The Science of Yoli

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Hi. I'm Doctor Angie Cross.
I'm a Yoli Member for many reasons.
But one of the most significant reasons is the science behind the Yoli products
and how powerful alkalizing the body is to human health.
Body pH is one of the fundamentals to health.
Maintaining a proper body pH, or the acid/alkaline balance,
Is one of the secrets to good health.
Unfortunately, we live in a society today where the standard American lifestyle
is highly acidic to our bodies.
Stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, fast food,
soda, excess sugar, alcohol and medications,
they all contribute to an accumulation of acid waste in the human body.
This causes the body to store fat,
pulls minerals from the bones and organs,
and it wreaks havoc on your health.
The main food groups that have an alkalizing effect on the body
and gives us the minerals we need to buffer acids and acidic waste in the body
are fruits and vegetables grown in a nutrient-rich, chemical-free soil.
Historically, mankind ate a 70% to 80% alkaline rich diet.
Now, all your processed foods, burgers, steaks, pizzas and sugars,
sweets, coffee, sodas, alcohol -- these are all acidic foods
and they contain little or no alkalizing nutrients
and sadly have become 70% to 90% of the modern diet.
Now, let's discuss some of the basics of pH while we demonstrate.
It's important to first point out the pH scale
so that you can understand the significance of the colors
you're going to see during the demonstration.
The pH scale goes from zero being highly acidic,
to fourteen being super alkaline.
When using pH testing drops, the liquid will respond in color
according to the acidity or alkalinity of that liquid,
RED being the most acidic, moving to orange, yellow, and pale green.
GREEN is your neutral color,
and then teal, blue, and purple being the most alkaline.
Alkalete is a patented alkalizing mineral formulation.
It is specifically designed to systemically buffer excess acids in the body
and neutralizes acids in the foods and beverages.
Alkalete is a white granular powder and it comes in capsules and packets.
We're going to start with a couple of popular bottled waters --
Dasani and Aquafina.
Let's start by putting a little Dasani in the first couple of glasses.
Next we're going to put Aquafina in the third glass.
Now, we're going to take a packet of Alkalete
and we're going to put it in the first glass of Dasani.
Alkalete is a white powder and it goes into the liquid as you can see.
But what you can't see is the alkalizing effect that just took place.
So, we'll take these pH testing drops
and we're going to add them to the second glass of Dasani
and to the Aquafina.
Now, as you can see, these cause the liquid to respond in color to the acidity level.
These are yellow-orange which means both are acidic.
So now let's take a packet of Alkalete and simply add a packet to each of these glasses.
As you can see, the Alkalete instantly goes to work
changing the liquid from acidic to alkaline.
Now each of these have become a beautiful alkaline color.
To see what took place in this first glass of Dasani
we will simply add the pH drops.
Now that water is also very alkaline
and has become a powerful agent in reducing acid waste in your body.
Alkalete can be used to create amazing pH enhanced water any time and any place.
But much more than that, you will be setting your body up for optimal health.
Alkalete is able to systemically buffer acid waste in the body.
Athletes will notice an increase in endurance and strength as the lactic acid is neutralized
in the muscles allowing the recovery time to be cut in half.
Not only do athletes get great results,
everyone can experience an increase in energy when taking Alkalete.
In addition to lactic acid,
Alkalete is able to buffer the body from negative effects of too much uric acid
commonly known as gout among other conditions.
Patients report a reduction in inflammation in the body and the joints.
Additionally, Alkalete helps with a wide range of digestive issues.
Finally, and most importantly,
Alkalete is the KEY to weight loss.
The body stores fat to protect itself from too much acid waste.
It's as if the body goes into survival mode.
But thankfully, when the body becomes more alkalized,
it releases the fat from the cells.
I typically recommend to my clients to do the loading dose of Alkalete
for their first 30 days when getting started on the Better Body System.
This is just the beginning of what we have to share about the pH balance
and the new science of weight loss.
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