[Eng Sub] Gyuri's Love Square with ZE:A

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Shindong: So now, we will ask DJ Gyuri who she thinks is the top member of ZE:A.
Shindong: For the first category..
Shindong: Among the ZE:A members, who is the closest to Gyuri’s ideal type?
Shindong: This ideal type, since you’ve seen them for a long time
Shindong: Their appearance, personalities, you have to consider the total package and just pick one.
Gyuri: This is too difficult, really..
Shindong: What did you say your ideal type was?
Gyuri: In real life? I’ve always said that I like someone who is manly..
Gyuri: And someone who would like me very much..
Gyuri: He’s hard to find..
Shindong: Right.. Everyone’s starting to show their appeal..
Gyuri: Kwanghee-ssi, please don’t look at me like that..
Gyuri: What’s with the pointing?
ZEA: He wanted to be more manly..
Shindong: Okay, so now we will find out Gyuri’s choice.. I’ll give you 3 seconds.
Kwanghee: Ahh.. I really don’t know who..
Shindong: 1, 2, 3..
Gyuri: Hyungshik-ssi?
Shindong: Lets listen to Hyungshik’s reaction..
Gyuri: That was difficult..
Hyungshik: I really didn’t expect that I’ll get chosen..
Kwanghee: It can’t be..
Hyungshik: For me, I don’t really show it that much,
Hyungshik: But I think I have my own hidden charms too
ZEA: And what is that?
Kwanghee: You’ve become arrogant! Just because Gyuri chose you..
Hyungshik: Everyone should just try harder
Shindong: Gyuri-sshi. Gyuri: Yes?
Shindong: Since when did you start having feelings for Hyungshik?
Gyuri: Its nothing like that..
Shindong: Was it just now or have you always thought that way?
Gyuri: Actually, everyone has their own charms, so I like everyone
Gyuri: But today, Hyungshik-sshi looks particularly good..
Hyungshik: Actually
Hyungshik: I had a schedule today, so I'm dressed up
Shindong: So now, we will move on to our next category.
Shindong: If the members of KARA whom Gyuri loves and treasures so much comes up to her and says
Shindong: “Unnie, unnie.. Who’s the best out of the ZE:A members? If there is an okay member, can you introduce him to me?
Shindong: Who is the member that DJ Gyuri can introduce to her members, whom she treats as real younger sisters, without hesitation?
Shindong: The top member that she would want as a brother-in-law?
Gyuri: Can I pick 2?
Shindong: You can't, you just have to pick one..
Kwanghee: You can just pick one..
Shindong: This is a bit different from your own ideal type..
ZEA: Let her pick 2 members..
Shindong: No, she can't..
Gyuri: Can I say the second member later?
Kwanghee: Maybe 2 members asked her to introduce us!
Shindong: You'll pick two, and then you'll chose between the two of them?
Gyuri: What?
Shindong: So that's a no.. Just pick one..
Shindong: So lets go..
Shindong: What are your qualifications?
Gyuri: Someone who is trustworthy.. Shindong: Right, right..
Kwanghee: So that’s definitely not me.. I'll be out of the race
Gyuri: Kwanghee-ssi, thank you.
Gyuri: No, I’m just kidding. Kwanghee is a trustworthy person as well..
Shindong: Yes, someone like Kwanghee is..
Kwanghee: Believe me, believe me
Gyuri: But I think your English is a bit awkward..
Shindong: Okay, so, lets pick the top member you would like as a brother-in law
Shindong: I will give you 3 seconds. 1, 2, 3..
Gyuri: Heechul-ssi
Shindong: Congratulations! Can you say something about that?
Heechul: Uh.. Yes.. Thank you.
Shindong: Gyuri, why did you pick him?
Gyuri: Actually, I know Heechul personally, so I know his real personality
Gyuri: So I know that he is really someone trustworthy and a person you can depend on.
Kwanghee: Gyuri, Heechul dyed his hair blonde, do you still trust him?
Gyuri: A lot more than Kwanghee..
Kwanghee: But my hair is black..
Gyuri: What does that have to do with anything?
Shindong: So to Heechul, I have this question..
Shindong: Out of the 5 KARA members
Gyuri: Don’t ask questions like this!
Gyuri: Don’t! Don’t!
Shindong: Since Gyuri will be introducing you, we’ll exclude Gyuri.
Shindong: You just have to pick one out of the 4 members
Shindong: So Heechul can choose one KARA member, excluding Gyuri, who will it be?
Gyuri: Well, or you know, you can just pick me instead..
Kwanghee: That’s right..
Junyoung: Make it all 5 members instead..
Shindong: Shall we make it 5 members instead?
Shindong: What do you want to do, are you confident?
Gyuri: But what if I don’t get picked..
Shindong: Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Jiyoung and Hara.. We have 5 members
Shindong: Just cuz you say their name doesn’t mean that you will be dating.
Gyuri: This is making me a bit nervous
Shindong: So who is Heechul’s ideal type? 1,2,3!
Heechul: Gyuri Nuna..
Gyuri: Heechul-a, I love you!
ZEA: What are you guys doing in the middle of the broadcast?
Gyuri: Ah, I feel good, good.
Gyuri: I think today is my day..
Shindong: What are we going to do about this? You wanted him for a brother-in-law, but Heechul likes Gyuri instead..
Gyuri: Right..
ZEA: Is this a love triangle?
Gyuri: Well, you know, I can cover everyone.
Gyuri: What am I saying.. I’m sorry.
Gyuri: Ah, why are you being like that..
Shindong: Okay, well lets move on to our last category
Shindong: Our third topic. Gyuri, after you have become a DJ for SSTP, ZEA has guested 4 times
Shindong: But this member, everytime you meet him, its strangely awkward
Gyuri: Awkward..
Shindong: Right, so please pick the top member that Gyuri is the most awkward with..
Shindong: I wonder who you were most awkward with..
Gyuri: The most awkward with..
Hyungshik: The MOST..
Kwanghee: That member feels like a new member everytime
Gyuri: Strangely awkward..
Shindong: Right, strangely awkward.. Gyuri: Strangely..
Shindong: Its not like you guys are JUST awkward
Shindong: But its STRANGELY awkward.
ZEA: Junyoung, why are you looking nervous?
Shindong: You guys don’t even speak to each other, but its strangely awkward..
Gyuri: Ah, yes.. There is one.. Shindong: Something like that..
Shindong: So the most awkward member is?
Shindong: 1,2,3!
Gyuri: Siwan-ssi
Shindong: Congratulations!
Hyungshik: That’s right! I understand..
Shindong: So lets hear from Siwan..
Siwan: Ah, actually, I was expecting that..
Siwan: We have the same age, but we still haven’t talked comfortably yet (Meaning they're still on formal speaking terms, not banmal or informal)
Gyuri: That’s right.. Shindong: Ah, you guys are same-aged?
Siwan: Until now, in the industry, friends.. Like even if they are same-aged as me, I have a hard time talking comfortably,
Siwan: And it usually takes me a long time to get comfortable or close to someone..
Shindong: Okay then, we’ll have a little portion with Gyuri called
Shindong: “We hope you get closer!”
Shindong: For one minute, you two can have your own conversation, and we will just be watching..
Shindong: Since Siwan is the guy, you should be the first to start the conversation..
Shindong: You said you guys were same-aged right?
Kwanghee: Yes..
Kwanghee: Yes..
Shindong: So you should talk in banmal (informal) for a while
Shindong: Everyone, I apologize, I know this is on air, but for the two to become closer, we would be using banmal for a little bit.
ZEA: This is nice..
Shindong: One minute, you have that time to be closer
Shindong: Ready? Start!
Siwan: Wait.. Really, I haven’t really talked to any girl group member..
Kwanghee: This is your chance!! When will you have the chance to talk to KARA again?
Shindong: Please prepare the stopwatch..
Shindong: Ready? Okay, Start!
Siwan: Gyuri-ah, hi.
Guys going crazy. ☺;
Gyuri: Siwan-ah, hi.
Siwan: Uh.. Gyuri-ah.. So. You..
Gyuri: Hmm?
Siwan: In Japan, you guys are popular, and in Korea, you guys are popular as well.. So I’m happy that you guys are doing great..
Gyuri: Uhm, yes. We’ve been busy..
Gyuri: And me too, I’m glad that you guys are getting popular in Japan as well
Whisper: Ask her why you’re so awkward.
Siwan: Why am I so awkward?
Gyuri: We’re the same age, but I don’t know Whisper: Ask her for her number!! Number!! Ask her for her number!
Gyuri: What are you guys doing?
Whisper: Say something!! Whisper: Siwan, ask her for her number!
Siwan: Right, so through this opportunity, I hope we get closer and start talking banmal with each other
Gyuri: Okay, from now on, lets speak comfortably with each other
Whisper: Ask her for her number after!
Siwan: After the show, can you give me your number?
Junyoung: Ah, that’s a man!
Gyuri: Okay, Siwan-ah..
All the boys going crazy. Again. ☺;
Shindong: Okay.. So did you guys get closer
Kwanghee: Look at Siwan, he’s all hot!
ZEA: I’m just watching, but I’m getting all hot
Hyungshik: We are all so happy about this..
Shindong: I have this quick question for Siwan..
Shindong: Of the 5 members of KARA
Gyuri: Don’t! Don’t!
Shindong: Who’s the member that Siwan likes the most? Gyuri: Don’t! Don’t!
Shindong: I’ll give you 3 seconds. Gyuri: Don’t! Don’t!
Shindong: 3, 2, 1!
Siwan: Ah, Gyuri~
Boys going crazy. Again ☺;
ZEA: Whats happening here??
Gyuri: It wasn’t supposed to be like this..
Shindong: So that’s Heechul, Hyungshik and Siwan..
Shindong: There’s a little competition there..
Gyuri: No, its nothing like that..
Shindong: It was just for fun.. Gyuri: It was fun..
Shindong: Since we’re all colleagues, its nice for all of us to be closer like this..
Gyuri: I like ZE:A!
Shindong: So for today, the top members chosen are Hyungshik, Heechul and Siwan!
Shindong: Congratulations! Gyuri: Congratulations!