Annoying Orange vs Plants vs Zombies

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-Keep firing! Don't let up!
We can still win this!
-(Orange) Hey! Hey, pea-brain! Hey, pea-brain, hey!
-(Peashooter) What? What is it?
-(Orange) Zombie!
-Well, duh. Of course there's--
[zombie munching] Ugh... aah!
-[Orange laughs] Stupid zombies.
I was only kidding about the brains. [laughs]
-Oh, shut up, new guy.
-Hey, don't be so negative. Look at Dumbflower.
He's got a sunny disposition. [laughs]
[zombie munching] -Hehehehehehe! Oh, no! Hehehehe!
-(Peashooter) Oh, this is not good.
-(Orange) Hey, hey zombies! Hey, zombies, hey!
-(zombies) What?
-(Orange) Zombies, hey! -(zombies) What?
-(Orange) Lawnmower.
[lawnmowers buzz, zombies groan]
[all cheer]
We're number one! We're number one!
We're number-- uh-oh.
-(man) The zombies are coming. -(Pear) Oh, great.
And we've only 100 sun left.
How the heck are we gonna stop all those zombies?
-(Orange) Wait, I've got an idea!
Pick me! -(Marshmallow) Yay!
[all saying "pick me"]
-(Grapefruit) Oh, you wanna pick me, buddy.
-(Passion Fruit) Girl power! Pick me! Come on, pick me.
I'm a black belt. You can't go wrong.
-(Grapefruit) I'm the biggest. I'm the baddest.
I have the biggest muscles.
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