How to remove Apple iPhone 4 & Nokia N8 camera digital noise

Uploaded by StoikImaging on 20.11.2010

Hello! From this brief tutorial you will know, how
to remove smartphone camera digital noise with Stoik Imagic.
Here you can see several sample shots taken with modern smartphones - Apple iPhone
4 and Nokia N 8. At first glance all images looks nice.
But try to take a look closer. To do so, double click on any image to open
in single view.
Set zoom level to 100%, by clicking "/" key on numpad.
Now you can see a visible camera digital noise on image.
This is sample image made by "Nokia N8" smartphone. Now try to look on other samples.
Exit to Browse mode by clicking on "Browse" tab.
Now open image made by Apple iPhone 4, by double clicking on it.
And again this annoying noise is here. Let's check out last sample, also made by
Apple iPhone 4 camera. Here you can see, that in low light conditions,
digital noise became way more stronger. To get rid of this annoying digital noise
we will try Stoik Imagic Improvement Wizard. Select images which you'd like to improve.
Click on Tools menu Select "Improvement Wizard" item from drop-down
list. Improvement options dialogue will appear.
Select “Generate New Name” in saving options group.
Uncheck all options except “Remove Noise” in “What to Do” group.
Click "OK" button to start improvement process. Improvement process could take a while, depending
on options settings and amount images. For the sake of simplicity we will skip part
of this process.
Now it’s time to take a look what do we have as result.
You can see that set of new images been created with additional suffix in name.
To better see the difference between original and improved images, we will use “Compare
Images” command.
Select original Nokia image. Press "Control" key and click with left mouse
button on improved image. Both photos will be selected.
Select "Tools" from menu. Select "Compare" from drop-down list.
Then select "Images" item. Now you can see original and improved images
compared side by side. Now try to zoom closer.
Click on “Synchronize image zoom” button to equal both images zoom ratio.
Set zoom level to 100%, by clicking "/" key on numpad.
Now you can see the difference between original ... and ... improved images.
As you can see camera digital noise been removed while all details still preserved.
And this all been done fully automatically! Now take a look at other images. Compare then
the same way.
On this iPhone 4 image digital noise been removed also.
Check out all this details still preserved. At least at my opinion, windshields became
more clear. Let’s take a look at one more image...
My favorite one. Even such strong noise been effectively removed,
while all details still intact. And now that’s all!
Today you’ve studied how clean smartphone camera digital noise and compare images side
by side with Stoik Imagic.
Get Free version of Stoik Imagic from and try to experiment with your own images.
Thank you for your attention! And stay tuned to our channel!