Jesus eucaristia quer falar-te: escuta-O

Uploaded by eparatijesus on 02.10.2011

Jesus, present in the Sacrament of the Eucharist want to talk to you. Hear, O:
Hear Me: Today is a special day for Me
It's a happy day for you are here, close to Me
I beg you to stop you know. Calm down. Close your eyes and open your heart to Me.
Remember that you know you better than yourself.
I know what you think and feel at this time.
Yes, I know, it costs you stop, your life is a constant rush, but this time stops.
Hear me.
Normally, we do not have time to talk, you never have time, so I ask you, please
today do not turn your back, do not close the door of your heart;
on the contrary, opens it and feel the pulse of my heart that I would love that you want to talk.
I just ask you a bit of attention and love.
I think it is asking too much after what I did for you.
No longer do you remember what I did? Let me remind you:
I have loved you from eternity.
Long before there I already knew and loved.
Then ... then incarnate and became one with you, because I took your fragile nature.
I knew all that a mortal body can suffer, except sin.
Preached the Good News, healed the sick, raise the dead!
If you knew how my heart burned with love and compassion for all those with whom I came across
and that, at a glance, show me your pain and your faith.
My arrival time, you do not want to leave alone, so instituted the Sacrament of My Love, the Eucharist,
where day and night speed for you, ask the Father for you
and earnestly hope a visit, a nod, a word, a look,
but often longing in vain, for I am abandoned, neglected.
You know, if they were my enemies who despise me, I would not mind,
but what hurts me most is are the ones that I love most.
On the night he agonized in the Garden, too, was abandoned by my friends
and, when I was arrested and mistreated, Judas betrayed me and he denied me.
I gave my life for you, but I took it without hesitation
and, if necessary, would suffer all over again just for you.
In each thorn that pierced the flesh I thought the love you receive from
and then everything seemed nothing, as did it for your love, that vivesses and be happy.
I cried on the Cross: "I thirst" - the headquarters of the love that I still have today.
I long to cool the water you do get to my lips when I say: "I love you, Jesus"
Now, face to face with you, looking you in the depths of your being, I ask only Love.
Remember I'm always here to listen to you and help you need.
Here I wait for you. Fear not, come to Me, let him love you.
I'm with you forever.