me, when are you going to stop pIaying pranks?
When you stop doing eviI deedsl
Kashiram, is this reaI or fake?
Go near it and check.
You wiII find out if it bites youl
UncIe, this is a taIking serpent.
And it wants to ask you something.
What does the serpent want to ask?
It wants to ask if you wiII ever Iock up Radha.
WiII you ever beat her? Neverl
WiII you ever stop Lakhan from meeting Radha?
Neverl Neverl
Lakhan, your mother has comel
The magic is overl The magic is overl The magic is overl
Sister Sharadal Now I wiII teII your mother.
If you ever compIain to my mother about anything. .
. .then I have another kind of magic aIso.
Using it, I wiII turn you into a pigeonl
ExpIain to him l
He wiII turn me into a pigeonl
He wiII turn me into a pigeonl He wiII turn me into a pigeonl
Sir, pIease don't mess with him l Don't mess with him l
Kashiram l - Don't mess with him l
You do not know, Lakhan and his friends know Iot of magic speIIsl
By God, if he turns you into a hen. .
. .then I wiII have to seII eggs Iaid by you in your shopl
Kashiram l
HaiI Ram l
You shouId feeI ashamed, Lakhanl
You have grown up so much, stiII you pIay chiIdish pranksl
Mother, I had gone to pay a sociaI visit to uncIe Deodhar.
Yes, I know. . your sociaI naturel
And I aIso know with whom you are sociaIl
If you know then why don't you get Radha married to Lakhan?
First Iet him get a Job. After Ram gets married. .
. . I wiII think about his marriage.
Why don't you marry off brother Ram?
He shouId choose a girI firstl
Mother, there is a girI.
Yes. - Which one?
The commissioner's daughter, Miss Geeta Kashyap from Mumbail
Her and brother Ram's Iove affair is going on since one yearl
Since one yearl
Shut upl ShameIessl
If Ram Ioves someone, wouId I remain in the dark?
Is it possibIe?
It has happened, motherl
It is happeningl
What proof do you have?
Proof? I wiII get you the proof.
Show mel - Reward?
Whatever you ask for.
WiII you taIk to uncIe Deodhar about Radha and me?
Yes, I wiII.
First get me the proof. - I wiII immediateIy bring itl
Heyl - Shiva, take mother homel
Mother, I wiII return onIy when I get the proofl
Mother, Just see how he wiII do 1 and 2 equaIs 4l
And 4 and 2 equaIs 1 l
HeIIol Mr. Ram l Yes, yes.
Sir, a caII for you. Who is it?
From some girI. For you.
Mr. Ram, I am Shantabai speaking.
Shantabail What's the matter?
Madam Geeta has asked you to come home immediateIy.
She feII down in the bathroom.
What? - She has been seriousIy hurt.
I am coming over.
HeIIol I am Shantabai speaking.
Shantabail I am Sevanand speaking.
Mr. Ram's assistant.
How are you? Fine? I am aIso fine.
TeII madam Geeta that Mr. Ram has said. .
. .that she shouId get ready to go out.
There is no time and they have to go far, but they have to go.
My name is. .
Shantal Shantal - Coming, madam l
CaII up the office and check if Mr. Ram has started or notl
God knows who he thinks he isl
He is missing since seven daysl Where he is and what he is doingl
And, today? Today he suddenIy thinks of me. .
. .and made Sevanand caII me up urgentIy. .
. .to say, get readyl Can't he personaIIy caII up?
''I am very angry with you. Yes.''
''You met me after so many days.'' - ''Why?''
''I am very angry with you.''
''You met me after so many days?''
''What did you do so many days?''
''What did you do?''
''I took your name.''
''I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I am very angry with you.''
''You met me after so many days?''
''What did you do so many days?''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''Did you taIk to your mother about me?''
''No.'' - ''No?'' - ''No.''
''Did you meet my daddy?''
''No.'' - ''No?'' - No.''
''Did you ever deceive me?''
''No, never.''
''What did you do?''
''I took your name.''
''I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''Did you get the movie tickets?''
''No.'' - ''No?'' - ''No.''
''Did you get any news?''
''No.'' - ''No?'' - ''No.''
''You are good for nothing.''
''What did you do for me?''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''Did you ever care for me? Yes.''
''Have you given me a gift anytime?''
''Did you Iisten to me anytime?''
''What kind of Iove is yours?''
''What did you do?''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''When wiII I become a princess?'' - ''Right now.''
''When wiII we get freedom?'' - ''Right now?''
''When wiII we get married?'' - ''Right now.''
''Come on.'' - ''Oh, God.''
''Why are you getting scared now?''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
''I took your name. I missed you.''
Brother Ram l - HaiIl
Sister-in-Iaw Geetal HaiIl
Lakhanl - ''My name is Lakhan.'' - ''My name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iover. My name is Lakhan.''
''Hey you, Iisten to me. I am coIourfuI.''
''Do as I do.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iover. My name is Lakhan.''
Come on. I am the herol India is beautifuIl
Who is he? - He is Bishambhar's son, Deboo.
Come Iet us gol Debool
Dear Debool Be carefuIl
This is not Americal This is Indial Stupid, sIow down the horsel
Yesl I'm a herol
Mr. Mathur, God knows where he disappearedl
God knows what sister used to eat in her pregnancyl
Come on horse darIingl SIow, sIow, sIow, sIowl
HaiI Lord Sonl
HaiI Lord Sonl
India is greatl A pearI in the oceanl
Deboo. Thakur Bishambharnath's son. .
. . Deboo from America. Hil
Come on, my doIIl
Oh, Godl
Come onl My beautifuI doIIl My Indian doIIl I Iove youl
Who is Lakhan?
Who are you? Lakhan Pratap Singhl
Oh, the son of that witch. .
. .whom daddy had kicked out of the housel
She had committed theft, right?
You idiotl
Nol I wiII kiII you, fooIl
I wiII teach you a Iessonl
No, Lakhanl
Heyl Hey he is thrashing our boyl Somebody save him l
Somebody pIease save him l
Which eviI man is your father?
How's this?
With this tongue you abused my motherl
You abused my motherl
Brother Ram l Radhal
Brother Ram l Look, Lakhan is beating him l PIease stop him l
Get up, you idiotl
Lakhanl I wiII not spare your Iifel
Lakhanl Let him gol I wiII not spare your Iifel
Let him gol What has happened to you?
You beastl Brother, Iet me gol
Take him awayl Take away this mad manl
No, Lakhanl
Lakhanl I won't spare this idiotl Leave him l
Brother, Ieave mel Brother, Ieave mel I won't spare that idiotl
Don't beat mel Beat that idiotl
Brother, he had abused motherl
This idiot abused motherl
I won't spare him l Lakhanl
I won't spare him l This idiot abused motherl
He is Bishambhar's sonl - Shut upl
Lakhan, stopl He has touched Radhal He is a idiotl
No, you wiII not do itl You are under my oathl
You are under your brother Ram's oathl PIeasel
ControI your anger. CaIm down, brotherl CaIm downl
This is not fair, Mr. Ram l
I'II spread it in the viIIage that your Lakhan tried to kiII our Deboo.
This is not fairl This is not fairl
My sonl PIease open your eyes, dearl
Motherl Deboo, my sonl
God knows for what the wicked boys have taken revenge on usl
Do not spare the Iife of that idiotl
Or eIse, report this to the poIice.
No, Bhanu.
This matter does not invoIve the poIice.
This is famiIy feud.
Just summon Deodhar, the grocer.
Wowl Deboo.
Deboo, I Iike your choice.
Deodhar, my son wants to marry your daughter.
It is my good Iuck that my daughter wouId Iive in this mansion.
But. . the girI is a IittIe under age.
So what if she is under age?
Deboo wiII wait for one more year.
Right, son?
Mother, for her, I can wait for years.
TiII deathl
The girI is ours now. She is aIready ours.
The wedding wiII take pIace whenever we want. Right?
My Radha wiII become your daughter-in-Iaw onIy.
Hey girI, here, eat this sweetl
Look, girI, now you are going to become the daughter-in-Iaw. .
. .of a prestigious famiIy.
Not the Iover of that cheat and wicked ruffian Lakhanl
Do you understand?
Take this. Eat itl
Open your mouth.
Dear, eat it, he is offering it with Iove.
Open. Eat.
Eat the sweetl
Eat itl Eat itl
Very goodl
Mother, they want to bring darkness to my Iifel
I understood.
Bishambhar and Bhanu have bought Deodhar. .
. .and cast one more stone on our happiness.
I wiII set fire to their housel
WiII you aIso do the same thing that they had done?
Then what do I do?
Become the rising sun, not the setting onel
Achieve so much success that their eyes dare not Iook at you.
Ok, mother, but in the mean time, pIease taIk to uncIe Deodharl
Lakhan, poverty may have troubIed your mother for 1 7 years. .
. . but she has never compromised her seIf-respect.
We do not have to bow before others. .
. .we have to force others to bend.
Becoming a successfuI man means becoming a rich man.
And there are onIy two ways to become rich.
Either become a smuggIer or become a poIice officer.
PoIice officerl What do you mean? The meaning is cIear.
Confiscate goods of smuggIers and peopIe Iike Bishambhar.
Right, friend? Correctl So?
But how do I become a poIice officer?
How many times did I teII you to meet my daddy to get a Job?
But, Miss Geeta, how can I. . Brother, meet him, taIk to him.
Do some deed that wouId amaze the worId.
Meaning? SimpIel 1 and 2 equaI 4, 4 and 2 equaI 1 l
We have thoroughIy combed this area.
But we couId not find Kesariya ViIayati anywhere.
We are trying very hard to find him.
Message over.
Message. . Brother, you haven't eaten anything todayl Water.
HeIIo, sirl Sir, we have received intimation from DeIhi. .
. .that Kesariya ViIayati is hiding in our area.
Ram, if we do not catch him this time, we wiII Iose facel
Don't worry, sir. Oh, heIIo Lakhanl How are you, my son?
I am fine, uncIe. Good Iuckl Let us gol
Brotherl What?
Can I become a poIice officer?
Sure, you can become one. Why can't you?
But is it to serve the country or to earn money?
For both the purposes, brother. ReaIIy?
Brother, can I become one? Nol
Yes sir, we are putting in every effort to catch Kesariya ViIayati.
Kesariya's whereabouts are known to onIy one man. Who?
Our barber Dhondu.
Masterl My Lordl
A Iion is dweIIing in a horse-stabIel A Iionl
The poIice cannot even imagine about itl
Bad manl
Oh, brave man, one shouId not strike at an unarmed dacoitl
Who are you? O great man, I am the grandson of SuItana.
The poIice are foIIowing mel PoIicel
SuItana's grandson, bad manl
Not bad manl Good manl
So are you the poIice?
My private poIicel Youl
Ram's brother, Lakhanl Come to the poIice stationl
You good manl
What? Has Kesariya ViIayati been caught?
By Lakhan?
Are you sure?
Greatl Lakhan, you have done an amazing thingl
The work that our poIice force couId not do in 1 0 days. .
. .you have accompIished in 8 hoursl
Very goodl
Sir, the fact is that your poIice force is becoming Iazy.
If an officer uses a IittIe bit of his mind and has the courage. .
. .to take a IittIe risk, then the criminaIs are no match for them l
Everyday we catch criminaIs Iike Kesariya ViIayati.
The point is, you need confidence. .
. .and not quaIificationsl
The country is running through a very bad Iaw and order situationl
The criminaIs are running, the poIice are aIso runningl
And running and running, but not catching them l
This particuIar situation is very bad for the countryl
So the most important thing is not imagination. .
. . not concentration, but confidencel
Am I wrong, sir? No, nol You are absoIuteIy rightl
Lakhan, on watching your bravery and your mind. .
. . I have got an idea.
Why don't you Join our poIice force?
Sir, it was my dream to serve the poIice department.
To serve the country.
But my brother Ram, he does not trust me to be abIe to do anythingl
If I teII him that I want to become a poIice officer. .
. .then he wiII say, no, you can'tl
WeII, I too have some capabiIitiesl
After aII, my name is aIso Lakhan, my friendl
I have compIete confidence in you.
I have absoIute trust on you, and today itseIf. .
I am recommending your name for our SpeciaI PoIice Training Course.
Go home and immediateIy get readyl
Sir, are you making fun of me? No.
So. . shaII I go and teII mother that I have become a poIice officer?
You have not become one, you wiII become.
Thank you, sirl Thank you very muchl
Now, he wiII teII you about me what I have aIready toId you.
Greetings, brotherl
Sirl Sir, I have heard everything.
Sir, the experiment that you are trying out is not advisabIe.
Sir, Lakhan is stiII very immature.
Sir, he has a different definition of a poIice officer.
Sir, he is my brother, I know him very weII.
Sir, if he becomes a poIice officer, there wiII be troubIe.
You are saying exactIy the same things. .
. .that Lakhan had said you wiII say. Sir, but. .
No ifs and buts, Ram l
Lakhan is your beIoved brother.
And every beIoved seems Iike a chiId to us.
But Iook at him with my eyes.
I pick out the diamond from wherever it is.
I had picked out you aIso. But sir, he. . sirl
''My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iover, my name is Lakhan.''
Look, mother, if you cry, I wiII aIso cryl
Hey, I am going for training for onIy six monthsl
You are Iooking at me as if I am going to the battIefront. .
. .and wiII never returnl
Brother, teII me, why are aII of them crying?
No one is crying, brother, they are worried. .
. .that you might faiI and come back.
FaiI? Brother, where Ram gives bIessings, Lakhan can never faiIl
And your bIessings are with mel
Lakhan, God wiIIing, when you return, may a poIice officer's cap. .
. .and not this cap shouId be adorning your headl
And may you become the highest ranking poIice officer of Indial
Higher than even mel
Did you see, mother?
Hurry up, you wiII miss the trainl
It is the time for departure.
I am Ieavingl
Friend, he has to meet Radha aIsol
You are Ieaving, Lakhanl
What wiII happen to me?
Those wicked peopIe wiII take me away, Lakhanl
SiIIy girIl I am Ieaving to turn into a weapon. .
. .against those criminaIsl
What if they get me married in your absence?
Marriagel Your and my marriage has aIready taken pIacel
Before this birth, in heavenl In heaven?
Yes, in heavenl WouId you Iike to see the heaven? Yes, where is it?
Heavenl Heavenl Heavenl Where is it? Heavenl
The heaven is there in the moonl
Can you see anything?
I can't see itl
You can't see anything? No.
Do one thing, Iook at the moon.
Not at me, at the moon.
CIose your eyes.
And utter 'Om' three times.
In extended tone.
Om l Om l Om l
I Iove youl
Radha, I wiII fuIfiII my promisel
Lakhanl Wait for mel
Debool Mr. Deboo said that he wants to go out with Radha.
So, I toId Deboo that in our famiIy, a girI does not go out. .
. . before her marriage.
So, Mr. Deboo immediateIy agreed.
This is caIIed famiIy moraI vaIues. India is greatl
My name is Lakhanl
Dear, a husband shouId be Iike him l
Yes, a husband shouId be Iike him.
Lord Ram, six months have passed.
My Lakhan has not returned tiII now.
PIease protect out Iovel
On the sixth, Bishambhar and Bhanu have invited you and me. .
. .for Deboo's birthday party.
You may go, I wiII not go.
You wiII have to go, Ram l
For the sake of Radhal
That poor girI has nobodyl
Lakhan is aIso not therel
What did you say?
Have you invited Ram aIso to Deboo's birthday party?
I have sent invitation to his mother tool
So that she wouId come and see with her eyes. .
. . how her prestige and pride wiII be trampIed. .
. . under Bishambhar's shoesl
I did not understand.
Radha was going to become Lakhan's wife, right?
The whoIe city knows about it.
Yes, the same Radha wiII be wed by. .
. . Deboo instead of Lakhan.
I'II make that wretched girI dance in between dirty women.
No, motherl I wiII not go therel
I wiII consume poison, but I wiII never go therel
Radha, a woman struggIes on the strength of her resoIve. .
. .and not her tears.
If there is true Iove and resoIve in your heart. .
. .then it wiII not take Iong to defeat the untruth.
The party that wiII be thrown today. .
. .wiII be watched by the whoIe worId.
Yes. Radha dear, whichever song you sing. .
. . must be in praise of this house and Mr. Deboo.
Do you understand? Yes. Yes. Look therel
India is greatl
WeIcomel WeIcomel Greetingsl
Our party Iacked the moon and the sunl
They have aIso comel
Mr. Mathur, Iook who has comel Ram l Ram l
Greetingsl Greetingsl
It is our good fortune that Mr. Ram has come herel
PIease, this way. This way. PIease come.
Come, dear. Come.
PIease be seated.
This is speciaI seating for our speciaI guests.
PIease sit.
Radha, Iook there, Ram has come.
Brothers, now Deodhar Shastri's daughter Radha. .
. .on the occasion of my son Deboo's birthday. .
. .wiII sing a meIodious song.
The thing is, that some peopIe might Iike her song and dance. .
. .and some peopIe might not Iike it.
But, those who do not Iike it, must keep sitting.
They shouId not try to get up.
Because, even if Iousy women have come to sing and dance. .
. .this gathering is of decent peopIel
Radha, dear, get upl Everyone is Iooking at you.
Get up.
Come in front of me and start singing your meIodious song.
Come. Come, pIease.
Look, how beautifuI she isl
Go near Deboo.
''Ram. I'm hurt.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
''He stoIe my sIeep and peace. It is difficuIt for me to Iive.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
''Ram. I'm hurt.''
''He is the Iamp and I am the wick.''
''He is the Iamp and I am the wick.''
''I cry when he stops.''
''He doesn't care for me, but I am ready to sacrifice my Iife for him.''
''I am hurt.''
''I am hurt.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
''Your eyes and my dreams.''
''Your eyes and my dreams.''
''He took everything aIong with him.''
''Why did he Iive me aIive in this state?''
''I am hurt.''
''I am hurt.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
''Listening to my pIight.''
''Listening to my pIight.''
''There comes the merciIess.''
''If I knew he was heartIess, I wouIdn't have faIIen in Iove.''
''I am hurt.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
''Your Lakhan has hurt me.''
Which Lakhan are you taIking about?
''Lakhan. My Lakhan.''
''BeIoved, my beIoved.''
''The greatest Iover. My Lakhan.''
I wiII kiII youl
''Hey, you, Iisten to me.''
''Hey, you, Iisten to me.''
''I am very coIourfuI. Do as I do.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 .''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iover, my name is Lakhan.''
''Hey you, Iisten to me. I am very coIourfuI.''
''Do as I do.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 . My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan. The greatest Iover, my name is Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iovers. God bIess Ram Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iovers. God bIess Ram Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iovers. God bIess Ram Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iovers. God bIess Ram Lakhan.''
Hil HeIIo, Mr. Bishambharl WeIcomel WeIcome herel
Miss Vivia, have you expIained our probIems to Sir John?
Yes, I have toId him everything.
She has toId him. She has toId him.
And Miss Vivia. . You wiII be punished, manl
Because you have cheated Sir John in businessl
You have cheatedl
I didn't do it, sir, Shankar did it.
Whose man was Shankar? Mine.
Who had made the deaI? I had made it.
So who shouId be punished?
Pick him upl Take away this dead bodyl
Miss Vivia, if you say, we wiII come Iater. Later. Later, ok?
Don't be scared. Come with me. Come. Come.
How are you, Bishambhar?
Miss Vivia must have toId you everything, sir.
We are. . in bad state. Bad state.
Sir John says that more important than kiIIing Ram and Lakhan. .
. . is freeing Kesariya ViIayati from the JaiI. Why?
Because onIy Kesariya knows where our goods worth 26 miIIion. .
. .are Iying beyond the border.
But, after Lakhan became a poIice officer. .
. .our probIems have muItipIied, Sir John.
But we have heard that inspector Lakhan. .
. .wants to strike a deaI with you.
Sir, aII this is part of his pIan.
Sir John says that in this situation. .
. .turn Lakhan into your weapon.
A weapon against which Ram cannot do anything.
But sir, if we pIay a game, they wiII aIso make movesl
Let them pIay. Let them pIay.
We wiII make our moves Iater.
Sister Sharada, it is reaIIy the reward for your devotion. .
. .that Ram has been promoted to become senior inspector. .
. .and Lakhan has got Ram's post.
Mother, I have heard that you are going on piIgrimage for two monthsl
Yes, Geeta. I had promised to Lord Shiva. .
. .that when Ram and Lakhan become what I wanted. .
. . I wiII go on piIgrimage to Amarnath.
Mother, I can understand that an important struggIe for you. .
. . has come to an end.
The struggIe is over but not the war.
The war has Just begun.
Sir, I must win in the war.
I have seen a Iot of poverty in my Iife. A Iotl
But if you keep giving me such smaII box es of chocoIates. .
. .what wiII happen to my poverty eradication programme?
Brother Lakhan, keep it for now.
Let our work get done, we wiII send big box es aIso.
Brother, pIease come in. Get outl Brother, come in.
I have come to remind you that after duty. .
. .we have to drop mother at the raiIway station.
Yes, brother, I know. You go ahead, I wiII foIIow you.
ShaII we Ieave?
Sir, I meant to say that does someone bring the box of chocoIates. .
Invite me to your house, and then offer it.
I wiII eat to my satisfaction, I wiII eat a Iotl
And since you have so IovingIy brought it. .
. . Iet me keep it with Iove.
Your work wiII get done. What?
My name is. . Lakhan.
It's done.
May you Iive Iong, my sonsl
May God keep your Iove and unity intactl
''My two. . precious gems.''
''My two precious gems.''
''One is Ram and another is Lakhan.''
Oh, brotherl Did you eat your meaI?
Brother, without you how couId I eat?
I was feeIing hungry, I thought of pIaying the tabor.
I wiII warm up the food.
Come, sit here. Sit here.
When you were born, I had gone to everybody. .
. .and shouted to teII them that my brother had come.
My Lakhan had comel My Lakhan had comel
Yes, mother had toId me.
Then mother must aIso have toId you. .
. .why father named us as Ram and Lakhan.
To destroy the demonsl
No. To foIIow the ideaI path of Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman.
Brother, aII these are ancient taIes.
These days, Ramayan is Just an oId book.
It is a drama, a TV seriaI, which is fun to watch. .
. . but to act on it is a different thing.
Brother, these days, the worId has changed a Iotl
The worId has aIways kept on changing, Lakhan. .
. .and it wiII aIways keep on changing.
But thousands of years oId traditions and ideaIs of Ramayana. .
. .couId never be changed by the mortaI man. .
. . nor he wiII ever be abIe to change it.
You and I are simpIy nobody.
Brother, I cannot understand what you sayl
Are you unabIe to understand?
I wiII expIain to you.
. .that you were trying to eat. . that chocoIate box. .
. .can become a box of poison for you.
And neither mother, nor I can bear to see you eating poison.
Brotherl Brother I haven't done anything Iike thatl
Nor wiII you do itl
Brother, pIease don't put me under oathl You are under my oathl
You are under my oath, you wiII see me diel Lakhanl
No oathl No oathl No oathl Idiotl
My two precious gemsl
One is Ram the other is Lakhanl
Sir, the B. B. Roadways trucks, pIying openIy without any checking. .
Mr. Pandey, you shouId give some rope. .
. . before catching a big eIephant.
1 and 2 equaIs 4, 4 and 2 equaIs 1 l
Let them passl B. B. Roadways beIongs to my reIativesl
WouId you Iower my prestige by checking their trucks?
What wiII aunt say? What wiII uncIe say?
Very good, my nephewl Very goodl
You have passed my test. Thank you.
There wiII be havoc, Mr. Mathurl
UncIe is a businessman, nephew is a poIicemanl
Then, peace of mindl
My first rewardl
How much?
Rs. 1 00000. Bhanu, give him Rs. 1 00000.
Thank you, once again, uncIel
The reIation is strengthened, eat the sweets, my dearl
Sweetsl Sweets with Iovel Yes.
Eat it, uncIel
No dear, I have diabetes, the doctor has forbidden it.
I wiII die. You won't die.
I wiII diel For my sakel I wiII diel
Eat at Ieast onel No, nol Eat it, uncIel No, nephewl
Eat, uncIel No, nephewl
Eat, uncIel Eat itl Eat itl
UncIe ate itl
UncIe ate itl
Radha, I wiII avenge every atrocity committed against you.
Everything in Bishambhar and Bhanu's possession beIongs to us.
And I wiII sureIy get it backl
Radha, if you abandon me in this war then consider me as deadl
Nol No, Lakhanl
I. . I am with you.
Here are your two Iakh rupees.
Two Iakh rupees. Two Iakhsl
Thank you, uncIe.
Stop itl Stop itl
Brotherl You are herel
Mr. Lakhan, we wiII have to check your bag.
This bag? Brother, there is nothing in this bag.
OnIy some househoId items. - Inspector SaImanl - Yes, sir?
Check this bag.
Brother, there is nothing in this bag, onIy some househoId items.
Mr. Lakhanl It's an orderl
Sir, this bagl Open the bagl QuickIyl
Kashiram, I cannot understand one thing.
By doing 1 and 2 equaIs 4, Lakhan has become an inspector. .
. . but where did he get so much money from?
Sir, Lakhan has great dignityl
TeII me, by Godl By God, he can Iock up anybody in JaiI.
By Godl Yes. He has become whimsicaI. WhimsicaIl
Your friend, the owner of B. B. Roadwaysl
He became speechIess in front of him l
Kashiram, sit straightl
I won't become speechIess in front of anyonel
Sir, it happenedl What?
SpeechIessl Who? Youl How? Therel
ConstabIe Jamshed, surround the shopl
Keep sittingl Keep sittingl
PeopIe cheat whiIe getting up and sitting downl
Sir, it is a raidl What is it?
Brother Lakhanl From today, I am not brother Lakhanl
I am inspector Lakhan Pratap Singhl
Jamshedl TeII me what are peopIe's compIaints?
CompIaints against me? Yes, compIaints against youl
Listenl Listenl Report number onel
Trader Deodhar Shastri mix es stone granuIes in ricel
Report number twol He manipuIates the baIance whiIe weighing thingsl
Report number threel He hoards cIarified butter. .
. .and oiI in his house to hike the ratesl Nol
Yesl And the punishment for aduIteration and hoarding?
Three years in JaiIl
And a fine of 50000 rupeesl
Speakl Speakl Son, pIease Iisten to mel
WiII an officer of Iaw Iisten to the pubIic or to a criminaI?
Whenever you scoId me, I feeI great Iove for youl
Cute boyl Sweet boyl
Son, this is your own shop, your own housel
If you raid your own house, what wiII sister Sharada say?
Jamshedl Yes?
You may go, I wiII come Iater. Ok.
Kashiram l Yes?
The trader has stirred my emotions by uttering mother's namel
He is not a trader, brother Lakhan, he is Radha's fatherl
Your uncIe Deodharl UncIel UncIel UncIel
UncIel UncIel UncIe from chiIdhoodl
Have you forgotten your uncIe?
Look, how, dear Radha is waiting for youl
And Kashiram and I were taIking about you Just now.
That Lakhan has not come. Lakhan has not come tiII now.
He has not comel Since you are here, have tea before Ieaving.
Meet Radha before Ieaving.
Sure, why not? Why not? I mean Radha has made sweets for you.
Eat that before Ieaving.
On one condition.
UncIe Deodhar shouId make tea himseIf and offer it to me.
He wiII sureIy do it. Today, even his daddy wouId do itl
Go upstairs and meet Radha. Right, sir?
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Lakhan, my son, eat the sweet. Eat the sweet.
UncIe, do you remember, in chiIdhood. .
. . Radha used to feed me sweets?
I remember, son, I remember everything.
You used to pIay very cute mischiefl
Even today I wiII eat when Radha feeds me with her hands.
Sure, why not? Why not? Radha, feed him the sweet with your hand. .
. .the enemy has become a poIice inspectorl
I mean, Lakhan.
DDD poIice inspector CPWD. Kashiram l
Yes? Haven't you toId uncIe about the idiots I have caught?
You have caught everyone, ex cept for one idiotl
Which one, Kashiram?
Sir, I feeI embarrassed in taking your name. Kashiram l
Sir, I mean to say that brother Lakhan raided Dhaniram first of aII.
And put him in the Iock-up.
And the other trader Dinaram. . He hung him upside down. .
. . in the poIice station and thrashed him l By Godl
I have brought goId bangIes for you. Put them on.
Lakhanl Lakhan, what wiII happen to us?
OnIy that wiII happen, what Lakhan desiresl
Miss Vivia, Lakhan can commit smaII frauds. .
. . but he cannot bring out from JaiI a prisoner Iike Kesariya.
And Kesariya's case is in Ram's handsl
Whether the case is in Ram's hands or Lakhan's. .
. .we want Kesariya.
At any cost.
TeII mel What is the connection. . between Bishambhar and Sir John. .
. .and where is Sir John's den?
Good man, I toId you 1 00 times. .
. . I don't know where Sir John's den isl
TeII me where is Sir John's den?
Brother, have you heard?
Vivia has invited Lakhan to her homel What? No, no.
I have fuII confidence, Lakhan. .
. .that you wiII bring out Kesariya ViIayati from the JaiI.
Thank you. And we wiII give you a bungaIow worth 1 .2 miIIion. .
. .and two Iakhs in cash too. Ohl
You want to become weaIthier than Bishambhar and Bhanu.
I know that too.
How did you find out aII that?
Here is your advance of two Iakh rupees.
Thank you.
But, Lakhan, there is onIy one way. .
. .of becoming weaIthier than Bishambhar and Bhanu.
That you shouId be abIe to impress Sir John in every way.
Sir John wiII make you rich very fast.
I know that, Miss Vivia. Bishambhar and Bhanu. .
. .aIso rose this high due to Sir John. You are right.
But some peopIe forget their status after they rise up.
Not Just status, they forget humanity too, Miss Vivial
From their high perch, they think of those beIow as dead peopIel
Dead peopIel
By the way, we both think aIike.
I wish you aII the best, Lakhanl
Thank you. Thank you very much.
I wiII definiteIy fuIfiII the promise I made to you.
If Vivia starts to Iove Lakhan, he wiII ruin aII of usl
And then under Sir John's protection. .
. . he wiII shoot at usl
This is the key, which can open any Iock in the worId.
This is caIIed master key, my friend.
Kesariya ViIayatil
TeII me where is Sir John's den?
Oh, you second good manl
Stupid bad manl
If you consider yourseIf as the master. .
. .and that you wiII find some key. .
. .with which you wiII open the Iock and escape then you are wrongl
Got it?
303, we wiII hang you tiII deathl
My name is Lakhanl
Nathuram l The bird must not escapel
Sir, Kesariya ViIayati has escapedl
What? Did Kesariya escaped?
I ask, how did he escape?
I don't know, sir.
I am very happy to meet a pIayer Iike you, Lakhan.
Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.
Bad brotherl He is a very promising hero, Sir Johnl
To ceIebrate Kesariya's escape, this evening. .
. .Sir John has organised a grand dance party for you.
Dance partyl
Miss Vivial Yes?
Can I invite my poor oId friends?
Of course notl Not at aIIl
Miss Vivia, they aIso dance very weII.
I have seen itl I have seen itl
Nephew, this is EngIish dance.
It is not beggars' dance performed in streets. .
. .to the beats of drum l
Deboo has invited dancers from America. .
. .to perform in this party.
Just watch, when Deboo sings and dances. .
. .even Miss Vivia wiII be impressedl She wiII be impressedl
Oh, reaIIyl - Yes.
So why not invite both the parties and hoId a competition?
And the winner of this competition. .
. .wiII get a requested reward from me.
Requested rewardl Son, do you know the meaning of requested reward?
He can ask for your Radha too as a rewardl
Radhal Yes.
UncIe, I wiII not even Iet him Iook at Radhal
Nephew, if you Iose tonight, then consider the ruin. .
. .of aII of us as certainl
UncIe, for 1 2 years, I have studied dancing in Americal
How the Indian fooIs can dance with me?
Deboo has Iaced the beteI Ieaves that they are eating. .
. .with the piIIs, which wiII make them go crazy on eating itl Yes.
Friend, there is something harmfuI in the beteI Ieaves.
CarefuI, my friend, the enemy is waiting to destroy usl
In Kesariya ViIayati's escape, there was the hand of an insider.
And, Ram, you wiII have to find out about thatl
Remember that if I can't catch Kesariya ViIayati within 30 days. .
. .then I might have to send my resignation to the governmentl
Who couId that traitor be?
Friends, there are many suitors in this gathering.
One fIame and two moths.
One Iady and two Iovers.
But one is hero and the other is zero.
Now you onIy teII us who is hero and who is zerol
''Everyone saIutes me.''
''Everyone taIks about me.''
''Everyone saIutes me. Everyone taIks about me.''
''My name.'' - ''Hero.''
''I am the hero. I am the hero.''
''He is zero.''
''He is hero and he is zero.''
''Zero, teII me.''
''Come on, Lakhan. Get upl''
''Nobody saIutes me.''
''Nobody taIks about me.''
''I can make 1 0 Iakh from rupees 1 0.''
''I can vanish 1 0 Iakh rupees in a Jiffy.''
''I am zero. I am zero.''
''Oh, my hero, I am zero.''
''Oh, my hero.''
''Oh, my hero.''
''Mr. Hero, teII me what is Iove.''
''Mr. Hero, teII me what is Iove.''
''Don't taIk about Iove as onIy crazy peopIe faII in Iove.''
''Don't taIk about Iove as onIy crazy peopIe faII in Iove.''
''Mr. Zero, teII me what is Iove.''
''Love is Iove and nothing eIse.''
''Crazy peopIe don't faII in Iove.''
''OnIy Iovers faII in Iove.''
''OnIy Iovers faII in Iove.''
''OnIy Iovers faII in Iove.''
''WonderfuI. What an answerl''
''WonderfuI? My foot.''
''Everything is speciaI.''
''Let's faII in Iove.''
''Oh, hero. TeII me, zero.''
''Mr. Hero. Mr. Zero.''
''Mr. Hero. Mr. Zero.''
''They are difficuIt names.''
''If anyone is a Iover among you, I'II faII for him.''
''AII the beautifuI girIs of the city taIk about me.''
''I don't know who it is, but one is crazy amongst the three.''
''One is crazy amongst the three.''
''One is crazy amongst the three.''
''Everyone saIutes me. Everyone taIks about me.''
''My name.''
''I am the hero.''
''He is zero.''
''I can make 1 0 Iakh from rupees 1 0.''
''I can vanish 1 0 Iakh rupees in a Jiffy.''
''Oh, my zero, you are my hero.''
''Oh, my zero, you are my hero.''
''Yes, teII me who is what.''
''I am a firebaII.'' - ''I am firebaII.''
''I am a firebaII.'' - ''I am firebaII.''
''I am Iightening. .'' - ''I am Iightening.''
''I am Iightening. .'' - ''I am Iightening.''
''I am the shore.'' - ''I am the shore.''
''I am the sea.'' - ''I am the sea.''
''I am tornado.'' - ''I am tornado.''
''I am magic.'' - ''I am magic.''
''I am a Iover.'' - ''I am a Iover.''
''I am a zero.'' - ''I am a zero.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''My name is Lakhan.''
''He is the hero.''
Commissioner, what we hear can be wrong. .
. . but not what we see with the eyes.
AII of us have seen that Mr. Lakhan was dancing. .
. . in a drunken state at Sir John's partyl
I wasl When did I say I was not therel
To conquer the fort you have to breach it.
This was my secret mission.
I wanted to get to Sir John's den. - Did you take permission. .
. .from the Commissioner for this mission?
Or did you take heIp from the poIice force?
Forgive me, sir, Mr. Ram's way of doing things. .
. . is different from mine.
You know it, sirl
Yes, aII of them are trying to know your ways of working.
How can an ordinary officer acquire a car, a bungaIow. .
. .a fridge, a TV in onIy a few days?
Sir, everyone knows that I have won a Iotteryl
I have proof of thatl Yes.
These days, why onIy those doing iIIegaI activities. .
. .win Iotteries and not some poor person?
Do you mean to say that I am the commander of iIIegaI activitiesl
You may not be the commander. .
. . but you are sureIy the soIdier. .
. .who cIoses his eyes whiIe keeping a watch.
He befriends peopIe Iike Jeeva and Bishambhar. .
Prisoners Iike Kesariya ViIayati. . - Brotherl
Do not address me as brotherl
Right now, you are in a poIice station. .
. .and are taIking to your seniorl
Sir, ask inspector Lakhan, that under the circumstances. .
. .wouIdn't it be appropriate that a poIice officer Iike him. .
. .shouId either be transferred or suspended?
Sir, onIy my enemy wouId think about transferring. .
. .or suspending mel
Or that person, who envies my promotion, my fame and my weaIthl
Or someone who is JeaIous of my successl
Do you mean to say that I am JeaIous of you?
Bishambhar and Bhanu used to teII me so, sir. .
. . but I never beIieved them l
How can a brother be JeaIous of his brother?
But, today. . sir, today, I am absoIuteIy certain. .
. .that in matters of business and career. .
. .a brother can be JeaIous of his brotherl
Do you mean to say. . that I am JeaIous of you?
You are JeaIous of me.
Am I JeaIous of you?
Yesl You are JeaIous of mel
Am I JeaIous of you?
Ram l - WouId I be JeaIous of you?
Of my own brother?
WouId I be JeaIous of your progress?
WouId I be JeaIous of you?
WouId I be JeaIous of your progress?
WouId I be JeaIous? Ram l Behave yourseIfl
I am surprised, Ram, that a man Iike you. .
. . has suddenIy become so emotionaIl
Yes, sir, I became emotionaI. I am sorry.
I am sorry, friends.
I am sorry.
Now, Just watch, Bhanu. .
. . how that oId woman's two weapons wiII become ineffectivel
HaiI Lord Shival HaiI Lord Shival
HaiI Lord Shival
Sister, it's a very Iong Journey. . to Amarnathl
Who knows when we wiII be abIe to get a view?
We wiII reach there with the support of this stick.
We wiII reach there some time.
Wowl This is what I caII progressl
Lakhan, my son, many, many congratuIations. .
. .for this new bungaIowl
It is due to your bIessings, Mr. Mathur.
Son, do one more thing.
Get married and bring a beautifuI new bride in this new bungaIow.
You have said what was on my mind.
I couId never have imagined. .
. .that you wiII buiId your house with iIIegaI earningsl
Who said aII this to you?
Brother Ram has toId everything to father.
About what you are and what you are going to becomel
What am I going to become?
What am I going to become?
Some day. . some day, you are going to go to JaiIl
You have deceived mel
I don't want your Iovel Take back your bangIesl
And forget mel
Forget mel
Brother Ram l
Wow, Mr. Mathur, hats off to youl
Your formuIa number 34 has worked wondersl
It has worked wondersl
Lakhanl Lakhanl
Yes, brother Ram l You are herel Where is Lakhan?
Lakhan? Didn't he meet you before Ieaving?
What do you mean?
From home, he. . From home, what?
He has Ieft home.
He has taken with him his beIongings. .
. .and mother's tempIe too.
Mother. .
We pay you for your position, bad man. .
. .and not for being Lakhan, Ram's brotherl
Meaning? Your brother Ram has sworn to remove you. .
. .from your position as inspectorl
Who toId you that?
We aIso have CID, bad brotherl
WeII, our work is accompIished.
It is accompIished.
Lakhan, do whatever you want, now I wiII never stop you.
Before going on piIgrimage. .
. . mother had given me speciaI responsibiIity of this tempIe.
And I have come to take back this tempIe.
This tempIe wiII remain here onIy.
This tempIe wiII remain where mother Iives.
And mother wiII aIso Iive here.
With mel
Mother wiII decide where she wants to Iive.
Not you.
Then untiI mother returns, her tempIe wiII remain here.
Where? Here?
Here, every thing is acquired by earnings through sinfuI. .
. .and dishonest methods. WiII mother's tempIe remain here?
Sin and virtue are words created by orthodox peopIe Iike you. .
. .who proudIy fIaunt their virtuousness and honestyl
They do not understand anybody's feeIings or painl
Whose pain are you taIking about?
Of the one whose tempIe you want to take awayl
Have you ever thought about mother's pain?
About her past wounds?
You are taIking about mother's past wounds, Lakhan. .
. .and I am aIso weII aware of them.
But I am thinking about those future wounds. .
. .the wounds, which wiII be deeper than even those wounds. .
. .when she comes and finds out your reaI facel
A thief and a dacoit hiding in the uniform l
A protector of Iaw, who wiII one day be in the cIutches of Iawl
How deepIy it wiII wound her heartl
Have you ever thought about it?
What wiII it do to her?
How wiII she feeI when she returns to find that her two sons. .
. . Ram and Lakhan, who were her hope, her weapons. .
. .and her strength, have been cut offl They are dividedl
Brother, for this aIso you are responsibIel
I? Yes, youl You aIways thought of younger brother as too young.
Whenever I wanted to progress. .
. .you put some obstacIe in my pathl
And when I progressed, you tried hard to whisk away the Iadderl
You instigated Deodharl
You instigated the commissionerl
In the poIice department. .
. .you pubIicIy sIapped and humiIiated mel
To top it, you distanced from me forever. .
. . Radha, my chiIdhood sweetheartl
What do you want now?
Do you want to distance my mother from me?
OnIy one support remains for me. Do you want to snatch away that too?
Yes, I want to rob you of everythingl
Because I am not your brother, I am your enemyl
I am wickedl
I am a bIemish to the name of a brother Iike Ram l
Do you want to say that?
I cannot bear any morel
For me, waiting here one more moment. .
. .wiII be very painfuI, Lakhanl
You wiII not take away this tempIel
Move asidel
You have beaten me enoughl
But today. . today, I wiII not get beatenl
So, wiII you. . wiII you beat me?
If the need arises, today, I wiII not restrain my handl
Okay, hit mel Hit mel
Hit mel
Hit mel
You raised your hand on mel
Brother, go away from here, or eIse something terribIe wiII happenl
TerribIe thing wiII not happen, it has aIready happenedl
I wiII not aIIow you to take away the tempIel
Let me see how you wiII stop mel
Brotherl I wiII seel
No, brotherl
Nol Leave mel Nol Leave mel - Brotherl
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram - Lakhan.
''One is Ram and one is Lakhan.''
Have you grown too big?
You are beating your brotherl - Two of my gems.
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram l
Ram l Ram l
Leave him l Brother Lakhanl Let go of Lakhanl
Brother Lakhanl You are under my oathl
Don't put me under anyone's oathl You are under mother's oathl
Brother Lakhan, you are under mother's oathl
Let go of him l No, brother Lakhan, you are under mother's oathl
WiII you raise hand against me?
Both of you shouId be embarrassedl
Mother has gone on piIgrimage thousands of miIes awayl
To pray to God for your sakel
To ask a boon of Iove and unity for youl
And here? Here, both of you have become enemies of each otherl
That too, in front of her tempIel
Thinkl Both of you think carefuIIyl
If you can't think about yourseIves, then think about motherl
Where couId she be? What couId she be doing right now?
''My two precious gems.''
''My two precious gems.''
''One is Ram and another is Lakhan.''
Oh, Lord of Gods, Mahadev.
Just Iike you gave boon of courage and power. .
. .to Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman to destroy the demons. .
. .give the same boon to my Ram and Lakhan too. .
. .so that I can immerse my husband's ashes in Ganga. .
. .and fuIfiII my vow.
Ram - Lakhan.
Ram - Lakhan.
Bad friendsl
Tomorrow's night wiII be a terribIe night for aII of usl
Bad man, Lakhan, you wiII be very urgentIy needed for thisl
The goods worth 51 0 miIIion rupees Iying near the border. .
. .wiII be deIivered at India's Dinapur border onIy.
Yes. And the Border Security Force wiII be distracted. .
. . by Lakhan and his poIice party.
That is why Sir John has decided to pay you. .
. .50 miIIion rupees for this Job.
Son, you can Iive in Iuxury for the rest of your Iife.
Just put your heart into this Iast Job.
There needs to be a heart to put in the Jobl - Meaning?
Sir, I mean my heart is in the cIutches of your partner.
TeII him to Ioosen his cIutches.
Return my heart, my Iove to me.
Sure. But who is your Iove?
The name of my Iove is, Radha.
I'm. . I'm sorryl
Bishambharl Lakhan is our hero.
Hurting his heart at this time means hurting our business.
Brother, what is the harm in making a promise?
Okay, sir, we wiII obey your word. We wiII obey.
But my promise wiII be fuIfiIIed after our goods are deIivered. .
. .to Surya mansion at Dinapur.
Surya mansionl Yes.
Yes, Surya mansion, the one near the raiIway Iine.
Its photo is therel
Why did the smiIe vanish from your face on seeing the photo?
Now onIy uncIe Bishambhar can return the smiIe to me.
How? Sir, I don't want money for tomorrow's Job. .
. . I want something eIse. What?
A bIank paper from you, Miss Vivia's pen. .
. .and uncIe Bishambhar's signature.
Signature? What for?
The Surya mansion wiII be in Lakhan's name. .
. .from day after tomorrow.
How dare you?
How dare you? Bad man, this mansion is in ruinsl
It is not ruins, Kesariyal
It is my father and grandfather's bIood and sweatl
It is my mother's dream l
You wiII not get this mansion at any costl
And I want it at any costl
You are bIackmaiIingl
I am making a deaIl
We are giving you 50 miIIion rupeesl
I don't want 50 miIIion, I want onIy this mansionl
ControI yourseIf, boysl ControIl
Sit down, bad manl We wiII sit down and decide.
Lakhan, you wiII get the mansion too, okay?
But this mansion is my property, sirl
Bishambhar, the diamond-seIIers do not care. .
. .about the cost of wooden box es.
Give him the ruins. Vivial
Yes, sir? Give him the paper for signature.
Put your signature.
Lakhan wiII get this paper onIy when we receive our goods.
Is this fair?
Okay, sir.
For the game that the idiot has pIayed with us. .
. . I wiII definiteIy give him an answerl
Mathurl Yes?
Just wait and see how I pIay the gamel
Good afternoon, sirl Good afternoonl
This gentIeman has come from DeIhi CBI department.
Sir, my name is KuIdeep Bedi. I am a CBI officer.
We have something very important to taIk to you.
I see. PIease come in.
Brother Ram, didn't you go to the station to receive mother?
Lakhan has gone.
Lakhanl - Oh, motherl BIess youl
How are you, mother?
I am fine. - BeteI-Ieafl Cigarettel
Do you know what boons I have asked for the two of you?
What, mother?
BeteI-Ieafl Cigarettel
Where is Ram?
Mother. . he has to do important duty, so he. .
Mother, Iet me get your Iuggage.
Ramu, bring mother's Iuggage inside.
Whose bungaIow is this?
Come in, mother. Come.
Son, where have you brought me?
To our house, mother.
To our house? Meaning?
It means your housel Our housel
Our house?
Ramu, bring a gIass of orange Juice for mother.
Lakhan, where is Ram?
Sit down, mother, you are tired.
First take bath. Look. .
I got new hot water machine instaIIed in the bathroom.
I asked where Ram isl
He is in his house. In the oId house.
OId house?
Yes, mother.
Now, brother and I have decided to Iive separateIy.
Look, mother, some day we do need to separate.
Instead of tomorrow, we separated today.
Mother, you had promised to me. .
. .you wiII aIways Iive with me.
Have the houses been set up or ruined?
Look, mother, setting up or ruining is in brother Ram's hands.
He unnecessariIy got annoyed with mel
He got angry with mel
Why? Why?
Mother, because I became a poIice officerl
And on becoming a poIice officer, I started to earn money.
I. . I won a Iottery too, motherl
I became richl
Is it a crime to be rich?
Whatever I became was through my hard work.
Through my cIeverness.
I adopted the ways of the worId and kept earning money.
''My two precious gems.''
''One is Ram and another one is Lakhan.''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''One is Ram and another is Lakhan.''
''One is Ram and. .''
Mother, drink this orange Juice.
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
Lakhan, first of aII, I want to meet Ram.
Ram - Lakhan. - Mother, drink the Juice.
Didn't I say that first I want to meet Ram?
Mother, you wiII return after meeting him, right?
Yes. I wiII.
Mother, he can be arrested any time.
But mother, it wiII be better if you go and Iive with Lakhan.
Mother, he Ioves you very much.
And you aIso. . you aIso have Ioved him more than me.
So what if he and I can't get aIong, mother?
You wiII get aIong.
You are a mother.
Yes, mother, I know I am very cIose to you.
But, mother, I know this too. . that Lakhan is dearer to you.
And what is the use of heart without heartbeats?
Where is the tempIe?
Ram, take me to Lakhan.
Yes, I want to go to Lakhan.
What are you waiting for?
Waiting for nothing.
Mother has made her decision.
If you want, you aIso can come to this house.
Nol Motherl
Go back, Ram l You are under my oathl
Move asidel
This is not the reward for my penancel
This is not Justicel
This is not Justice, this is inJusticel
I had not asked you for thisl
I had asked for battIe with Bishambhar and Bhanul
Not the battIe between Ram and Lakhanl
Ram and Lakhan were my weaponsl
And they have broken my weaponsl
Lakhanl Lakhan, who is my sonl
Today, he has pierced my heartl
He has pierced a mother's heartl
Oh, Godl Oh, God, take pity on mel
Oh, God, take pity on a grief-stricken womanl
Take pity on a grief-stricken womanl
Thakur Pratap Singhl WiII your ashes. .
. . never be immersed in Ganga?
WiII it never happen?
Thakur Pratap Singhl WiII your ashes. .
. . never be immersed in Ganga?
These are the ashes of my husband Thakur Pratap Singh.
Whom Bishambhar and Bhanu had murdered in front of my eyes.
''My two precious gems.''
''My two precious gems.''
''One is Ram and another one is Lakhan.''
Mr. Lakhan, this is Mr. KuIdeep Bedi from DeIhi CBI department.
The CBI had brought some charges against you.
Therefore you are being arrested.
Here is your arrest warrant.
Let us go.
Hey, Lakhanl Not Lakhan, say Lakhan sirl
Oh, Lakhan sirl What is this?
You invited us to dinner and you are going for duty?
Shiva, do one thing for me.
Take mother's tempIe to her.
And teII her that Lakhan wiII return onIy after fuIfiIIing her vow.
Forgive me, Pandeyl
Mother's vow is more important than your duty.
Movel Come onl Escort me tiII therel
Sorry, Mr. Bedil
I promise, I wiII come back to you after finishing my work.
Stop, Lakhanl
What are you saying?
FoIIow him l
I say chase him l
What are you saying?
This way, Lakhan wiII be even more impIicatedl
Where is Ram? Okay, I am coming.
What happened, daddy?
Lakhan has escaped from poIice custodyl Why?
Bad boyl Stupid feIIowl
Here Ram is worried, and there Lakhan has escapedl
How crazy he is?
He says that his mother's vow is more important. .
. .than the duty of the poIicel
WeIcomel WeIcome, nephew Lakhanl WeIcomel
Hearty weIcome to youl Hearty weIcome to youl
WeIcome, Lakhanl
WeIcome, nephew Lakhan, Sir John is waiting for youl
WeIcomel WeIcome, Mr. Lakhanl
Dynamite has been pIanted aII around the mansion.
Bhanu, Mr. Mathur, both of you go home.
As you wish. Come.
Miss Vivia, what is going on?
What is this, sir?
Lakhan, dear, aII this is for your ceIebrationl
You have taken over the bungaIow.
You wiII get the mansion.
And your dream girI wiII aIso comel
But do you remember your promise?
Before sunrise, you have to get our trucks across the border.
Are you ready, bad man?
Yes, sir, I am ready.
Jeeval Give him his uniform.
Sir, I wiII go without uniform.
Because peopIe over there know me.
There wiII be no fun in the game without the uniform.
But, sir, I. . Put on the uniform, Lakhan.
Sir John, now I wiII not be abIe to wear this uniform.
Don't pIay games with me, Lakhan, wear the uniform.
Wear the uniform, my sonl
Wear the uniform l
Wear it, bad man, wear it.
I said I wiII not wear the uniform l
Wear it, chiIdl
Didn't I say that I wiII not wear the uniform?
Lakhan, wear the uniform l
Wear itl
Wear the uniform l
Wear it, dearl
Oh, so you wiII not wear the uniform l
Why wiII you not wear it? Why won't you?
I wiII see how you avoid wearing itl
Even your daddy wiII wear the uniform l
You wiII definiteIy wear itl
You wiII definiteIy wear itl
Lakhan, they know that the poIice are chasing you. .
. .and with what intention you have come here
Why did you Iie, Lakhan? Why?
Kesariya, he has faiIed tool
Let me pass him l
Before passing him, Iet him get a. .
. .view of his dream girI, Kesariyal
Why not? Why not?
Come onl Mrs. Sir John number 5l
Sir John, congratuIationsl
CongratuIations on your fifth marriagel
This was a beautifuI gift for you on our behaIf.
You idiotl You fooIl
You beastl
Get upl
KiII the fooIl
KiII the fooIl Chop him to piecesl
I'II kiII you.
KiII the idiotl
My brother Lakhan has sureIy committed crimes. .
. . but there is someone eIse's conspiracy behind the crimes.
Yes, conspiracy.
You have seen the tree but its roots are somewhere eIse.
Inspector Ram.
I am Sir John speaking.
Your brother is waiting to die at our hands.
We thought that the task that Lakhan couId not do. .
. . might be accompIished by Ram.
If you want, you can save your brother's Iife.
My men wiII expIain everything to you.
You wiII come aIone to post number seven.
You, means onIy you.
That means that we have to work under threat of Sir Johnl
This is an insuIt to the entire poIice departmentl
No, it wiII never happenl
Do you mean that we shouId Ieave Lakhan there to diel
Are you in your right minds?
So what do we do, my dear?
ShouId we give in to them?
Yes, papa, Ram wiII have to give in.
Because I know very weII that Lakhan is Ram's Iife.
And Ram cannot Iive without Lakhan.
I wiII Iive without him. I wiII Iive.
WiII he test me every time?
WiII he hurt me every time?
I wiII Iive without him l
Ram l
Lakhanl Lakhanl
Try, Lakhan, try.
Open your eyes, Lakhanl
You did not beIieve me, now see with your eyes.
Try, Lakhanl
It is Iove. OnIy Iove.
Lakhan is going to marry Vivia onIy.
Kashiram, it has been 9 hours since they took away Radha.
Who took her away? - Bhishambhar and Deboo.
They said that they wanted to show her horoscope to some ascetic.
But why haven't they returned tiII now?
Sir, I think they have deceived youl How?
SaIman, teII sir about that incident with Lakhan.
Before you create a scene in tonight's party. .
. . I want to ask you for the Iast time. .
. .do you refuse to marry me?
Of course not. I agree.
But I have a condition.
Before marriage, you wiII have to bring Lakhan to me once.
WiII you get him freed?
Or wiII you kiII him?
You wiII get the answer at that time.
It wiII be a fun game.
Don't worry, Sir John,
Today, Mr. Ram wiII get across cocaine worth miIIionsl
UntiI then you prepare to get married to Radhal
''MerciIess, ignorant.''
''BetrayaI beIoved.''
''MerciIess, ignorant.''
''BetrayaI beIoved.''
''Neither I wiII kiII you nor spare you.''
''I'II give a sIow death. .
. . by making you suffer.''
''MerciIess, ignorant.''
''BetrayaI beIoved.''
''MerciIess, ignorant.''
''BetrayaI beIoved.''
''You don't have a reIigion.''
''You are not honest.''
''You don't have a reIigion.''
''You are not honest.''
''How can you become a Iover. .
. .when you are not a good human first.''
''I'II not have any reIations with you.''
''I'II give a sIow death. .
. . by making you suffer.''
''MerciIess, ignorant.''
''BetrayaI beIoved.''
Where is my Lakhan?
What did you say?
Did sister Sharada take the two of them to Lakhan?
Yesl And she wiII kiII aII of them l
No, sister, she wiII not be abIe to kiII them l
How? OnIy if you do what we say.
Then onIy. Yes.
Look, Kesariya, I have done your work.
Now as per your promise teII me Lakhan's whereabouts.
This is cheating, Kesariyal
It is my chiIdhood habit, good manl
Kesariyal Sir John.
Yes, Sir Johnl I am coming over.
''I'II give an opportunity.''
''Ditch me again.''
''I'II give an opportunity. Ditch me again.''
''How Iong can you escape. .
. .from this bIood shed.''
''I'II run behind you as your death.''
''I'II give you a sIow death. .
. . by making you suffer.''
''MerciIess, ignorant. BetrayaI beIoved.''
''MerciIess, ignorant.''
''BetrayaI. . beIoved.''
''Hey you, Iisten to me.''
''I am very coIourfuI.''
''Do as I do.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 .''
''My name is Devdhar.''
''The greatest enemy, my name is Devdhar.''
''Hey you, Iisten to me.''
''I am very coIourfuI.''
''Do as I do.''
''1 , 2 and 4. 4, 2 and 1 .''
''My name is Devdhar.''
''The greatest enemy, my name is Devdhar.''
There was gunfirel
Stop aII thisl Stop pIaying the bandl
Stop pIaying the bandl
Parameshwari, what nonsense is this?
ProbIem l ProbIem l
What probIem?
Are you aIright?
Deodhar, what kind of drama is this?
Kashiram, teII them what wiII happen to them. .
. . if we teII them about this dramal
They wiII be scared and go weak-kneed with fear, Just Iike youl
Kashiram l HaiI Ram l
I mean don't teII them. You are under my oathl
Nol No, son, nol
My bIood is boiIing, I must give them warningl I must do itl
Brother, pIease don't get angryl Don't get angryl
Don't say anything.
Come here.
Say in front of everyone what that warning isl
Who is he?
He is my friend.
Forgive mel I apoIogise to you.
I thought he was some smuggIer or goon.
Sorry, sorryl
Brother, if you are his friend, then teII him. .
. . not to get invoIved with smuggIers.
SmuggIerl Who is the smuggIer?
He is some idiot one-eyed Sir Johnl
Yes, Sir Johnl
And sir, as your reIative, I have come to expIain to you. .
. . pIease don't pIay with Sir John the game you have pIanned.
PIease don't pIay it, we wiII be ruinedl
What game? - I wiII teII you. . - Deodharl
Let me teII him l Let me teII everythingl
He is your friend, isn't he?
Listen, they wiII get my daughter married to Sir John. .
. . in a fake wedding, and after that, Sir John's murder. .
Deodharl - Waitl
TeII me, does Sir John wear bangIes?
Sir John wiII aIso retaIiatel And he wiII strike at you first. .
. . because you are his friend.
And then he wiII kiII him because he is your friendl
And then he wiII kiII me aIsol - Deodharl
What Deodhar? I wiII not aIIow you to kiII that idiot Sir Johnl
Mother, this is Sir Johnl
This onel Sir Johnl
Sir John is an idiotl
He is a dogl - Sirl
He is a fooI and has one eyel
Why do you interrupt? It is our duty to save our reIatives Iivesl
I wiII not Iet you kiII Sir John, that's aIIl
My murder?
Who is going to kiII me?
No one is taIking about your murder. .
. . I am taIking about Sir John's murderl
Of that one-eyed idiot whose one eye is of stone.
Then I am that Sir John.
He was a weak pIayer.
Listen to what I am sayingl
Shut upl Stupidl IIIiteratel
Priest, start the rituaIs of marriage.
AppIy vermiIion to the groom.
Now it is my turn, Sir Johnl
Deodhar Shastri. .
''1 , 2 is 4 and 4, 2 is 1 .''
Sir, you have done a wonderfuI thingl
You Iook Iike James Bondl
Kashiram, you do not know Deodhar.
Tigers are scared of him l
That brave man's name is Deodharl
Sir, this is not the time to deIiver diaIogues. .
. .take some actionl Actionl
Action number onel
Bring Lakhan in front of usl
Action number twol AIIow Radha to go with us.
Action number three, I wiII dictate myseIf.
Sir John, your story ends here and my story starts now.
Deodhar, hunting tigers is neither the nature of a trader. .
. . nor is it his duty.
Look over therel
If anybody makes a move, Radha wiII be peppered with buIIetsl
Deodhar, you did make a move. .
. . but not with due preparationsl
Bishambhar, Iookl Who is standing in front of you?
Your deathl
It has come at the appointed timel
This is the mother of that Ram, whose brother Lakhan. .
. .you have aIienated from him l
This is the mother of that Lakhan. .
. .whom you have sunk into the cesspooI of corruptionl
This is the wife of Thakur Pratap Singh. .
. .the stains of whose bIood are stiII there on my saril
Can you see these stains?
Can you recognise them?
Then Iookl
Deodhar, take away Radha.
Bishambhar, where is my Lakhan?
Find the oId womanl And kiII herl
Mr. Mathurl Mr. Mathurl
Don't speakl Don't speakl
Bad manl
Have you brought the goods?
Kesariya ViIayati never faiIs, Sir Johnl
Take this, give me moneyl
No, Iet the box remain there.
Mother, stay here, I wiII Iook for Lakhan.
First teII me who has switched off the Iights?
I didl If I had not switched off Iights. .
. .aII of you wouId have died, bad brotherl
Brother-in-Iaw, get the Iights switched onl
Don't speakl Don't speakl
No, crush the femaIe serpent in the dark onIyl
Ram l Ram l
You are herel
Wherever the deviI goes, Ram foIIowsl
Move asidel
Ram l
This is mother's sari.
Yes, the coIour of bIood on it is spreading aII around this mansion.
Take this, Lakhan.
Today you have to fight, Lakhan.
But remember, not as Lakhan. .
. . but as inspector Lakhan Pratap Singhl
Here is the paper for your mansion.
Our victory Iies in your victory, Lakhanl
I Iove you, Lakhanl
Lakhan Pratap Singhl
Death is standing behind youl
You Iike very much to put uniform on others, right?
Put the uniform on mel
Put it on mel
Put the uniform on mel
Put the uniform on mel
Put it on mel
Get upl
Wait, good manl
Oh, good manl
Motherl Take mother outside.
Come. Go. Come.
Sir, it is very dark aheadl
But where is Radha?
Radha has gone with Shiva.
India is greatl
Shiva, take Radha out
Go to the underground tunneI, activate the switch for dynamitel
Quickl - Ok, sirl
Officerl Officerl
Did you find Lakhan?
Your Lakhan is aIive, brotherl
These woundsl
Yes. This is the punishment for my misdeedsl
This uniform l
Yes, brother, now I wish that if my brother finds my dead body. .
. .then it shouId be that of reaI inspector Lakhan Pratap Singhl
Not of the corrupt Lakhan, because of whom. .
. .everybody had to hang their heads in shamel
Look, where your deeds have brought aII of us?
Was his your ambition?
Was his your ambition?
Was this your dream?
Hadn't you started off to change the worId?
I am sorry, brother.
Sorryl Stupid, are you saying sorry to me?
Lakhan, go upstairs, I wiII go down.
Debool Deboo, my sonl
BIow up this mansion with dynamitel
Lakhanl Lakhan, my sonl
Look, I am your uncIel
UncIe Bishambharl Isn't this the same room. .
. .from where you had pushed out my mother? - No.
Comel Comel
Now it is your turnl
''My two precious gems.''
Brother, this is the demon, who had kiIIed our fatherl
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''Ram.'' - ''Lakhan.''
''One is Ram and another one is Lakhan.''
Comel - Kesariyal
Sirl Sir, pIease take us aIong tool
First you faiI usl Now you caII Kesariyal
Brother, I wiII get them l
Surrender yourseIves to the poIicel
HeIIol HeIIol HeIIo, headquartersl
Bewarel - HeIIol - Ram l
Ram l Come and save her if you canl
Bhanu, Iet us gol
Ram l
Leave mel
No firingl No firingl
Let them gol
Let them gol
Hands upl
Sir, we received message from the mansion. .
. .that Geeta has been kidnapped.
Bhanul Bring Sharada herel
And tie her on this raiIway Iine. .
. .where we had chopped Pratap to piecesl
Movel - Move. . - You serpentl
You wanted to bite usl
Move, you wretched girIl Movel
Bhanu. .
Ram, if you fire at me, remember. .
. .that you wiII find their dead bodies aIong with mel
Keep standing therel
Stop, Bishambharl
Surrender yourseIf to the poIicel
Brother, you were right.
Thousands of years oId ideaIs of Ramayan. .
. .couId never be changed nor wiII they ever be changed.
Do you know how I feeI today?
I feeI as if today my Lakhan has been born again.
''Hey, you, Iisten to me.''
''I am very coIourfuI.''
''Don't do what I did.''
''No. God bIess you, Ram-Lakhan.''
''God bIess you Ram-Lakhan.''
''The greatest Iovers, God bIess you Ram-Lakhan.''