Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - Sora encounters Braig, Unknown & Sora flashback English Subtitles

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Sora: This is the Organisation's...
Sora: This world...
Sora: ... shouldn't be locked in sleep, should it?
Sora: I already released all seven keyholes, after all.
Sora: I'm sure I should have returned to my realm...
Sora: What am I doing here?
Xigbar: Still sleeeepy?
Sora: Who's there! Come out!
Xigbar: This plan was a pain all right,
Xigbar: But it's done now.
Sora: You too?? Why--
Xigbar: One big reveal at a time! Sora, Roxas.
Xigbar: First of all, you were expecting to go back to your realm.
Xigbar: So whyyy are you here, on this world?
Xigbar: It's simple. We invited you here.
Xigbar: The second you dropped off to sleep, see, we made use of that.
Xigbar: We've been right there guiding you ever since that moment.
Sora: Right from the beginning...
Sora: Ah! That robed guy!
Sora: And the black-coated guy...
Sora: and Xemnas...
Xigbar: Corrrrect!
Xigbar: For you to cross time, drop off to sleep and go to a world in an instant...
Xigbar: ...your past self had to have existed at that time, that place.
Xigbar: I'm sure you've met him in the past. That robed fella.
Xigbar: Yep. Ever since then, it was set in stone that you'd come here today.
Sora: No way!
Xigbar: Maybe. It's almost going too well.
Xigbar: You don't believe it, do you?
Xigbar: That's why you guys didn't see through us at at all,
Xigbar: and why your plans have all fallen apart.
Xigbar: Even if you return to reality with that evidence, you won't go back the way you were.
Xigbar: You won't wake up again.
Xigbar: In other words, whether this is reality, or whether this is a dream... doesn't matter.
Sora: Got it. It doesn't matter.
Sora: But it's clear as day that you guys are my enemies!
Xigbar: There's that good old glare, just like always.
Xigbar: But we're switching players now. The plan is pretty complicated, yeah?
YMX: Let's go together.
Sora: What...
Xigbar: Sweet dreams.
YMX: Yeah. This is where it began.
YMX: Then, I still hadn't realised it was myself.
YMX: Of course, in order to set off on my journey, I cast aside my form...
Sora: What does that mean?
YMX: That is Xehanort, after becoming just a heart.
YMX: You and your friends called him Ansem.
Sora: Ah!
Sora: That guy...
Sora: That was---!
YMX: Yes. This is the time that Xigbar was talking about.
Sora: That was me, just a bit before this world was swallowed by darkness...
YMX: In order to cross time, you must cast aside the flesh.
YMX: First, Ansem sent me off on my journey. Then he came here, at this time.
YMX: And that decided everything that happened up until today.
Sora: What do you mean?
Sora: Are you trying to say you knew everything all along?
YMX: No. Not everything.
YMX: After this, Ansem took over Riku's body.
YMX: Just like that, the flow of time was set in motion.
Sora: Then you would have only been able to know up until then!
Sora: Why was it set in stone that I would come here, today?
YMX: Well...
Sora: Kairi!
Sora: What?
YMX: You've come here so many times.
YMX: Your first journey. Your journey through your memories. Your journey through data.
YMX: And, your journey through dreams.
YMX: It's like deja vu.
Sora: The King...
Sora: Donald! Goofy!
Sora: Pluto!
Riku: Sora!