How to Apply for VA Healthcare Online

Uploaded by VeteransHealthAdmin on 11.07.2012

Are you being discharged or released
from the military or are you a Veteran of the United States armed forces?
You may be eligible to receive health care benefits through the US Department of
Veterans Affairs.
If you served on active duty other than just for training, I encourage
you to apply for VA health care benefits.
VA health care benefits provide access
to more than 1,400 hospitals, clinics, and community living centers.
Completing the application online is a secure process and is the easiest way
to apply for enrollment. An online chat representative is available to answer
questions Mon-Fri from 8AM-8PM eastern time. You can also request a form be
sent to you - or enroll via phone - by calling 1-877-222-VETS.
You don't have to complete the application all at once - you can save
it and resume it later. If you prefer not to use the online process, you
can fill out a standard paper form, available online for printing at home,
or at any medical center or Veteran Service office. You can also request a
form be sent to you.
Before you start, there are a few things that you should have on hand
so you can easily apply. If you have health insurance, including Medicare
or Medicaid, you will need your health insurance card with your policy details.
These are the different sections that you will fill out in the application:
"Personal information", "Insurance Information", "Employment", "Military
Service", and "Financial Assessment." Each group has sub-tabs. Depending
on what information you enter, some sub-tabs may or may not show up on your application.
Now, let's take a look at the actual application process. Here are a few
tips that should make the process a little easier. In the "Personal
Information" section, make sure that you choose the correct marital
status and use the drop down menu for selecting your Veteran status
because this can change the information you need to fill out later on in the application.
In this section, check either the
"Health Services" or "Dental" boxes, or choose both depending on which type
of benefits you will be applying for.
VA offers a free one-time dental evaluation and treatment if you have
more than 90 days of continued service and your DD-214 or
certificate of release or discharge from active duty
indicates you did not receive dental treatment at least 90 days before
your separation. You must apply for this dental care
within 180 days of separation
from active-duty service.
If you need assistance choosing your preferred VA medical facility, you can
use our VA locator( which will take you online to find your closest facility.
In the "Insurance Information" section,
if you have health insurance, including coverage under a spouse's policy, be
sure to check the "yes" box so you can accurately provide details about
all of your health insurance coverage, including Medicare or Medicaid. If VA
is able to bill your insurance plan, it will not affect your existing
coverage, or increase your insurance premiums.
Any payments made by your insurance company
may reduce or eliminate your VA copays.
Billing insurance providers helps fund VA operations
and improves the quality of care for all Veterans.
You are not responsible for any portion of a bill
that the insurance company declines to pay.
VA does not bill for care and treatment
of you service connected disability.
When filling out the employment section,
make sure to include your spouse and dependent information -
VA needs to know your total gross household income to determine your
eligibility for health benefits.
When submitting this application, there is no need to attach any discharge or
military service-related documentation. But please make sure that you complete
the "Additional Information" section because it can greatly affect your
eligibility status.
Certain Veterans will be required to pay a copay for care and medications
prescribed on an outpatient basis. For more information about copays, contact
an online chat representative or visit
In some cases VA health care is a "needs-based" benefit. Veterans without
service related disabilities or special eligibilities are requested to disclose
their gross household income from the previous calendar year. VA calls this a
"means test" or "financial assessment." This financial assessment includes
your spouse's income, any qualifying dependents, and any additional
sources of income. It will be used to determine copay responsibility and
enrollment priority. VA may verify your self-reported income to ensure you are
enrolled in the correct priority group.
Because this is an electronic
application, you do not need to provide a signature, nor do you need to print
and mail it. But it's a good idea to print a paper copy or save a PDF
version of the application to your computer for your personal records.
If you are unsure whether your
application was submitted, contact your preferred VA health care
facility after the 5 day business processing period to check
on the status of your application.
So what happens after you submit your
application? It will generally be processed within 5 business days. You
will then receive a decision letter within 7-10 business days. If you are
denied enrollment, the letter will provide instructions about how to
appeal the decision.
Once enrolled, you can obtain a Veterans Identification Card or VIC.
You must go to your local VA Medical Facility to have your
picture taken to receive the card. If you apply in person at a VA
medical center, you can have your picture taken for your VIC and VA
will hold your card until your enrollment is final.
If your application is approved, an appointment will be scheduled
for you if you requested one on the application. If you didn't request an
appointment on your application, but would like to make one, you may contact
your local medical center to schedule an appointment. If you don't need to
see a doctor, there is nothing you need to do. Your VA health benefits will be
there if you need them!
As you have seen, applying for high quality VA health care is easy.
Submit your application today!