The Amazing Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield Makes Surprise Saturday Night Live Appearance

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The masterpiece and play Doll's House
by Henrik Ibsen will be adapted and collocated in the modern economical crisis
by director Charled Huddleston.
Huddleston has already recruited an incredible cast:
Ben Kinglsey, Julian Sands e Jena Malone just to begin.
Ibsen's play, originally premiered in Copenhagen,
talks about a family that debates with through financial problems and
secrets that risk to break the family apart.
Huddleston has revised the book with screenwriter Michele Martin.
Maybe Twilight fans will not be pleased to hear this news,
but Stephenie Meyer's franchise is coming to an end,
Breaking Dawn: part 1 arrives in theatres the 18th of this November.
Maybe for fans will seal the end of something but
certainly not for the actors who are continuing their careers quite undeterred.
Robert Pattinson went up in category, in fact he'll feature in Cosmopolis,
the new movie by David Cronenberg.
Inspired by Don DeLillo's novel,
Cosmopolis is about a multimillionaire that takes his limo around Manhattan
to get a haircut, while his fortune is dissolving for a bad investment.
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