One stroke nail art with rosebuds by cute nails

Uploaded by cutenails on 09.03.2012

Hello, today we’ll see how to make this nail art I’m wearing.
I will make a flower that I’ve never done with one stroke technique.
The flowers look like a horn with a spiral.
This tutorial is for the medium to high level.
I hope that you will enjoy learning how to make this flower design.
First I have applied a glitter pink base.
Then I make a gradient using a glitterring nail polish.
To do so I apply the glitter nail polish from the edge of my nail.
Removing the brush off my nail to make the gradient.
Then I use white and violet acrylic paint
And a square one stroke brush or a beveled brush
Then I dip two third of the brush in violet paint and one third in white paint
To make something different than we’re used to in the traditional one stroke.
And now I draw some bridges.
To do so, I go up with my brush, I take it off my nail and I go down.
To darken the color, apply another coat of paint.
It won’t be necessary for the next steps.
When it is dry, once again I dip two third of the brush in violet paint and one third in white
From the bottom I make a bridge
that starts from the center to the right side which is in white.
The white paint will meet the right side.
Before you go ahead make sure that the paint is dry.
And once more, I make the same thing with a lower arc.
I move with my brush from left to right.
And I go down to the other half.
When it’s done, I use a detailed brush and white acrylic paint.
To refine the outlines.
And to add a spiral at the center of the flower.
I’m sorry; my camera ran out of battery. You won’t see the spirals clearly, sorry about that.
Then I add two arabesques between each flowers.
And I draw a spiral and some drops.
With the use of a dotting tool, I apply some little violet dots between the flowers.
Finally I add a rhinestone of the same color with some top coat.
And finally I apply the top coat to protect the nail art.
It’s done! See ya!