ГипноКот 8з [HypnoCat]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Sep 7, 2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
As you know, there's a new law [google: protect kids from bad info bla]
But we're on the internet and we can do whatever we want. So let's watch one of the forbidden ones :)
Watch TiX! We have cookies!
For almost a week those who study work their asses off.
And by the looks of things, someone already got evacuated from the house of knowledge in an ambulance.
Ok, tell me what letter is this?
That's right, "I"! And this one?
What letter is this?
Just read it, what's the letter?
Ok, this! What is this, eh? *russian "yu" *
YOU! Correct, good job. Finally.
How do i reach these kids <c> [omg you're so retarded LOL ]
So what's "you"? Well? "You" is...?
And only the all-knowing fuck can say how many hours this teacher is trying to make a gurl produce at least some sounds.
It's easier to teach your grandma to remove double chin in photoshop.
Than making this girl repeat 3 letters.
"YOU' means you, remember!
"YOU' means you!
"YOU' means you!!
Maybe i wasn't paying much attention in school but i think "U" is a letter.
Or maybe her name is U [U Ivanova].
Hi U!
Hello uncle Y.
"You" means...?
"YOU' means you, remember!
"YOU' means you!
"YOU' means you!
Don't you start crying on me!
Don't cr... ugh!
Was I the only one who saw her hitting him in the nuts?
Alcoholic parents never taught her how to speak but showed how to swing a leg.
Maybe when she grows up Russia will win olympic gold in martial arts.
"YOU' means you!
"YOU' means you! [training before the battle]
Don't you start crying on me! ugh! [counterattack and...]
And everyone surely took the side of the little girl [coz she's a real nut cracker]
Of course, coz every teacher is a sadist and wants the worst for the children...
Coz they are taught how to make kids fail in teachers' training institutes... [this part was shot in the subway]
And it has nothing to do with dumbass schoolies who never do shit, sit in classes and shoot vertical videos on phones [useless human babies]
And is this Horosho?!
Vid about a hypnocat was sent by Spitfire.
And the hypnocat... is doing what a hypnocat does.
Was i the only one who noticed that the sound was added later?
Probably just me...
You know, i was playing poker with this cat, had a royal flush. I passed [those eyes...]
Yes master cat [this is not an ad]
Yes, i love cookies [we have cookies!]
While you're looking at hypnocat, the other one is stealing your money and taking your woman.
Altho you don't have anyone to take, loser [you by your own hand]
And if you watch this vid 666 times and then 13 times and 13 times backwards, you can summon Belzebul.
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by 1disper1.
And now relax, make yourself comfortable and enjoy. This vid is to be inspired with.
Was i the only one who noticed how the music began playing after he was hit by Kamaz? [yes, you're special]
Without it this would be your average vid of Nicki Minaj backing up.
Also the navigator is astoshiningly accurate.
Prolly Vanga's voice is set.
Danger in 200m!
Accident in 200m!
[There's the accident! ^^]
Evoked accident on the guy!
There's a reasong for the "woman on board is bad news" saying.
And this is Horosho!
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How long is your club?
How long is your club?
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So where do I find that strory about a woman with her hand up the moose's vagina?
Woman's place is in the kitchen. There're both the moose and vagina
Moose doesn't have a vagina...
Stas told me the story himself. And then said "noone's gonna believe you anyway"
What happens in moose's vagina stays in moose's vagina.
Oh the back side of "Nu Pogodi" VHR box.
My sister found it! She will tell everyone once she finishes washing her hand!
Was i the only one who noticed how the music began playingghsiguhsoguih ............ after he was hit by Kamaz? �